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> Top 10 Bodybuilding Tips For Hardgainers

Top 10 Bodybuilding Tips For Hardgainers


re you being skinny despite attempts at proper diet and resistance training? Do you blame your genetics for that? While it is important to acknowledge the role of genetics in determining body composition, it is equally important to understand that genetics do not have a final say in defining one’s body composition.

A hardgainer struggles to gain muscle mass or weight despite making consistent efforts to exercise and sticking to a proper diet.

Apart from the main reason of genetics, the other factors that contribute to hardgainers being skinny include a fast metabolism (they burn calories at a much faster rate) as a result of which hardgainers struggle to consume enough calories to support muscle growth, not doing the right exercises designed particularly for hardgainers.


In today’s blog, we’ll provide you with some useful bodybuilding tips to help hardgainers reach their bodybuilding goals and sculpt their desired physique...



bodybuilding tips for hardgainers

Hardgainers need to prioritize eating foods high in calories to meet their nutritional needs. Since relying solely on eating large volumes of meals is not so easy, including calorie foods like avocados, berries, nuts, pasta, lentils, beans, fruits, nuts, and peanut butter in their diet can greatly contribute to meeting the high-calorie goals without causing excessive fullness.

Hardgainers should aim for a 1000-calorie surplus above their maintenance level every day.


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bodybuilding tips for hardgainers

It can be extremely challenging to up your calorie intake by following the traditional three-meal-a-day diet pattern. So, instead of trying to consume larger proportions of calories in three meals, adopt a diet strategy of spreading out your meals. Consume meals frequently, and try to eat 5-6 times a day to keep the body in anabolic state needed for the development of total body mass.

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bodybuilding tips for hardgainers

Including liquid calories can be a game changer for hardgainers who struggle to consume large quantities of solid meals to meet high-calorie goals. Whole milk, soy milk, fruit juices, vegetable juices, smoothies, and mass gainer/weight gainer shakes are packed with calories, they offer a convenient way to get a concentrated source of nutrients and energy. Include as many calorie-dense ingredients in the shake as possible like nut butter, ground flaxseed, oats, frozen fruits, and yogurt to make your drink calorie-rich.

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bodybuilding tips for hardgainers

Compound exercises are the best training strategy for hardgainers. Unlike isolated workouts which engage specific muscle groups only, compound exercises engage multiple muscle groups at once. Lunges, deadlifts, pullups, bent-over rows and squats are some of the compound exercises that can lead to greater muscle growth and strength. Incorporating compound exercises into everyday training routines combined with a proper diet can help hardgainers to build the desired muscle mass and gain weight.

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bodybuilding tips for hardgainers

If you don’t train enough, your muscles won’t receive the necessary stimulus for growth but this doesn’t mean overdoing it. Hardgainers need to strike a balance in their training routine and emphasize more on the quality of the workout rather than quantity. It is crucial to get adequate rest after training for proper recovery, to lower the chance of setbacks, and to reduce the risk of injuries. Working out for hours in the gym or rushing through workouts can wear you out, hinder your progress and even cause muscle loss.

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bodybuilding tips for hardgainers

Hardgainers are advised to maintain sufficient training intensity and volume to find progress in their muscle-building efforts.

Hardgainers should not train too little as that won’t provide an adequate stimulus for muscle growth. Doing random acts in the gym will only give you random results! Training with heavy weights and lower reps (6 reps or less) can help promote muscle hypertrophy.

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bodybuilding tips for hardgainers

For hardgainers, progressive overloading is vital as it makes sure muscles are constantly being pushed beyond their existing capacity. When you increase the weights carried during training, it helps increase their training intensity and helps you gain better muscle mass and strength. Emphasize shorter, more intense training programs than high training volume. Progressive overload involves adding one more set per exercise each week within the recommended range of 8-10 sets per muscle group.

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bodybuilding tips for hardgainers

Prioritizing recovery is a must for hardgainers as doing intense workouts and not getting enough rest won’t allow for proper recovery. Improper recovery will limit your potential to push further and will not allow your muscles to adapt well to the stress placed on them. Aim for quality sleep and to get sufficient rest that can help promote muscle growth effectively and support bodybuilding efforts.

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Hardgainers should remain extremely patient, trust the process and stay consistent in their efforts on bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is not an overnight process for sure, it’s a gradual process, especially for hardgainers. Maintaining consistent caloric surplus (including carbs, protein, and good fats) combined with regular workouts and proper recovery time contributes to good results of body mass building in hardgainers.

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Stress is the primary element that impedes the results of muscle gain, hence hardgainers should create a more conducive environment to maximize training efforts. If you don’t control your stress levels, you may risk losing muscles which can also allow for improper recovery of muscles. Regularly practice meditation, yoga or breathing exercises to prevent stress levels, and to cultivate better mental health which may contribute to better bodybuilding results.

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With the right knowledge of how to eat and work, you’ll kickstart your gains and leave your hard gainer status behind…


Bodybuilding is like a marathon, not a sprint! Stay disciplined, stay focused and embrace the journey towards a more muscular physique with lots of patience…


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