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> Reasons Why Women Should Be Using Whey

Reasons Why Women Should Be Using Whey


en require more nutrition than women- For ages, a prevalent belief has existed that men require more nutrition than women. The belief could have arisen because men were the chief breadwinners in those days. Women’s well-being has always been considered secondary to that of men and women prioritize the nutritional needs of men over their own. The expectations around gender roles obscure women’s dietary needs!

The gender dominance over nutrition is particularly evident in the sports nutrition industry, where Whey Protein is often marketed as a muscle-building tool for men. Due to this, many women still haven’t dared to give Whey a try.

Ladies, it’s high time you understand the fact that nutrition is not to be tagged as gender specific. You must challenge the unfair and untrue beliefs that exist about Whey. After all, Whey is a superior quality protein that can offer various benefits to support your health and fitness goals.

This blog is exclusively for women, here we’ll discuss the reasons why women should consider incorporating Whey into their daily diet. Whey to go women…



reasons women should consume whey protein

The hesitancy around Whey Protein is not just gender-specific, there are other factors too that influence why women do not choose to consume Whey. Generally speaking, women get caught up in rumours and myths. In many cultural practices, particularly in Indian households, women have a misconception about consuming Whey.

There is still a lack of understanding about how muscle growth occurs and what is the role of protein in diet. The lack of understanding has led to the fear that Whey can cause them to become too muscular rather than toned.

Some women think Whey can cause them to gain weight and hence they refrain from Whey. The protein supplement does not inherently cause you to add on calories and gain weight. The protein supplement should be used appropriately in conjunction with a balanced diet.

There is another perception that Whey may disrupt hormonal balance in women and some women think Whey could be a steroid, hence fear Whey.

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reasons women should use whey protein

Whey is convenient to carry, easy to consume and serves as on-the-go nutrition. The complete source of protein contains all essential amino acids required by the body. Including Whey Protein in your daily diet routine helps you meet your high-quality protein needs without investing much time in preparing healthy-protein foods. Whey has high biological value which makes it an excellent choice to improve your nutritional intake.

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benefits of whey protein for women

Women need not shy away from consuming Whey. You must understand that certain types of exercise combined with Whey and their inherent testosterone is what makes men bulk up. The high-quality protein supplement keeps you full for longer and helps reduce your overall calorie consumption. During the weight loss period, preserving muscle mass is essential as the body may go into a catabolic state when on a low-calorie diet. Whey with its rich BCAA content helps support muscle maintenance during the weight loss. Maintaining muscle mass helps increase the resting metabolic rate and helps burn more calories than fat tissue. Whey protein is a high-thermic food. Your body burns more calories while metabolizing Whey. This supports high metabolism and weight loss.

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benefits of whey protein for women

Whey is a quick and efficient source of protein. Whey has a faster absorption rate compared to other proteins. Its high dose of EAAs and BCAAs quickly reaches the muscles after consumption, and the rapid rate of delivery of Whey accelerates quick muscle repair and recovery after exercise and initiates the growth of muscles. Whey leads to faster recovery and quicker readiness for subsequent workouts.

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benefits of whey for women

With aging, muscle strength naturally decreases in women. Regular consumption of Whey helps maintain a positive protein balance in the body and consuming Whey alongside a balanced diet and exercise regimen contributes to building and maintaining muscle mass. Muscles exert force on bone during your movement and maintaining muscle strength contributes to maintaining bone strength.

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benefits of whey protein for women

Modern-day women juggle multiple responsibilities as a result of which they get stressed out and their immune system gets compromised. Immune cells are made up of protein, hence adequate protein intake is required for the immune system to function optimally. Many of the immune cells like T lymphocytes, B lymphocytes, cytokines and macrophages require protein for activation. Protein is required for making enzymes involved in various immune processes. Whey is a complete protein containing all essential amino acids which function as precursors to antioxidants that protect cells from oxidative stress. Quality protein intake helps preserve muscle mass during periods of illness where there is a risk for muscle loss.

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benefits of whey for women

Ladies, do not underscore the importance of paying attention to your nutritional needs…

AS-IT-IS is on a mission to empower women’s wellness and support them in achieving their personal best…


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