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AS-IT-IS ATOM ISO Whey Gold | 28g Protein | Isolate | Rapid Absorption & Recovery| Belgian Chocolate - 1Kg (30 servings)

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Flavor: Belgian Chocolate

● 100% Whey Protein Isolate only
● 28g Protein | 6.1g BCAA | 12.6g Essential amino acids
● 0 sugars | 0 Preservatives | 0 Banned substances
● Gluten-free | Lactose-free | Cholesterol-free
● Blended with enzymes | Comes in Belgian chocolate | French Vanilla
● Cross-Flow Microfiltered Whey Protein
● Country of Origin : India


Athletes need to ensure having optimal amounts of muscle mass to aim for peak performance in their given sport. Retaining lean muscle mass translates into increased body strength. Quality of protein concerning protein digestibility, amino acid content, and resulting amino acid availability is vital to maintain muscle gains. Whey Protein Isolate is one of the highest quality proteins given its amino acid content (essential amino acids, BCAA, and leucine content) and rapid digestibility. While Iso Whey Gold (BELGIAN CHOCOLATE) variant offers 28g pure protein, 12.6g essential amino acids, and 6.1g BCAA per serving, Iso Whey Gold (FRENCH VANILLA) variant offers 29g pure protein, 13.1g essential amino acids, 6.3g BCAA per serving to support muscle gains.


Protein quality is an important determinant factor that may affect optimal training adaptations. Consumption of quality protein with a good range of BCAA enhances net muscle protein balance and initiates a regenerative process that would benefit athletes and others that perform strenuous exercise. The fast-digesting ISO Whey Gold (100% Whey Isolate) has a superior anabolic effect, comes in delightful flavor, and is blended with enzymes to assist in better nutrient absorption. The ultra-filtered Whey Isolate is manufactured in a GMP-certified unit and is 3rd party lab-tested for validation on purity and potency.


While protein breakdown is a crucial process involved in the adaptive response during post-workout recovery, increasing the rate of protein synthesis within the muscle during the recovery period is vital to promote muscle hypertrophy. Consumption of fast-digesting, highly-bioavailable protein like ISO Whey Gold post-workout provides faster delivery of amino acids to the muscle to initiate protein synthesis. The ultrapure Whey protein is rich in BCAA, and promotes rapid recovery of the force-generating capacity of muscles following intense training.


Resistance training induces increased protein degradation until up to 48 hours after exercise. Insufficient or non-consumption of quality protein may delay recovery after exercise by increasing protein degradation and causing a negative nitrogen balance. Consumption of Whey Isolate rich in essential amino acids before resistance training is proven to have greater effects on amino acid levels and protein synthesis. A single dose of Whey Isolate post-exercise restores conditions of positive nitrogen balance, prevents muscle degeneration, and increases protein synthesis.


Eccentric exercise in which muscle lengthens elicits muscle damage and results in prolonged interaction between muscle protein synthesis and degradation. Muscle degradation results in increased muscle soreness, decreased muscle strength, and impaired muscle function. The high availability of amino acids, especially BCAA is important for protein synthesis in the hours immediately after consumption. Compared to regular protein supplements, the ultra-filtered Whey Isolate is more effective at increasing amino acid levels and protein synthesis due to its faster absorption kinetics.


Resistance-trained individuals in a caloric deficit state require significantly more protein to offset any potential loss of lean body mass. Consuming high-quality daily protein intake during typical energy-deficient weight loss diets preserves muscles in an otherwise catabolic environment. When on a caloric-deficit diet, prioritizing fast-digesting protein with a high amount of leucine is vitally important to create a positive nitrogen balance, prevent excessive muscle catabolism and conserve muscle function and performance.