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ATOM Whey Protein Isolate Ultra-Pure - 30g Protein

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  • 100% Whey Protein Isolate
  • 30g Protein Per Serving (29g Protein Per Serving for DRC Flavour)
  • 6.1g BCAA
  • 13g EAA
  • No Added Sugar
  • Cross-Flow Microfiltered Whey Protein
  • Dope Free
  • Includes Enzyme Blend Delicious Flavour



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    Whey Protein Isolate - 30g Protein

     Whey isolate atom

    30g FAST ABSORBING PROTEIN: ATOM Whey Protein Isolate has high biological value, it is low in carbs, fat, calories and offers the strongest protein content per serving (30g). Whey isolate has a high absorption rate and is processed much faster than other forms of protein. Ideal for athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts looking to improve performance and build muscle. The ultra-filtered Whey is manufactured at FSSAI approved and GMP-certified manufacturing unit and is 3rd party lab-tested for assurance of purity and potency.

    Whey isolate low carb

    RAPID ABSORBING PROTEIN: ATOM Whey Protein Isolate is a ultra filtered composition that assists in faster absorption by the body. The deliciously flavoured supplement has digestive enzymes on board to assist in better absorption of protein. The rapidly digesting protein will get to muscles faster, will ensure your muscles are not sore after the workout, and overcome fatigue faster. The valuable supplemental source offers 6.1g BCAA and 13g EAA which keep you powering through workouts and help your desired body-building goals faster. 

    Atom whey isolate 1kg pack online

    IMPROVED LEAN MUSCLE MASS: The composition of protein supplements, the timing of consumption, and the quantity of protein will serve as critical factors for the improvement of muscle mass and function. Compared to other sources of protein, Whey Isolate will initiate faster muscle repair and protein synthesis post-workout. Whey Isolate will make hitting your fat-burning goals easier to achieve while maintaining maximum muscle mass. The superior protein will speed up the time it takes to regenerate muscle tissue and shift muscles from a catabolic state and an anabolic state. 

    Whey protein isolate benefits

    FASTER POST-WORKOUT RECOVERY: Repeated high-intensity workouts induce muscle damage, increase muscle soreness, reduce muscle strength and range of motion. Consuming fast-absorbing Whey Isolate after resistance training can give your muscles a kickstart by providing an adequate supply of a complete range of essential amino acids. Whey Isolate shake after training helps delay protein degradation, reduces strength loss associated with intense training, maximizes recovery, and promotes muscle regeneration and muscle protein synthesis. 

    gmp certified products

    BETTER WORKOUT SESSIONS: ATOM Whey Isolate is a valuable supplemental source for maximizing muscular function during resistance exercise. Whey Protein Isolate combined with resistance training will maximize the adaptive response of skeletal muscle to resistance training, reduce muscle breakdown and stimulate a significant increase in muscle mass and function. By initiating faster muscle recovery and regeneration, the protein supplement will allow for regular intense training. 

    INCREASES MUSCLE STRENGTH: Post-exercise protein consumption may result in improved whole-body protein synthesis and translate into increases in muscle strength and muscle hypertrophy. Athletes aiming to maximize muscle strength would greatly benefit from enhancing whole body anabolism. When the training volume, frequency, and duration are adequate, Whey Isolate will help achieve greater gains in muscle strength. The superior quality protein due to its amino acid content (especially leucine) and due to its rapid digestibility promotes reduction in body fat and increase in muscle mass and strength.




    Is ATOM Whey Protein Isolate flavoured?

    Yes, ATOM Whey Protein Isolate comes in delightful flavours.


    How much protein does a serving offer?

    One serving of ATOM Whey Protein Isolate offers 30g protein.


    How quickly does ATOM Whey Protein Isolate help in bodybuilding?

    Whey Protein Isolate is the ultimate choice of protein for bodybuilders, athletes, and adults for their daily protein requirements. Whey Protein no doubt is a convenient way to get high-quality protein, but it should not be regarded as a magic powder that can fetch results of muscle building overnight. One must understand that bodybuilding demands more than just daily protein intake. Regular resistance training, protein intake and maintaining a balanced diet, coupled with patience, and perseverance, will help you see noticeable results in bodybuilding.


    Can I drink a Whey shake to replace a meal?

    Whey Protein is a protein supplement that is designed to fill the protein gaps in your varied diets. The protein supplement is designed to supplement your meal and not replace it, it does not match the nutritive and caloric value of a meal. Meal supplements are designed to help you cut down on calories but are still high in nutrition to make them count for a food source.


    How to consume ATOM Whey Protein Isolate?

    Add one scoop (35g) of protein powder to 200ml water, blend it with a shaker for 30 seconds, and consume.


