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Beetroot Powder Can Improve Athletic Performance – Know How?



e all end up like this, I wish I could crank out that last rep, I wish I could run that extra mile…Hmm, even a 0.5% performance improvement is considered to make a critical difference to mean winning or defeat in sports.  Agree to this or not?

So, what gives that performance boost? Or maybe what helps you finish that last rep? You must be answering protein shakes, amino, smoothies, and so on. Not to deny your answer guys, but have you ever thought of consuming this vibrant veggie that can make your performance vibrant too?

I am talking about beetroots, which aren’t simply vibrant in their colour, but can make your performance vibrant too…

This simple, root veggie has been making waves in sports nutrition and is thought to give you the performance edge.

You’ll learn in this blog about the benefits of nature’s most nourishing, health-enhancing, natural nitrate source to your athletic goals.

You just heard, natural nitrate source, the catch is here, remember this…


Beetroots – A Rich, Nutritious Source    

Beetroots are great sources of fiber, folate, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, zinc, iron. Beets are a rich source of phytochemicals, bioactive compounds like betalains, flavonoids, polyphenols, saponins. Beetroots are a rich source of dietary nitrates with good bioavailability.



Beets Are Good Nitric Oxide Source

beetroot powder improves athletic performance

Until very recently, the production of nitric oxide was thought to occur from arginine via nitric oxide synthesis where a reaction simply generates nitric oxide from dietary nitrate. Beetroots happen to be high in naturally occurring nitrate. The difference lies in the fact that unlike the production of NO from arginine, the production of NO from nitrate of beetroot does not require any cofactors and is also independent of oxygen.


How Does Beet Root Produce NO?   

The production of NO by beetroots depends on the entero-salivary circulation of nitrate without involving NOS (nitric oxide synthase) activity.

Once in the body, the nitrate (NO3) in beets is reduced to nitrite (NO2) by anaerobic bacteria in the oral cavity by the action of the nitrate reductase enzyme. Nitrite is then converted to nitric oxide (NO) by stomach acid.

Special Note: Our saliva plays a big role in the conversion of nitrate to nitrite, so it is advised for you to avoid brushing your teeth or chewing gum or using mouthwash around supplementation with beetroot powder (to avoid interference with the conversion process).


How Does Beetroot Support Athletic Performance?

beetroot powder improves athletic performance

The nutrient-rich beets offer ergogenic benefits through vasodilation. Yes, NO produced by beets boost muscle efficiency, reduce fatigue, reduce recovery time and have a positive effect on athletic performance through the effect of vasodilation.





Why Is Supplementing With Beetroot Powder Convenient?

beetroot powder improves athletic performance

Beetroot powder is much more convenient and versatile to use than whole beets. Beetroot powder is made by dehydrating whole beets and grinding/milling them into a fine powder. If you run out of time in your active lifestyle, using beetroot powder will make your life simpler. You don’t have to peel the beetroots, cook them to experience their myriad benefits. While it may be practically not possible for you to eat pounds of whole beets daily, beetroot powders will give the exact same nutrient benefits as whole beets, just without the water content. This means you’ll still get all the fiber, protein, calcium, potassium, iron, antioxidants, and phytonutrients with beetroot powder, without needing to consume pounds of veggie.

Did You Know? 1 tsp of beetroot powder = an entire beet


Feeling fascinated already, wait for more...


When & How To Consume Beetroot Powder?

beetroot powder improves athletic performance

You can preload on beet pre-workout or before your sports event to build up the nitric oxide levels in your blood. You can mix 1-2 tsp beetroot powder with water, smoothies, protein shakes, energy drink, or sprinkle on salads, curries and consume.




Is Beetroot Supplementation Safe For Those With Kidney Problem?

beetroot powder improves athletic performance

Definitely not. For those already prone to kidney stones, beets are not the recommended performance enhancer. Beets are rich in oxalates, which may contribute to kidney stone formation if you routinely consume too many beets or beet powder. Consuming beets in optimum dosage as suggested on the pack will definitely not cause any harm to individual without kidney issues.



beetroot powder improves athletic performance



beetroot powder improves athletic performance

Nitrates are the key components in beetroots that contribute to improving nitric oxide levels. The vasodilation effect promoted by nitric oxide in beets has an effect on blood vessel dilation. By dilating blood vessels, beets contribute to improving your blood pressure, placing less strain on your heart to pump blood to power a strenuous workout. The vasodilation effect help deliver more oxygen, nutrients, and clear waste products from your hard-working muscles, allowing you to workout longer and harder. The improved delivery of blood to the brain aids in better brain function and improved focus during your workouts.



beetroot powder improves athletic performance

During your aerobic exercise like cycling, running, swimming, cardio workouts, your muscles require substantial oxygen to function properly. The better oxygen availability to working muscles will allow you to push yourself harder without fatiguing. Dietary nitrate supplementation is great at producing ergogenic effects due to the improvement of mitochondrial oxygen efficiency through a reduction in oxygen cost of exercise. Vasodilation causes oxygen and nutrients to swiftly reach the muscles, thus contributing to enhanced endurance.



beetroot powder improves athletic performance

Consuming beetroot can increase time to exhaustion by improving cardiovascular performance and contributing to maximum oxygen uptake by muscles. Nitric oxide’s ability to increase blood flow increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients delivered to muscles. Since oxygen is the powering factor of aerobic exercise, better oxygen delivery to your muscles means better muscle performance and delayed exhaustion. 



beetroot powder improves athletic performance

The improved nutrient and oxygen uptake after exercise, along with rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of beets play a role in reducing muscle soreness after intense training. The boosted blood flow to the muscles facilitates mitochondrial aerobic energy generation. When the hard-worked muscles receive the required nutrients they need to repair, it helps in faster muscle recovery from post-workout.



Adequate consumption of nutrients based on exercise performed is necessary for optimal performance in athletes…


Research on beetroot shows the best success in improving exercise performance…


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