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> Muscle Protein Synthesis and Its Impact on Muscle Growth

Muscle Protein Synthesis and Its Impact on Muscle Growth

muscle protein synthesis

Muscle protein synthesis (MPS) is a popular term among bodybuilders and other fitness enthusiasts. But many of them are confused whether MPS and muscle growth are the same thing. Some of them are aware that MPS is related to muscle growth but not quite sure how the two are connected.

If you want to create bulging muscles, it's important to understand what these terms really mean and what steps need to be taken to increase muscle protein synthesis in such a way that it builds up their muscle mass.


What Is Muscle Protein Synthesis?

muscle protein synthesis

The very definition of synthesis is to fuse a number of varied constituents into one whole. In terms of muscle protein synthesis, a combination of amino acids is used to create new muscle tissues. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and at any point in the human body, they are constantly breaking down or fusing together. As the name suggests, muscle protein breakdown happens when amino acids in muscle tissues break apart; whereas, when they come together to form proteins (muscle tissue), the process is muscle protein synthesis.

Interestingly, both these processes are carried simultaneously in our bodies, but at different rates. Negative protein breakdown happens when there is muscle loss due to a higher breakdown rate and a lower synthesis rate. Positive protein balance results when the rate of synthesis overtakes the breakdown rate, leading to muscle growth. The human body swings between the two states.

Under normal circumstances, the cycle of cellular regeneration is balanced as both the processes take place almost similarly; thus, resulting in no major day-to-day changes in the mass muscle of the body. Since a rise in protein synthesis followed by a breakdown, the net impact of the body is almost muted. So how do we make our muscle grow?


Protein Synthesis And Muscle Growth 

protein synthesis

Adequate protein in the diet not only provides the raw materials (amino acids) which convert to muscle mass, and increases the rate of muscle protein synthesis, but this also brings down the level of muscle protein breakdown.

Muscle growth is the result of ensuring a consistently higher level of protein synthesis rate over a period of time. In other words, when our body synthesizes more muscle protein as compared to breaking it down for an extended period of time, the muscles gain mass and become stronger. However, this is easier said than done.

Consistently maintaining a net positive protein synthesis rate requires a high level of dedication and commitment. That is why bodybuilders go all out to ensure that their bodies synthesize more protein. They eat more proteins and carbohydrates, undertake intense muscle training, consume surplus calories, eat protein before sleeping, use supplements, and a lot more to get a muscular body. Read the following article to learn what exactly you need to do to build those muscles.

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Lean Muscle Vs Bulk Muscle

If an individual is able to ensure that the rate of protein synthesis outpaces the rate of breakdown for as much time as possible, he/she will invariably gain muscle mass. However, simply being physically active will not result in the same.

For instance, not all sportsperson have bulging muscles, despite indulging in activities that lead to elevated levels of muscle protein synthesis. This is because their training and diet patterns are aimed at increasing their endurance and energy levels rather than on gaining strength and muscle mass. Workouts and especially, the dietary intake, are quite different if you wish to build up bulging muscles like a bodybuilder.   



Though there is no magic formula to quickly pop out those muscles. Understanding how protein synthesis creates muscle growth will help you achieve your athletic goals. It’s not enough to lift weights and simply guzzle down protein drinks, you need to take the right quality and quantity of nutrients, especially the protein.
Choose your protein drinks with care, making sure they contain complete amino acid profiles. By undertaking strength training, consuming adequate protein and calories in a timely manner, and resting sufficiently, the process of muscle building will be much easier and you will be able to sustain measurable progress.  


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