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Coconut burfi with peanut butter

Ingredients: 2 cups grated coconut, 1 cup jaggery powder, one cup AS-IT-IS Peanut butter, 2 tablespoons of ghee, and one tsp cardamom powder.

Preparation: Blend grated coconut in a blender into a coarse texture. Add ghee into a thick-based, non-stick pan, transfer blended coconut into it, and saute on medium flame. Add jaggery powder and AS-IT-IS Peanut butter to it, mix well, and saute on low flame while the jaggery melts, the coconut well combines with jaggery and turns into a thick consistency. Add a teaspoon of cardamom powder. Transfer it to a tray and level up. Rest for 2 hours to let it set completely. Cut into pieces and enjoy the coconut peanut butter burfi.