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AS-IT-IS ATOM Passport to Fitness, Beginners Kit with Whey Protein, Electrolyte Effervescent, Shaker, Protein Bars - Combo Pack

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● Compressive fitness support
● All items are designed for convenience
● Whey sachets for perfect on-the-go use
● Instant electrolytes to bounce back from workouts
● Perfect-size shaker bottle that makes it easy to carry
● High protein bars as a perfect pick-me-up snack


AS-IT-IS Nutrition ATOM Passport to Fitness kit includes a well-thought-out list of basic fitness and nutrition support for beginners. The well-structured kit features instant electrolytes, four 24 Gold Whey Protein sachets, two protein bars, and a shaker bottle, simplifying the process of choosing individual products for beginners.


The kit is designed to serve as a passport for beginners embarking on their new fitness journey. From providing hydration, a high-quality protein source to convenient snacking, and mixing tool, the kit provides the convenience of ease of access for beginners' essential needs.


The GMP-certified, dope-free, easy-to-use and refreshing ATOM Instant electrolyte tablets are included in the kit to offer a convenient way for beginners to stay hydrated. With the essential mineral support, beginners can quickly replenish electrolytes lost during exercise, reduce muscle cramps, and aim for faster recovery.


The 24 Gold Whey sachets included in the kit aim to give beginners the convenience of a measured dose of highly bioavailable, and fast-absorbing source of protein. The dope-free, non-GMO Whey supports muscle growth, promotes faster muscle recovery, and reduces muscle soreness.


The reusable, durable, and BPA-free shaker bottle in the Passport to Fitness Kit eliminates the need for beginners to look for additional utensils for preparing shakes and motivates them to stay fuelled. The versatile hydration and mixing tool includes a mixer ball to ensure a lump-free blend.


The protein bars are a convenient, nutrient-dense, filling, tasty snack option. The dope-free, gluten-free, non-GMO ATOM protein bars include a combination of protein and carbohydrates. Whether beginners need a quick energy boost pre-workout, or a post-workout recovery support, ATOM Protein Bars help them stay fueled.