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> 15 Minutes Skipping Rope Workout For Fat Loss

15 Minutes Skipping Rope Workout For Fat Loss


One of the common requests that we, health and fitness experts get from the fitness community is for tips on how to lose body fat. Well, we can provide innumerable fitness solution to suit everyone’s requirement but the most disappointing thing for us is people make fitness resolutions with full determination but will soon give up on consistency and then complain about not getting results!

It’s pretty understandable that a wide range of extravaganza in the modern world won’t allow your fitness goals to sit firmly but it doesn’t mean you miss out on consistency. I have said this many times earlier and will say this again today that consistency is the key to getting results. Showing up every day, every week, every month over time and building that chain will fetch you the results you are looking for. Fitness is not an onetime go where you go to the gym for a couple of times and wonder why it didn’t work...


Goals Are Easier To Reach When You Make Smart Plans To Achieve Them


A fitness goal that is consistently at the top of everyone’s list is to lose weight. Today, I have come with a simple and smart workout plan to help you achieve your goals. It’s the skipping rope/jump rope workout.                                                                                                                                                               

Skipping rope conjures memories of our childhood when we used to do skipping with our neighbourhood friends. You’ll learn in this blog how the simple activity of our childhood could be one of the best HIIT workouts…


Skipping rope is one of the underutilized and often forgotten pieces of fitness equipment. It is the big-time cardio exercise that world-class athletes from boxers to football pros swear by. Skipping rope workout works your entire body, tightens your core, tones your calves, makes you feel lighter on feet and improves your lung capacity.



Did you know? For an average-sized person, skipping rope can burn 10 calories a minute. Also, that 10 minutes of skip rope workout is comparable to 30 minutes of jogging.


Try these 15 minutes skipping rope circuit training I am going to suggest below to burn fat and tone your body. A regular skipping session improves muscle tone in both the lower and upper body and creates some amazing transformation. Just 15 minutes of skipping rope workout can torch calories!


To start with, get a lightweight, speed rope for yourself.



1. Start with the rope behind you. Use your wrists to swing it overhead.

2. As the rope approaches your feet, jump with both the feet an inch or two off the floor, giving the rope just enough space to slide under your feet.

3. Don’t rest your feet completely on the floor, stay on the balls of your feet at all times.

4. Continue to swing the rope over again in an upward and forward movement.

5. Every time you swing the rope, you must do it with your wrists and not with your arms.




1. Unlike in the basic jump, where you jumped with both your feet at once, you are going to alternate your feet here (like how you do in the running motion).                                                                                             2. Jump by keeping your knees lifted to the front and feet a little higher than 1 inch off the floor.

3. You’ll do 10 counts with your left foot in front and 10 counts with your right foot in front.

4. Make sure to stay on the balls of your feet as you land.

5. Try to do 10 alternated foot jumps or as many as you can do in one minute.







1. This is going to be easier once you are familiar with the basic jump.

2. You won’t be doing the forward jumps here. Instead, you need to jump a few inches to your left as you swing the rope.

3. Then, jump a few inches to your right.

4. It takes some time for you get into the rhythm as you jump from side to side.

5. Practice this form and try to do as many jumps as you can in one minute.



1. This is similar to the basic jump with the only difference that you’ll jump on high knees here.

2. The point of this workout is to go as fast as possible and to push your body to its limits.

3. Try to get as intense as possible with each step.

4. Those with troubled knees or old people are not suggested to try this one.





1. You’ll be able to try this when you get used to the above forms.

2. You’ll turn the rope twice under the feet for every jump here.

3. Try to jump higher and turn the rope faster.

4. You can increase your intensity and try another step with turning the rope 3 times which is called a triple under.

Skipping rope deserves a slot in your training regimen. Short high- intensity interval training (HIIT) results in greater fat loss than long, low-intensity cardio sessions.

Once you feel comfortable with these variations, try to put them all together into the skipping rope circuit doing the warm-up for 2 minutes, each skipping rope workout for 2 minutes with a 30-second break between each workout.



1. It’s important to use a rope that fits your height. Initially go with plastic, speed ropes, later on, try the weighted ropes to increase the resistance and amp up the calorie burn.

2. Ensure that you are always landing softly onto your toes and do not start building too much height in your jumps.

3. Your ultimate fat loss depends on your calorie deficit and your level of commitment to the workout.


Skipping rope workout rules out the general belief that workouts need to be time-consuming or require expensive gym equipment to be effective…


Don’t SKIP fitness training but get fit with the SKIPPING rope…


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