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> Is Tribulus Terrestris Effective For BodyBuilding & Muscle Strength?

Is Tribulus Terrestris Effective For BodyBuilding & Muscle Strength?



Those of you who are into bodybuilding agree with one thing for sure that, bodybuilding is an art! The ripped look doesn’t come your way just like that. You need to put in the right effort, have the proper metabolism and hormone levels to achieve the toned body. Yes or no guys?

While a toned body can do wonders to your self-esteem and overall looks, improved muscle mass can improve strength and overall fitness.

If you are trying to find a way to spice up your bodybuilding results and assist you to gain that lean muscular physique, then Tribulus Terrestris is something you ought to consider.

Tribulus is a traditional herbal supplement that utilizes centuries-old experience to produce ergogenic benefits. A supplement which was in vogue in the early ‘90s has regained its scope in recent times.

In this article, we’ll analyze the effectiveness of this well-known supplement for results of muscle strength and learn what studies say about it.


The Fitness World Touts Tribulus As A Natural Alternative To Artificial Steroids


Tribulus Terrestris is a fruit-bearing plant that is covered with sharp spines and yellow flowers. Over the years, people have been using the leaf, root, and fruit of the Tribulus plant (a member of the Zygophyllaceae family) as an ingredient in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine. Tribulus is familiar with other names like Gokshur, Cat’s head, devil’s weed, devil’s thorn, puncture vine from the spikes that cover its fruit.

As a piece of information irrelevant to today’s topic, Tribulus was used as a weapon in medieval times. It was once thrown in front of the horses to stop them from advancing.

Tribulus Terrestris is found in the Mediterranean, and subtropical regions around the world, including Western United States, China, Bulgaria, India, Vietnam or places with similar climate.

Tribulus is presently the most studied medicinal plant and over-the counter-testosterone products. It is promoted in recent times as an alternative to the use of androgenic anabolic steroids. Ergogenic properties have been attributed to this plant since it supposedly elevates testosterone levels and stimulates muscle hypertrophy.


Tribulus Is The Superior All Natural Way To Get The Gains You Want


Tribulus is known for its wellness properties and variety of health benefits as a diuretic, boosts immunity, treats skin ailments, promotes healthy cholesterol, useful for PCOS, regulates serotonin levels. Yet, it is more noted for its ability to increase testosterone, and muscle strength.

Tribulus can affect the body’s muscle composition and improve a person’s bodybuilding result. It is effective in increasing endurance and promotes muscle building through its natural anabolic effect.


Tribulus Promotes Testosterone Production For Increased Lean Muscle Growth

does tribulus help build muscle


Testosterone is closely linked to bodybuilding, it is essential for maintaining muscle tone, stamina and strength. While testosterone is linked to bodybuilding, muscle strength benefits, the hormones fall out of optimal balance too. Hence, restoring youthful levels of testosterone can help maintain strength and overall wellbeing.    Tribulus contains a steroidal Saponin called Protodioscin, a precursor to testosterone which naturally increases testosterone production. Tribulus is thought to stimulate the pituitary gland to promote the production and secretion of Luteinizing hormone (LH) or follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). Both are gonadotropins which can stimulate gonads in both males and females. This leads to an increase in free testosterone levels in men and estrogen in women.



How Does Testosterone Help In Bodybuilding?

is tribulus effective for muscle building

Testosterone is not only important for optimal health and performance, maintaining optimal levels of it is important for maintaining cognitive function, healthy body weight, improving insulin sensitivity, glucose metabolism, promoting heart health and many more. Testosterone boosts NO (nitric oxide) levels, all promoting muscle growth, increased strength and enhanced performance. It significantly increases endurance, as well as strengthens muscles for men and women.

Decreased testosterone production can lead to increased fat production and difficulty in gaining lean muscle mass.


Here Are The Top 10 Tribulus Benefits To Bodybuilding: 

Tribulus naturally boosts free testosterone.

  • Increased testosterone promotes endurance, muscle growth, repair and recovery.

  • Improves athletic performance.

  • Improves circulation in muscles.

  • Promotes increased retention of nitrogen.

  • Stimulates the synthesis of protein.

  • Relieves feeling of fatigue.

  • Supports fat loss.

  • Boosts muscle power which allows you to lift heavier weights and do more repetitions in the gym.

  • Helps maintain healthy body weight and support overall wellbeing.


Choose The Pure Form Of High Potency Tribulus

Just like any other supplement on the market, there are different varieties when it comes to choosing the right Tribulus testosterone booster. Look for the brand that focuses to provide pure and clean supplement without any added fillers or artificial ingredients.

 An effective Tribulus supplement should contain at least 40-45% steroidal saponins which are the ideal amount for best results.


AS-IT-IS Tribulus Terrestris includes Tribulus extract standardized to 40% saponins. The natural, superior bioavailable formula aims to provide improved energy to fight fatigue and amp up results of muscle building.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                When Is The Best Time To Take Tribulus?                                      Numerous research conducted on Tribulus has focused its effects related to hormonal production and its use in muscle building results. As per studies, the effectiveness of Tribulus can be amplified if you time the supplement more specifically.         

Since increasing levels of natural testosterone can give you the strength and stamina you need to complete a rigorous workout, consider taking it pre-workout.

If used after a workout, it provides ultimate muscle recovery through its anti-inflammatory benefits.

Tribulus is known to boost testosterone levels in just a few days. It can be safely taken for extended periods of time, yet it is recommended to take the supplement by giving breaks in between. Take the supplement when you are in active workout phase and avoid it in the rest phase. This type of cycling will ensure to give best results.


What Is The Recommended Dosage Of Tribulus?

The safe and effective dosage of Tribulus to be suggested is 250 mg twice or thrice daily.


Whom Is Tribulus Suggested For?

is tribulus effective for muscle building

Tribulus is recommended mainly for active individuals, sportspeople, athletes and bodybuilders, also for individuals over the age of 50s who are looking to optimize their hormonal levels. Both men and women can benefit from this herbal ingredient.


Does Tribulus Cause Side Effects?

Most studies have reported that Tribulus is a safe supplement that does not cause major side effects. Although there are a few reports on stomach cramps, there is no evidence on the potential risk of toxicity.

*Since Tribulus has a diuretic effect, an individual supplementing with Tribulus is suggested to hydrate well.

*As a point to remember, Tribulus does not alter your normal testosterone levels or cause unnecessary spikes. It only supports your body to keep the normal levels.


Tribulus is a healthy supplement which can give wonderful results when used in the right way with proper hydration and regular workout in the gym.

Why wait, consider using Tribulus to overcome the challenges of bodybuilding with the right testosterone…




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