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AS-IT-IS BCAA Capsules for Muscle Growth & Recovery 500mg - 60 counts

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  • 3rd Party Lab-Tested
  • Leucine, Isoleucine & Valine in 2:1:1 Ratio
  • Easy to swallow
  • Zero Fillers
  • 2 Capsules A day can optimize muscle growth
  • Conforms to WADA / NADA
  • Country of Origin : India
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BCAA Capsules.


  • 100% PURE, UNADULTERATED: AS-IT-IS BCAA is a 100% vegetarian, unadulterated amino supplement that keeps an authentic single-ingredient amino profile by offering exactly what’s on the label. The DOPE-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, calorie-free, non-GMO supplement excludes fillers, additives, colours or preservatives. 

  • INTRA-WORKOUT, EASY TO CONSUME: With zero added sugars, flavours, or fillers, AS-IT-IS BCAA capsules are pure, reliable, and safe supplement, formulated with the ideal 2:1:1 ratio of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. The supplement is made in a GMP-compliant facility, and every batch of the product undergoes 3rd party lab-testing to verify purity and authenticity.

  • SUPPORTS MUSCLE ENDURANCE: BCAAs can serve as an additional source of energy for muscles during exercise. This is beneficial particularly during prolonged endurance activities when glycogen stores are fast depleted. BCAAs help sustain energy levels and delay fatigue, allowing for more prolonged and intense workouts.

  • HELPS PRESERVE MUSCLE MASS: Preserving lean muscle mass is particularly important for athletes striving to improve athletic performance. BCAA helps maintain lean muscle mass because of its potential to initiate quick muscle protein synthesis. BCAA helps maintain and rebuild muscle tissue especially, during periods of exercise.


    SUPPORTS ENHANCED RECOVERY: BCAA supplementation improves the recovery of damaged muscles by suppressing the muscle protein breakdown during exercise. By supporting faster muscle recovery, BCAA helps you to train more frequently and consistently, leading to greater improvements in muscle strength and performance.

  • REDUCES MUSCLE SORENESS: By reducing muscle soreness and muscle fatigue, BCAA supplements allow for quick recovery between workouts. BCAA supplementation enables individuals to resume training sooner and with high intensity. BCAA supplementation has been found to increase maximal muscle strength in bench press and squat exercises.


  • CONFORMS TO NADA /WADA: Free from any doping ingredients as per NADA / WADA.

Frequently Asked Questions On BCAA Capsules


When to take BCAA Capsules?

BCAA Capsules can be taken ideally 30 to 40 minutes before workout or after workout.


What is the role of the 3 amino acids in BCAA?

BCAAs are the chief requisite for the stimulation of muscle protein synthesis, they prevent the muscles from entering the catabolic state. The longer and harder your workouts, the more BCAAs are used by your muscles. Leucine functions as the major regulator of muscle protein synthesis and muscle repair. Isoleucine plays a great role as an anti-catabolic agent and helps in faster recovery. Valine prevents tryptophan from being taken up by the brain and prevents fatigue during the workout.


How is the taste of BCAA?

BCAA typically belongs to a bitter profile. Our unflavoured version of BCAA may find it unpalatable for some people. You can mask the unpleasant taste by mixing BCAA with glucose or by adding it to orange, lemon juice, or grape juice. This may demonstrate a significant reduction of bitterness.


What is the best ratio of BCAA?

2:1: 1 is said to be the best ratio of BCAA. Since leucine offers the strongest anabolic effects on protein synthesis, a bigger proportion of leucine to isoleucine and valine helps boost muscle strength and lean muscle mass. Taking the 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs promotes protein synthesis even better than taking leucine alone.


What are the benefits of BCAA?

BCAAs are of interest to athletes, sportspersons, and bodybuilders who may wish to build, maintain, or repair muscles post-workout. BCAAs support improved exercise performance, help you recover faster from a strenuous workout, repair and rebuild muscles stronger and bigger. BCAAs promote muscle protein synthesis, speeds up muscle recovery, helps you lose fat, helps reduce fatigue during exercise, and preserves muscle mass under a high catabolic state. A review on BCAA effects on exercise has found that BCCAs reduce markers associated with fatigue and muscle soreness like lactate levels, and ammonia levels.


Does BCAA contain soy?

No, our supplement does not contain any other ingredients except amino acids. It contains zero calories, zero carbohydrates, zero sugars, no preservatives, gluten, dairy, or any fillers. Be assured that the product has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it does not contain banned substances and is completely safe.


How does BCAA help in muscle building?

The intense and longer workouts cause multiple very small damage to the involved muscles. Our body’s initial response to workout stress is catabolism. When your body runs out of energy sources, you’ll start breaking down muscle protein to use BCAAs for energy. Post-workout, muscle loss exceeds muscle growth. Supplementing with BCAA helps reverse this condition, makes you more able to train harder and longer, particularly beneficial if you workout in a fasted state.


Can I take BCAA with Whey?

Definitely yes, that’s in fact a wonderful combination for those having muscle-building goals and the intention to achieve lean muscles and better body composition. Although a minimum dose of 2.5g of leucine is capable of stimulating protein synthesis, leucine intake equivalent to 8 or more grams per day in divided doses is indicated for adequate rates of muscle repair and recovery and for maximum protein synthesis. While you need to consume lots of milk, soy, meat, eggs to get a minimum dose of leucine, BCAA supplements are easily accessible anytime you need to spike levels of BCAA in the body. Taking BCAA supplements with Whey help boost your performance and muscle-building results.


