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Get The NonStop Benefits Of Protein With Micellar Casein

Madhura Mohan

Posted on December 10 2018

micellar casein - the best protein for muscle building

Nutrition is a must for everyone irrespective of your goal, whether you opt to lose weight, gain muscle mass or build lean muscles. But meeting our everyday protein needs throughout the diet we eat is easier said than done.

While the need for supplementation is increasing, protein powders are becoming mainstream. There are a diverse variety of revolutionary supplements to suit the individual’s need. Among the diverse variety of outstanding supplements, if you are in a pursuit for a supplement other than just your regular Whey and amino acid supplement, your hunt is over as ‘Micellar Casein’ reigns supreme over the supplement store! After all, Whey isn’t the only beneficial type of protein!


Learn What Is Casein

Casein is a protein that deserves attention equal to that of Whey! Milk protein consists of 80% of Casein and 20% of Whey. Casein is a leftover solid part after Whey is separated from milk using straining method. While manufacturing Casein, whole milk is treated with a chemical usually Chymosin, causing the milk to coagulate and form a solid mass Casein. This solid mass is then sent through a series of microfilters that purifies and concentrates the micellar segments of Casein. The final product obtained is Casein that is popularly termed as a ‘night-time’ protein/ slow-digesting protein. Casein groups together with tiny balls called micelles allow it to clot in the stomach when digested, which slows down the rate of absorption.


Is It Right If We Feed Our Muscles In The Day And Starve Them At Night?

micellar casein - the best protein for muscle building

We never thought of this right? Certainly not! We all think, our system is active in the day and that we need to ingest nutrients during the day, especially to benefit from our workout; to repair and rebuild the damaged muscles and to build new muscle tissue. Now the question is, does muscle building happen only in the day? Are the muscles getting enough protein supply that serves their need day and night? The answer to this is No!


Did You Know? Our Growth Hormones Are At A Spike During Night

micellar casein - the best protein for muscle building

It’s an accepted truth that there’s no such timing for the consumption of protein, but the protein timing can definitely make a big difference. Just like how a protein supplement shows best results when consumed post-workout, a protein supplement when consumed before bed, provides our muscles with the amino acids required for their repair and growth. During our sleep, the body releases growth hormones which are essential for building lean muscles, but this process requires available protein for synthesis. Micellar Casein supports this mechanism throughout the night.1

Based on the overall body of research on protein intake, International Society of Sports Nutrition has revealed that taking Casein protein (30-40g) prior to sleep can acutely increase muscle protein synthesis and metabolic rate throughout the night.2 Casein Protein is especially beneficial for those who train in the evening.

At The Most What Could A Slow Digesting Protein Do?

micellar casein - the best protein for muscle building

The term ‘slow’ may sound undesirable but the truth is that this slow-releasing nature reduces the absorption rate of aminos. Though it doesn’t rise the amino, it slows down the rate of protein breakdown, protecting our existing muscles by feeding the muscles for a long duration (8-12hours) with a trickle of amino acids.

While both Whey and Casein are derived from milk, highly bioavailable and complete proteins, containing essential amino acids that you need in your diet, there are certain distinct features specific to each.  Both offer complimentary effects. While Whey efficiently takes care of muscle protein synthesis, Casein prevents muscle protein breakdown3


Whey Protein Vs Micellar Casein

Whey and Micellar Casein are protein supplements with different purposes.


 1.Fast digestion Vs Slow digestion

Just like Whey, Casein elicits protein synthesis. But Whey is a popular post-workout protein recognized for its rich bioavailability and greater solubility which has earned it a name as ‘fast digesting protein’. Because of its fast digesting ability, it is recommended to drink a Whey protein shake after a workout.

Although Casein is not as fast digestible as Whey, it is most effective as a ‘slow-digesting protein’. This unique nature of Casein sets it apart from all other proteins.


2. Coagulation Vs Non-Coagulation

Whey is not coagulated by the gastric juices of the gut. This characteristic of Whey allows the amino acids to be assimilated easily into the body.

Casein coagulates in the stomach causing a delay in gastric emptying (a process of stomach contents passing into the small intestine for further digestion).

This gives us an idea that the Casein is not metabolized as fast as Whey, meaning the release of amino acids into the blood becomes slower and prolonged. Casein thereby promotes a positive protein balance in the body. This nature of Casein protein makes it the most beneficial protein for longer hours of muscle rebuilding.


 3. Rapid Release Of Amino Acids Vs Delayed Release

Whey Protein rapidly releases amino acids that promote protein synthesis (anabolism) but doesn’t play a significant role in the inhibition of protein breakdown (catabolism).

Casein, on the other hand, prevents protein breakdown by the delayed /steady release of amino acids over a longer period of time-roughly 6-8hrs. This is more beneficial for protecting the existing lean muscle mass and potentially supporting muscle growth.


4. Casein Shakes Vs Whey Shakes

Yet another distinctive feature of Casein is that Casein Shakes are of a thicker consistency than Whey shakes. Casein requires more water to be palatable. Even with regard to taste, Casein tastes different from Whey.


Which One To Choose- Whey/Casein?

After getting sufficient info about both the proteins, we know that both are equally competent. It’s just that they differ in the rate of digestion. Whey and Casein can be consumed either alone or together.  Whey gives best results when consumed as a pre/post-workout supplement and Casein is advantageous for an overnight where the next day meal may be hours away. It is also best suitable for before fasting or in-between meals.

Micellar Casein’s ability to supply protein over multiple hours makes it more than just a protein!


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