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AS-IT-IS Raw Apple Cider Vinegar With Mother, Unfiltered & Undiluted - 500ml

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● Raw/Unfiltered/Unpasteurized/Undiluted/
● With the ‘mother’
● Naturally fermented/dairy-free/gluten-free
● Made with highest quality himalayan apples
● Promotes healthy digestive response
● Promotes ideal blood sugar response after meals
● Boosts metabolism & aids in proper nutrient absorption
● Contributes to fat loss & in reducing weight
● Cleanses your scalp & imparts healthy shine to your hair
● Helps regulate the skin PH, exfoliates the skin
● Dilute 10-15ml of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water & consume
● Country of Origin : India


AS-IT-IS Nutrition apple cider vinegar is made by dual natural fermentation of high-quality Himalayan apples. The raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized, undiluted apple cider vinegar boast 5% acidity and excludes gluten, dairy, colors, sweeteners, additives or preservatives.


Our superior quality, raw apple cider vinegar is enriched with the natural richness of the ‘mother’, ensuring maximum efficacy. The ‘mother’ which appears like a cloudy, web-like substance naturally forms during the fermentation process of apple cider vinegar. The ‘mother’ contains beneficial probiotics that support gut health and have many health benefits.


Consumption of spicy foods, fatty food, and heavy meals may trigger acid reflux, leading to low stomach acid levels and improper digestion of food. Apple cider vinegar can help restore the natural acidity levels of the stomach, and help reduce the likelihood of acid reflux, bloating, and discomfort.


Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid which is believed to have antimicrobial properties. Acetic acid may inhibit harmful bacteria in the digestive tract, supporting the elimination of toxins. The ‘mother’ contains enzymes and probiotics that reduce the accumulation of toxins by promoting proper digestion.


Apple cider vinegar can help promote a healthy gut microbiome, suppress appetite, support healthy digestion, and proper nutrient absorption. Apple cider vinegar may help boost metabolism, promote feelings of fullness, reduce the cravings for sugary and high-calorie foods, which is essential for weight loss.


Apple cider vinegar acts as a natural cleanser, and clarifier for both skin and hair. It has a pH level equal to that of skin, when applied topically, apple cider vinegar can unclog pores, and kill bacteria that contribute to acne. When used as a hair rinse, it can remove dandruff, leaving hair clean and shiny.