Should I add BCAA to Whey?

That’s really up to you, depends based on the type of workout you do. Combining the 2 supplements offers better muscle-building results. If you are someone participating in hard training or a professional bodybuilder, you’ll have higher nutritional needs. Whey although contains BCAA, its rate of intake may not be sufficient if you are an athlete, fitness enthusiast, or weight lifter, or someone doing HIIT cardio workout. BCAA supplements are a very convenient way of getting the essential amino acids for those training hard or cutting calories, for vegetarians who do not eat a lot of protein-rich food, and for those who feel they can’t eat more solid foods especially before and after the workout.


How does BCAA help in energy production?

The uniqueness of BCAA lies in the fact that while other amino acids are subject to a more complex metabolic cycle (where they need to be degraded in the liver before entering the bloodstream), the difference in the structure of BCAA allows them to get direct entry into the bloodstream. During intense resistance training, when glycogen stores in the body run down, your body relies on the 3 types of BCAAs for fuel. Isoleucine and valine are gluconeogenic amino acids, meaning they can be converted to glucose to give energy. The quicker entry of BCAAs into the bloodstream gives you the advantage to get the fastest source of energy required to boost your exercise.


What is the use of BCAA when taken Intra workout?

One of the best times to take BCAA supplements is during your workouts (Intra workout). During your resistance training, muscle protein breakdown increases, BCAAs break down to provide energy so your body is less likely to use up its protein, glycogen stores. Moreover, your hard workout increases muscle soreness, decreases the range of motion. BCAAs can help reverse this condition, works as an efficient source of energy during exercise, stimulates muscle protein synthesis, and enhances recovery. BCAA helps shift net muscle protein balance from negative to positive, or to a state of anabolism.


What are the benefits of BCAA in capsule form?

BCAA powders and capsules offer similar muscle-building results. One of the benefits of the capsules version is mainly the convenience. The capsules are very handy, rapidly absorbed, you require zero mixings, fewer water requirements. With BCAA capsules, it’s easier for you to measure your intake, easy to swallow, and highly transportable. BCAA capsules hide the bitter taste in them and serve as an easy way to make the most of your workout.


How fast can I expect results from a BCAA supplement?

We’d want you to understand here that BCAA is not a steroid or magic supplement. The results of supplementation vary among individuals based on their body type, workout routine, and other dietary practices. BCAA supplements help to give the extra energy you need to clear the reps. BCAAs make you feel your workouts less strenuous, the faster onset of BCAA means your muscles get quick fuel. Without BCAA, your muscles would break down protein in your muscles.


Does BCAA help boost fat loss?

Yes. BCAA helps maintain muscle mass and lean muscular physique. BCAA supplements ensure your body gets sufficient energy to fuel your performance. For those on a cutting or weight loss phase, and who do more cardio than lifting, BCAA help prevent muscle loss. Your muscles expend more calories than fat. By preserving muscle mass and helping build new muscles, through increased energy metabolism, BCAA may contribute to fat loss.


Does BCAA help reduce muscle fatigue?

BCAA acts as a direct energy source for muscles. BCAA can boost your intense workout, delay fatigue, and enhance muscle building process. The delayed onset of muscle soreness could typically make you miss out on your next workout. BCAAs can help reduce exercise-induced fatigue by helping reduce the level of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that has been linked to the onset of fatigue during exercise. Fitness enthusiasts need extra BCAAs in their body, in order to keep with the strain they put their bodies through. Higher levels of serotonin can cause inhibition during an intense workout and make you feel more fatigued. BCAAs compete with the tryptophan from entry into the brain, where they are converted into serotonin, thereby extend the ability for higher reps or weight lifting.


Do BCAA supplements turn women into bulky?

No, this is totally a wrong perception. Men have a much greater potential of getting bigger or bulkier with large muscle mass, due to the fact that men have a large amount of anabolic (muscle-building) hormone testosterone when compared to women. Consuming a small dosage of 1-5g a day can nowhere make women bulky.


Do I need to take BCAA for a cardio workout?

BCCA supplement benefits just about any form of exercise. Consuming BCAA during cardio (particularly fasted cardio) can help prevent muscle protein breakdown and preserve lean muscle mass. Many people incorporate cardio into their workout regime, during cardio, there are chances that you may burn fat as well as muscle. Being on a low-calorie diet and doing cardio will initiate muscle breakdown at a higher rate, which you should avoid. BCAA helps counteract this muscle breakdown and preserves muscle mass.


Can I take BCAA pre-workout?

Yes, BCAA is effective when taken pre-workout. If you are someone who does work out in a calorie-deficit state, on empty stomach, consider taking BCAA before a workout. BCAA helps increase your performance, muscle growth, and reduce the delayed onset of muscle soreness. Taking BCAA during your workout prevents catabolism, boosts endurance, and combats fatigue. Taking BCAA after workout aids in muscle recovery and reduce muscle fatigue.


Which is better Creatine or BCAA?

BCAA and Creatine are the two most popular amino supplements which come with unique benefits. It’s not right to compare the two as both are equally beneficial and facilitate bodybuilding goals in their own ways. BCAA is favorable if you want lean muscles while cutting fat, if you do a workout on a low-calorie state, Creatine is suitable if you want to bulk up and gain strength, it gives you the potential energy for longer, harder workouts. While BCAA is most suitable to be taken as an intra-workout supplement, Creatine is suitable to be taken pre-workout.



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