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> 6 Battle Rope Exercises For a Quick Full-Body Workout

6 Battle Rope Exercises For a Quick Full-Body Workout

battle rope workout

he fitness world is constantly evolving with time, and the workout options keep getting revolutionized to match the current trend. HIIT workouts are the latest trend in the fitness world. The short and intense workouts allow us to squeeze in a high-quality workout in a short amount of time.  

Battle rope workouts are one such HIIT workouts that combine cardio training with strength training in high-intensity intervals. Battle ropes are unique functional training equipment that is an extremely effective, and versatile training tool.

If you have found battle ropes coiled in the corner of your gym and always got intimidated to try them, we swear after this blog, you’ll head straight to battle rope the next time you hit the gym…



battle rope workout

  • Battle rope workouts are a fun and effective way to work your whole body and make a change from performing the same old circuits.

  • Battle rope workouts allow for an easy progression from battle rope training to suspended bodyweight training.

  • Lifting the heavy ropes engages more muscles and tones your glutes, arms, calves, deltoid, and arms.

  • HIIT workouts require you to breathe a lot heavier than normal which improves your cardiovascular conditioning.

  • Battle ropes help you achieve multiple goals like losing weight, building muscular endurance, power output, core strength, coordination, boosting your range of motion, stability, enhancing athletic performance, and burning calories.


If you only have 15-20 minutes for a HIIT session, then battle ropes are a great option to incorporate…



battle rope alternating waves

1. Hold the end of each rope, bend your knees and get into a quarter squat position, ensuring the spine is neutral and the core is held tight. Your torso should be bent slightly forward.

2. From the squat position, bring the left rope up as you move the right rope down to create waves down the ropes.

3. Continue flicking the ropes in alternating waves while remaining in the squat position and keeping your elbows tucked in.

4. Widen your stance and soften your knees to gain solid resistance against the rope.

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battle rope snakes

1. Grip the battle rope handle, and slightly bend at the knees maintaining a tight core.

2. Hold the ropes wide out with the right rope to the right and the left rope to the left. (Both the ropes should be parallel to the floor).

3. Now, bring the ropes in towards the middle and immediately back out. Continue the movement.

4. The sideway ripple through the ropes will resemble snakes moving across the floor.

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battle rope double waves

1. Pick up the very end of the rope.

2. Stand with knees slightly bent, and grip the rope handles with your core held tight.

3. Start by bringing the ropes to the thigh and then bring them upward together to head level in synchrony and bring it down.

4. Repeat the movement by leaning into the ropes and not outside. Do not lock out your elbows.


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battle rope side to side swings

1. Stand at a wide stance with knees slightly bent, holding the ends of both ropes together.

2. Keep your core engaged and in one motion, forcefully swing the ropes to the left side of your body and then to the right side of your body.

3. Continue swaying the ropes from side to side while maintaining a tight and braced stance.

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battle rope power slam

1. Grip the ends of the rope with both arms and stand with your feet hip-width apart.

2. In an explosive movement, bring the ropes upwards overhead as you perform a small jump in the air.

3. Immediately slam the ropes down to the ground in one powerful movement.

4. Repeat the movement.

5. Focus on being explosive rather than on speed.


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     battle rope lunges

    1. Grip the ends of the battle rope in each hand and stand with your feet hip-width apart.

    2. Begin the alternating waves with ropes and establish a rhythm before snapping it back towards the floor.

    3. After establishing a swing rhythm, set your right foot behind you and pull yourself down into the lunge position.

    4. Make sure to keep your back straight and drive yourself upwards through the glutes, and step back up into your starting position.

    5. Now, repeat the movement with the other leg.


    When it comes to aspects of fitness, the battle rope is arguably the best training equipment out there…


    Get your grip on the battle rope and upgrade your fitness level…


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