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AS-IT-IS ATOM Isotonic Energy Drink 1kg | 104 kcal Energy | Non-GMO Electrolyte Mix | Regulates Fluid Balance

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  • The ultimate combination of energy & hydration
  • Replaces fluid, electrolytes & energy lost during the training
  • Prevents exhaustion, muscle cramps & fatigue
  • Delays onset of muscle soreness
  • Promotes faster muscle recovery
  • Perfect for high-intensity exercise sessions
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ATOM isotonic for energy

Non-GMO ELECTROLYTE MIX: ATOM Isotonic energy drink is a non-GMO, GMP-certified, 3rd party lab-tested electrolyte mix powered to deliver hydration and energy needs of intense workout sessions or sports performance. The functional sports mix is a great way to boost your intake of essential minerals and keep electrolytes at the right levels. Right electrolyte balance has a critical role in maintaining optimal hydration, muscle contraction, preventing muscle cramps, and helping you perform at your best.

 Atom isotonic

REGULATES FLUID BALANCE: During the intense performance, your increased sweat rates will cause you to undergo dehydration, which causes a decrease in the circulation of oxygen and nutrients to the working muscles. This condition will result in higher body temperature, increased perception of effort and increased muscle glycogen use. ATOM Isotonic energy drink is a well-formulated electrolyte mix that enhances fluid absorption, encourages thirst, and allows for rapid rehydration. Sodium helps maintain extracellular fluid volume, potassium helps maintain intracellular fluid volume.

 ATOM isotonic benefits

ENHANCES EXERCISE PERFORMANCE: Dehydration during vigorous physical activity can make your muscles feel heavy, and crampy which can cause you to develop muscle fatigue. Hydrating with electrolytes before, during, and after the performance is crucial to be able to perform at your best. ATOM Isotonic energy drink regulates and sustains performance through optimal hydration, balanced pH levels, and powerful muscle contractions. Designed to fuel your muscles for sprints, lifts, cycling, and rowing so you can maintain the strength and endurance to finish as strong as you started.

 What does ATOM isotonic do

EASY MIX/TASTES GREAT: ATOM Isotonic energy drink is specially designed to provide the right balance of carbs, electrolytes, and fluids to adequately fuel exercise. When consumed before exercise, it may support energy availability, and prevent muscle cramps. When consumed during your workouts, it supports optimal muscle contractions and prevents muscle fatigue. When consumed after exercise, it helps replenish glycogen stores and promotes effective rehydration. The invigorating and refreshing flavour of ATOM Isotonic energy drink helps to increase voluntary fluid intake compared to water.


SUPPORTS ACTIVE MUSCLE CONTRACTIONS: Muscle electrolyte imbalance will negatively affect hydration status and lead to the development of muscle fatigue which is manifested by a decline in powerful muscle contractions. Magnesium supports the active contraction and relaxation of muscles, potassium is involved in the transmission of nerve impulse and muscle contraction. Sodium plays a major role in maintaining fluid balance in the cells, helps transmit nerve impulses, and assists in active muscle contraction and relaxation. Chloride helps maintain the proper pH of body fluids and regulates muscle contractions.


MAXIMIZES MUSCLE RECOVERY: Recovery from prolonged strenuous exercise involves depleted fuel stores to be replenished, and training adaptations to be initiated. To maximize the rate of muscle glycogen synthesis, it is important to consume a carbohydrate supplement immediately post-exercise. ATOM Isotonic energy drink contains dextrose which is a fast-digesting simple sugar that will cause insulin spikes, and shuttle faster nutrient absorption. Dextrose and sucrose rebuild the muscle glycogen stores faster, preventing protein breakdown and exhaustion. 




What is an Isotonic energy drink?

A drink that has similar osmotic pressure to that of the blood serum is referred to as an isotonic solution.


What is the composition of the ATOM Isotonic Energy Drink?

ATOM Isotonic Energy Drink is a functional energy and electrolyte mix that is composed of 26g carbohydrates, 215mg sodium, 59mg potassium, 46.6mg magnesium, 390mg chloride, 560mg leucine, 280mg isoleucine, and 280mg valine.


What is the function of each electrolyte in ATOM Isotonic Energy Drink?

ATOM Isotonic Energy Drink is formulated with principal electrolytes sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride. Sodium plays an important role in regulating extracellular fluid balance, it helps transmit nerve impulses and supports normal muscle contractions. Potassium regulates nerve impulses, prevents muscle cramps, and controls muscle contractions. Magnesium supports active contraction and relaxation of muscles. Chloride assists with fluid balance, maintains acid-base balance and prevents muscle fatigue.


Is ATOM Isotonic Energy Drink dairy-free?



How to consume ATOM Isotonic Energy Drink?

Mix ½ scoop (28g) of ATOM Isotonic Energy Drink with 300 ml water in a shaker, blend it well, and consume it during or after your training sessions to replenish the lost nutrients. 


How many servings does a 1 Kg pack of ATOM Isotonic Energy Drink provide?

1 Kg Pack of ATOM Isotonic Energy Drink offers 35 servings of 28g each. 


What is the expiry date of ATOM Isotonic Energy Drink?  

ATOM Isotonic Energy Drink is ideal for consumption within 18 months of manufacture. 


Does ATOM Isotonic Energy Drink include a scoop inside?

Yes, ATOM Isotonic includes a 30g scoop inside.


How to store ATOM Isotonic Energy Drink?

You can store the product in the same zip-lock pouch in which it comes or transfer the product into an air-tight container. Seal the zip securely after use or keep the lid closed tightly (in the case of a container), and avoid bringing wet hands in contact with the product. 


Does ATOM Isotonic promote faster muscle recovery?

During your intense workouts, the rapid muscle contractions create friction and heat and your sweat glands will produce more sweat in order to regulate the body temperature. Excessive sweating will cause you to undergo dehydration, and loss of electrolytes which adversely affects the circulation of oxygen and nutrients to muscles. This condition may cause you to develop muscle fatigue and muscle cramps. Post-workout replenishment of liquids and electrolytes lost during workouts has a significant impact on recovery. Consuming ATOM Isotonic Drink will increase the rate of recovery through whole body hydration, a faster rate of muscle glycogen resynthesis, and a faster restoration of hydration. 


Is ATOM Isotonic flavoured or unflavoured?

ATOM Isotonic Electrolyte mix comes in a refreshing flavour that promotes palatability and fluid replacement. 


What is the benefit of supplementing with ATOM Isotonic Energy drink?

ATOM Isotonic Energy Drink is a functional energy and electrolyte mix formulated to address the hydration and energy needs of intense physical training. The rapid-action formula is loaded with carbs that help replenish the glycogen stores and help meet the energy needs of intense workouts. A combination of critical electrolytes sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride reintegrates electrolytes, improves perceived exertion, promotes optimal muscle contraction, delays mental fatigue, and prevents muscle cramping. 


Is ATOM Isotonic Energy Drink 3rd party lab-tested?

The non-GMO, dairy-free, gluten-free, dope-free supplement is manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility and is 3rd party lab-tested. 


Who can consume ATOM Isotonic Energy Drink?

The advanced energy and electrolyte mix is the right fuel to crank through sprints, lifts, cycling, rowing, racing, and team sports. The electrolyte mix helps prevent the loss of fluid, electrolytes, power, strength, and focus, and keeps your prepared to work harder day after day.