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10 Ways To Boost Energy Naturally & Quickly

Madhura Mohan

Posted on January 20 2021


n the busy life, we’ll always have much to do, sometimes it feels like we never have enough energy to handle all the chore…I am sure you most of you are saying yes to this…

In the modern-day overworked culture, you’ll have plenty of times when your energy can plummet…whether it’s a mid-morning yawn attack, a post-lunch urge to snooze, an early evening eyelid droop, leaving you with a need for a quick energy fix.

As per one survey made to know where people turn into to keep their energy levels up, around 70% of people worldwide answered coffee and soda.

Today, I have come with a list of easy and healthier tips to boost your energy naturally and quickly…




Many times, the feeling of sluggishness, fatigue and lethargy may be attributed to symptoms of dehydration. Dehydrated people often complain of elevated tiredness, confusion and anger, as dehydration disrupts mood and cognitive functioning.

Often times, we confuse hunger with thirst and end up eating. It’s time you must make proper hydration as your priority.

Less water in your system means your blood volume decreases, meaning which your heart has to work harder to pump blood around your body. The poor circulation is in turn connected with less oxygen in your body. Proper hydration allows for proper digestion, lubricate everything from your joints to eyes, helps regulate body temperature and is effective in proper nutrient delivery.

Since every individual has different hydration needs, instead of counting glasses, let me put it this way, you should drink water before you’re thirsty.

Get up from your desk to get a glass of water by means of which you’ll give your body and your eyes a break from the desk.




Have you made it a habit to skip breakfast and get out of the door in a hurry to go to the office? You have got to stop doing it!

As per research, people who skip breakfast hit low energy levels before noon and suffer from energy crash, while those who don’t skip breakfast have a better mood and good energy levels throughout the day.

When you wake up, your blood sugars will be low and low energy causes your muscles and brain to work low, your breakfast helps to replenish energy.

Don’t choose the quick fix like pastry, white bread that may superficially look and taste great, but will soon set you for blood sugar spike causing you to consume more calories.

Protein shake made with milk, berries and chia seeds, nut butter on whole-grain bread, oatmeal topped with nuts and fruits could be some of the examples for quick, healthy, good breakfast.

Your breakfast should be a balanced one, nutrient-rich filled with fibres, proteins.



Nature has a huge impact on our mind and physical vitality. We all live confined to the concrete building, couch and hardly do we head outside. Sometimes, the drop in energy levels could be merely because of the lack of exposure to the natural, outside environment. Ditch your laptop for a while and head outdoors to feel the elements of nature. When I say outdoors, don’t imagine any woods or amusement park, a simple, little green park in your locality will do. Spending just 20 minutes in the outdoors will make you feel calmer, boost your energy levels, and restore your focus. Spending time outside is particularly helpful for people like me, who struggle with a writer’s block. Go for a simple 20 minutes’ walk outdoors, or if you prefer cycling, do it. The fresh air, your physical movement, the elements touching your senses invigorates you physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. If you are someone who does a regular workout in the gym, once in a while, skip the treadmill and choose to jog outdoors.

There are science-backed reasons for why we should spend some time outdoors.




Most people do this, when they feel low, they connect it to boredom and then to depression and head to the doctor seeking a prescription. Chill! You don’t actually need any kind of prescription, all you need is some energy booster to de-stress and gain your vitality back. The real, natural prescription for low energy would be a refreshing, green smoothie.  For most of you, caffeine or carbonated source will seem like a quick solution to plummeting energy levels.  But, the caffeinated beverages can lead to an even bigger energy crush further down the line. Swap your daily cappuccino for spinach, kale smoothie which is packed full of antioxidants to give you a nutrient boost and keeps you going for longer. Spinach is rich in vitamin B6 and minerals like folate, iron, magnesium, potassium. A good amount of iron will help in better oxygen flow to the brain, leaving you feeling energetic. You can also try the herbal green tea, which contains EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), which are flavonoids that are linked to energy and health benefits.

Green drinks offer numerous health benefits, apart from increasing energy. Benefit improved digestion, immunity, skin health and weight loss.



Grabbing a chocolate bar will seem like a satisfying, sugar-loaded snack when you feel the slump. Just like caffeinated beverages, a chocolate bar will likely make you feel more fatigued soon. Nuts are not sugar-loaded but are a good source of fat, fiber, proteins, vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals. Grabbing a handful of nuts as a snack is a good way to pick your spirits. A bowl of oatmeal with nuts, an apple or banana with a handful of nuts are a delicious and easy way to get your energy up. Superfoods like quinoa, chia, spirulina, flax seeds are great options to get a quick energy fix.

Nuts and superfoods are mighty vegan functional foods that are nutrient-dense and energy-rich.



Listening to music is one of the easiest ways to burst off a slump, feel happy and more focused. Listening to music will release endorphins that make you happy, stimulates your hypothalamus, which is the section of the brain that regulates breathing, heartbeat and other physical response. Not all kind of music will lift your spirits, listen to jazz/upbeat music that elevates your spirits, makes you feel relaxed, cheerful, lively, optimistic and revamped.

Upbeat music can make feel more positive, optimistic, feel soothed while increasing   your productivity.




If you are a serious, busy person who hardly smiles, you will face the anxiety attack and will feel drained of energy. Laughter lightens your stress, releases endorphins, which are feel-good hormones that help you feel refreshed, inspires hope and reduces anxiety. Every time you giggle, it connects you to others, keeps your grounded, relieves tension, improves circulation, relaxes your muscles, boosts immunity and vitality.

Laughter gives you an optimistic outlook, helps you forget resentment, stimulate circulation, and makes you feel livelier.




Many people fail to breathe deeply which will cause them to feel tired, fatigued and uninspired. Those of you who have read our blog on breathing exercises would be aware of the benefits of deep breathing. When you become stressed or feel low energy levels, practice deep breathing, which allows your heart rate to slow down, more oxygen to enter your system and your brain to relax. While shallow breathing prevents the body from getting enough oxygen, deep breathing increases oxygenation, lowers stress, helps you think better, perform better and feel energized.

Place your hands over your stomach, and breathe so your hands rise and fall with your breath, basically concentrate on breathing to up your energy.




The busy day and sedentary lifestyle leave us static over our laptops for hours. Pathetic, but can’t help. While stepping away from your desk and walking around may not be possible at regular intervals, you can definitely do some stretching exercises sitting on your chair. Follow our blog on stretching to know more about the benefits. Incorporating stretching into your busy day can improve flexibility, help you maintain a full range of motion, and impart relaxation.

Stretching improves circulation to the muscles and to the brain, resulting in a renewed sense of energy.




In the concrete jungle, where we hardly have any plants or trees planted, it’s very important to have plant inside our home too. The gorgeous greens don’t simply brighten your indoor, but can boost positive vibes and increase the flow of energy in your body. Plants are known as natural healers, they provide life, purify air, amplify the sense of well-being. Some of the house plants like jade, pothos, snake plant, English ivy, spider plant have all gotten much recognition as the indoor plants of positive energy.

Indoor plants absorb harmful chemicals in the atmosphere, not only do they freshen air, but also bring you a fresh, energetic feel.


In the end, I’d want to remind you all that you just made your new resolution, don’t let it go in wane because of the waning energy…follow the tips and keep rocking…


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