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> Soy Protein Isolate - A Perfect Protein Solution For Vegans

Soy Protein Isolate - A Perfect Protein Solution For Vegans

soy protein is vegan friendly protein

While the importance of protein in the human body is undeniable, those who are interested in a plant-based diet are still facing a difficult time determining which of their choices are high in quality protein. Since the vegetarian and vegan diet are found lacking in proteins, those who follow the plant-based diet pattern are often lead to protein deficiencies.

Well, once you read this post through, your opinion about plant diet lacking in quality protein will change forever, because you’ll learn how Soy Protein, a plant-based protein is not just a good source of protein but is indeed a nutritional package!


What Is Soy Protein Isolate?

soy protein is vegan friendly protein

Basically, Soy Protein is a protein that is isolated from the soybean. Soybean meal is first cleaned, conditioned, cracked, dehulled and rolled into flakes. The soy oil is then removed from the flakes, creating the defatted soybean flakes. The dehulled and defatted soybeans are then processed into 3 kinds of high protein soy categories: Soy Flour, Soy Protein Concentrate and Soy Protein Isolate.

Just like Whey Protein Isolate, Soy Protein Isolate is a highly refined and purified form of protein. It provides a pure source of protein (about 90%).


Soy Protein Serves As a Perfect Solution For Vegans With Low Protein Levels

While most of the plant-sources provide protein that is low in one or the other amino acid, making them incomplete to provide high-quality yield, Soy Protein is a superior vegetarian protein which contains a good profile of essential and non-essential amino acids that makes it a complete protein source. Soy is particularly rich in arginine, phenylalanine and tryptophan. Besides, Soy Protein also contains isoflavones and minerals like phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and calcium which makes it nutrient-rich. Soy protein forms a good substitute for dairy protein and is best suitable protein for those with milk protein sensitivity (lactose intolerance).


Soy Protein Is An Excellent Dietary Source Of Protein

A scoop (30g) of Soy provides 27g of protein which is highest among the plant protein source. It not only provides a full spectrum of essential amino acids needed for muscle growth but is also rich in isoflavones. This vegan protein contains no cholesterol and has little or no saturated fat. Besides, Soy Protein is lactose and gluten-free and is suitable for use as a meal supplement to make your meal protein-rich.

In addition to its muscle-building effect, the consumption of Soy Protein is known to entail a number of health benefits:


1. Soy Protein Is Good For The Heart Health

Generally, plant-based foods are associated with better heart health. This is most likely because, plant foods have lower saturated fat, higher fatty acids and beneficial phytochemicals, including antioxidants. Being low in fat content and saturated fats, Soy Protein is found to be a heart-healthy food.  The cholesterol-lowering effect of Soy Protein helps in reducing elevated cholesterol levels and in maintaining the normal cholesterol range. The bioactive peptides in Soy have a wide variety of physiological functions like hypolipidemic1, antihypertensive, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immunomodulatory effect. The antioxidant activity of the isoflavones obstructs LDL oxidation2 and plaque formation in the arteries. Using Soy as a meal replacement can help replace less healthy foods that are high in saturated fat and cholesterol.


2. Soy Diet Is A Powerful Way To Lose Weight

It’s a known fact for us that an intake of protein-rich foods contributes to weight loss. This is because protein-diet keeps us satiated and thereby prevent us from intake of excess calories. Besides, our body tends to spend more energy while breaking down proteins. This clearly conveys that we burn more calories when we consume protein-rich diets.

Your weight-loss diet should not make you suffer from nutrient deficiency. Soy though lowers calories, which is an essential requirement for losing pounds, it does not restrict any nutrients. A serving of Soy Protein can actually save you from fat, especially saturated fat. The positive effect of Soy Protein in boosting the metabolism stimulates burning of fats while improving lean muscle mass. In addition to this, Soy has a low-glycemic effect, which means it won’t cause rapid blood sugar spike which benefits better appetite control. What more do you want? The healthy, optimal Soy diet is a powerful way to lose weight.


3. Soy Protein Is Especially Suitable For Those With Dairy Allergies

There are people who suffer from allergies, especially lactose-intolerance with dairy-based products. Soy protein isolate is a dairy-free and an excellent choice for people who are lactose-intolerant. The best thing to note is that Soy Protein Isolate offers a substantial amount of calcium per serving which is great for lactose-intolerant. You don’t have to worry about your diet lacking in dairy as Soy Protein offers a good amount of calcium per serving. The vegetarian and vegan-friendly protein has complete amino acid required for protein synthesis.


Note: Soy protein no doubt is a powerful health booster, but you must always remember that moderation is the key to the consumption of any food supplement. Care should be taken to consume Soy to limit your body’s supports.


The nutritional value of Soy Protein is comparable to animal protein…

After all Soy Protein is not just for vegans, anyone can reap the benefits of this amazing protein without compromising on taste…





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