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Whey protein laddus how to make

Ingredients: One scoop ATOM Chocolate Whey Protein, one cup rolled oats powder, 1/4 cup sesame seeds, one cup pitted dates paste, 1/2 cup nuts powder, 2 tablespoon crunchy ATOM Peanut butter, one cup jaggery powder, 2 tsp elaichi powder, one cup desiccated coconut powder.

Preparation: Roast one cup of rolled oats in a dry pan, cool it, and blend into a fine powder. Prepare jaggery syrup of one string consistency in the same pan. Combine the rest of the ingredients well in a large bowl, this is your laddu mix. Now, transfer the laddu mix to jaggery syrup and mix well until the ingredients absorb the syrup and thicken. Transfer the mix to a large plate, make small round laddus. Roll the laddus in desiccated coconut and the Whey Oats laddus are ready to consume.

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