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Frequently Asked Questions


Who need to supplement with Whey?
Since Whey Protein is designed to fill the nutritional gaps of a varied diet, it is suitable for all irrespective of your workout regime.
Is there a right time to consume Whey or can it be consumed anytime?
There’s no such timing for the consumption of Whey, as Whey is essentially a  food product just like cheese and yogurt.
I am already consuming protein diet, is there a need to include Whey?
You need to check your total protein requirement which is 0.8g/kg/day for an average adult before including Whey in your list because overdosing anything won’t help.
What is the BV of Whey?
BV of Whey Protein Concentrate is 104 and that of Whey Protein Isolate is 105-159.
Why not drink milk instead of Whey?
When a scoop of Whey gives more protein than a glass of milk (8g of  protein/250ml of milk), it’s a better option to consume Whey. Moreover, Whey is more bioavailable than any other source of protein.
What is the better medium to consume Whey? Water/ Milk?
With milk, the proteins are absorbed slowly. But for after workout, you need faster absorption, so water is preferable. With respect to taste, milk is a better option.
Does Whey Protein have side effects?
Whey Protein is generally well-tolerated but in special cases there may be chances of bloating, headache or nausea. However, this can be alleviated by monitoring your total protein intake.
I have milk allergy, can I use Whey?      

Depends, because you may be allergic to casein fractions in milk and not the Whey.

How to get best results from Whey?

Consumption of Whey is proven to give best results when used post-workout because it augments muscle protein synthesis.
I am lactose-intolerant; can I still use Whey?

Certainly yes, but choose Whey Protein Isolate which has negligible amount of lactose.
Does Whey aid in height gain?
Since height is a pre-determined fact that comes from genetics, Whey alone is unlikely to help you gain height.
Does it matter what liquid I mix Whey Protein with?
The choice of the liquid (water/milk) may not negate the results of Whey but Whey is better soluble in water compared to other liquids.
How is Whey Protein distinct from other proteins?
Whey is a complete protein, which provides the body with all the amino acids. It’s more convenient protein as it is fast digesting, easy to use.
Can I combine Whey with glutamine, creatine etc?
Yes, it’s perfectly fine to consume Whey in combination with glutamine and creatine.
How long does it take to find results from Whey?
The implied results of muscle building assume an appropriate nutrition and training along with Whey.
I am diabetic, going to gym, can I supplement with Whey?

Whey is actually found to be safe for diabetics as it is known to regulate the blood sugar levels and spike insulin secretion, however it’s always better consult your doctor or a nutritionist, who can give best advice related to your concern.
How does Whey help in weight loss?
Whey helps to boost the metabolism and aid in weight loss by regulating the hunger-inducing hormone ghrelin ( appetite control mechanism).
How much Whey do I need to consume in a day?
The recommended daily allowance of Protein is 0.8g-1g per Kilogram of body weight.
Does AS-IT-IS Whey contain enzymes?
AS-IT-IS products are free of enzymes. Generally people don’t need proteolytic enzymes as they are produced naturally in our digestive system. Those who require external enzyme for digestion can consume the product with papaya or pineapple juice that contain natural proteolytic enzymes.
Is AS-IT-IS Whey Protein lactose-free?
We can consider Whey Isolate as lactose-free as lactose is found in neglible amount (<1%).
How long does it take for the absorption of Whey?
Studies suggest, our body can absorb Whey Protein at a rate of 8g to 10g/hour, which may vary from person to person.
Is Whey Protein helpful for runners?
By providing a dose of amino acids, Whey enhances the muscle development and endurance which in turn maximizes the running performance.
I have never used Protein powders earlier, can I use Whey?
Certainly Yes. Whey helps to meet your daily protein target easily and is best suitable for beginners as it is easily digestible.
What is the source of Whey Protein?
Whey is derived from milk as a byproduct of cheese production.
Why Whey Protein Isolate is expensive when compared to Whey Protein Concentrate?
Because, Whey Protein Isolate goes through an extra step of processing to derive 90% protein. It is relatively low in carbohydrate and fat content when compared to Whey Protein Concentrate.
Does Whey help to gain weight?
Weight gain is typically a matter of calorie-intake. Whey demonstrates fat-loss by helping you stick to a calorie-controlled diet.
Is Whey Protein a vegetarian source?
Whey is 100% vegetarian source as it is derived from milk.
Can kidney patients supplement with Whey?
Before embarking on Whey supplementation for kidney patients, it is advised to consult your doctor or a nutritionist for best advice directly related to your concern.
Whey Protein is causing acne, should I stop using it?

Acne formation by Whey supplement is an unintended consequence that has got nothing to do with your muscles. Reducing the dosage of Whey or drinking more water can alleviate the concern.
How long does it take to get the expected result from Whey?

The expected muscle growth varies from person to person based on their lifestyle, body type, diet-intake and proper training regimen.