    How to achieve good results of muscle gain with ATOM Whey Protein Isolate?

    Whey Protein Isolate is the best protein option to build muscles and get a solid muscular frame. Consuming Whey Protein without doing workouts, will not help in building lean muscle mass. Muscle gains will happen with consistently challenging muscle tissue by lifting weights that can help muscles grow bigger. This process is termed muscle hypertrophy. For active muscle hypertrophy to happen, you must maintain the rate of muscle protein synthesis to be higher than the rate of muscle protein breakdown. Whey Protein Isolate provides an excellent range of amino acids to maintain positive muscle protein balance by limiting muscle breakdown. Combine Whey supplementation with regular resistance training and a balanced diet to obtain good results of muscle gains. 


    What is the serving size of ATOM Whey Protein Isolate?

    The serving size of ATOM Whey Protein Isolate is 35g.


    How many servings does one Kg pack provide?

    Our 1Kg pack provides you with 28 servings of 35g each.


    When is the best time to take ATOM Whey Protein Isolate?

    For those looking for effective results of muscle building, there are two most important times to consume Whey Protein. 30 minutes before the workout and within 30 minutes to one-hour post-workout. The fast-digesting Whey provides a stream of amino acids to muscles before resistance training and helps enhance muscle strength, endurance, and decreases muscle breakdown. Consuming Whey post-workout helps enhance muscle recovery and boost muscle protein synthesis. Fitness experts advocate taking Whey within 30 minutes to one hour after your workout, this time frame is known as the anabolic window (when your muscles are most receptive to nutrients like protein). Consuming Whey before resistance training increases muscle protein synthesis and muscle regeneration.


    What is the composition of BCAA in ATOM Whey Protein Isolate?

    A serving of ATOM Whey Protein Isolate offers 6.1g BCAA.


     Can I consume Pure Carb with Whey?

    This combination of supplements will be suitable for those looking to gain body mass. The combination of supplements will keep your body in positive energy balance and positive nitrogen balance which results in increased muscle mass and weight gain.


     Is ATOM Whey Isolate suitable for vegetarians?

    Yes, the supplement is suitable for vegetarians.


     Is ATOM Whey Isolate third-party lab-tested?

    Yes, the ultra-filtered ATOM Whey Isolate is manufactured at FSSAI approved and GMP-certified manufacturing unit and is 3rd party lab-tested for assurance of purity and potency.


    How to check the authenticity of ATOM Whey Protein Isolate?

    Each product comes integrated with unique QR CODE and SCRATCH CODE that enables you to verify the authenticity of the pack using the app.


    Is ATOM Whey Protein Isolate provided with a scoop inside?

    Yes, the protein supplement includes a 35g scoop inside.


    Can I take Whey Protein without exercise?

    There are no contradictions to consuming Whey Protein even if not doing any workouts. Whey Protein is a supplement designed to supply a fast stream of essential amino acids, consuming Whey after your resistance training will help repair muscle tears and initiate faster protein synthesis. You cannot expect the result of muscle building from Whey if you consume it without doing exercise. To receive the full range of benefits from Whey Protein, you need to combine the supplementation with regular workouts.


    When is the best time to drink Whey shakes for weight loss?

    There is no such right time to consume Whey shakes for weight loss results. Whey Protein is beneficial at any time of the day. You can drink Whey shake on empty stomach, before meals, after a workout, as a mid-morning, or as a post-lunch snack. Whey boosts metabolism, and make you feel satiated which helps curb cravings and temptations on junk foods or unhealthy snacks, which ultimately leads to weight loss.


    Is Whey Protein Isolate useful only for trained individuals?

    Whey Protein Isolate is an ultra-filtered, fast-digesting, convenient source of protein with rich content of BCAA. The ideal protein maximizes muscle protein synthesis, promotes faster recovery, and enhances strength gains in both trained and untrained individuals. The ultra-filtered Whey Protein Isolate is suitable for trained athletes, bodybuilders, fitness professionals, and enthusiasts wanting to build muscle mass.


    How does Whey Protein Isolate support exercise performance?

    Whey Protein Isolate because of its rapid rate of digestion, provides a rapid source of amino acids that can be taken up by the muscles to repair and stimulate protein synthesis post-workout. Whey Protein with its high content of BCAA can upregulate muscle protein synthesis and muscle adaptation with resistance training. The combination of daily supplementation with Whey Protein and resistance training effectively promotes muscle hypertrophy. Whey Protein supplementation is particularly beneficial to athletes focusing on resistance training for maximal muscle hypertrophy, or those performing aerobic exercise such as long-distance cycling, or marathons.


    What is the use of taking Whey Protein after workouts?

    The high-intensity resistance workouts induce muscle damage which reduces muscle strength and range of muscle motion. The muscle damage will result in muscle degeneration by the degradation of muscle proteins. Whey Protein when consumed post-workout prevents muscle degeneration and helps increase muscle protein synthesis. The rapidly-digesting Whey Protein is rich in essential amino acids that facilitate faster muscle recovery, prevent muscle degeneration and help increase muscle protein synthesis. Not consuming sufficient protein post-workout may delay the recovery process and increase protein degradation, which leads to a negative protein balance.


    Should Whey Protein be taken daily?

    Not necessarily. Despite Whey Protein’s popularity as a muscle-building aid, it is not meant to be taken daily or replace whole foods. If you are getting enough protein you need per day from your daily diet, you’d not need to consume Whey daily. Some select groups like vegetarians, bodybuilders, athletes, and busy individuals who lack time to prepare protein-rich meals regularly, will benefit from Whey Protein supplementation. If you don’t fall into this category and consume sufficient protein from whole foods, you are not likely to need Whey daily.


    Is the product gluten-free? 



    Who will benefit from Whey consumption?

    Sedentary people (men, and women), fitness freaks, vegetarians, athletes, and bodybuilders will benefit from Whey consumption. For busy people on the go, refueling post-workout doesn’t get much easier, and faster than consuming a Whey protein shake. Pop a scoop of Whey into your shaker bottle, add water, shake it up and consume post-gym, post-run, post-dance, or post-whatever sport you’re into. Your body needs essential amino acids which are not made by the body but need to be consumed through diet. Essential amino acids are found abundantly in animal-based foods, if you are not balancing a plant-based diet to ensure you’re getting the protein needs, Whey Protein can help.


    Does Whey Protein contribute to weight loss?

    Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight loss goal is a common fitness goal among people. Consuming a Whey Protein shake is a simple and affordable way to assist with weight loss. Whey shake introduces high-quality protein into your body, it not only helps build muscles but also increases metabolism and satiety to make it easier to reach and maintain a healthy weight. As per studies, inadequate protein intake leads to increased hunger and cravings. Whey Protein can keep you full, suppress the hunger hormones, and help you to consume fewer calories throughout the day. Drinking Whey shake does not necessarily offer bigger, better results of weight loss. Consume Whey as per daily recommended intake and be sure to incorporate exercise and healthy whole foods into your meal plan. 


    Is ATOM Whey Protein Isolate lactose-free?

    Whey Isolate is ultra-filtered to provide the highest concentration of protein per serving. The processing removes most of the carbs and fat and hence contains little or no lactose.


    Is ATOM Whey Protein Isolate blended with enzymes?

    ATOM Whey Protein Isolate includes an enzyme blend for easy assimilation of protein and to avoid any digestive distress.


    What is the expiry date of the product?

    The protein supplement is ideal for consumption within 18 months from the date of manufacture.


    Can I combine Creatine with ATOM Whey Protein Isolate?

    Any supplement choice shall depend upon your fitness goals. If you are aiming for a competitive edge, looking to increase the frequency of your workouts, and greater muscle-building results, then you’d benefit from this combination of supplements. Creatine effectively creates the potential ATP to improve stamina for a rigorous workout routine. Whey Protein is a quick source of high-quality protein that can provide your muscles with all the amino acids to jump-start muscle recovery and muscle rebuilding. The combination will work as solid muscle fuel to help accomplish greater gains from workouts.


    Does the product contain soy?

    No, the product does not contain soy.


    Can I combine BCAA with ATOM Whey Protein Isolate?

    This combination will help you achieve maximum muscle gains. Combining BCAA with Whey works in a complementary way to provide additional support for muscle gains. BCAA in BCAA supplements require no digestion as they are in free form, so they absorb faster and kick-start muscle protein synthesis. Whey Protein will provide your body with other essential amino acids and together the supplements help in building bigger muscle mass.


    Which filtration method is used in your Whey Protein?

    Our Whey Protein is filtered using the cross-flow microfiltration technique, which is one of the best filtration methods for Whey Protein that utilizes a pressure drive separation mechanism to enable precise separation.

    Cross-flow microfiltration happens in a chemical-free, cold environment. In a protein manufacturing plant, liquid Whey is sent through a fine, high-tech array of ceramic micro-filters (the size of the filter’s holes is ultra-small). This process yields high-protein liquid Whey (which removes most of the fats, carbs, lactose, and water). Since no chemicals are used in this process, the valuable bioactive peptides remain intact with the Whey Protein.


    Does the product contain stevia and maltodextrin?

    No, the supplement does not include stevia and maltodextrin.


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