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Top 4 Ways How Proper Hydration Can Facilitate Immunity

Madhura Mohan

Posted on December 18 2020


well-functioning immune system is critical for survival as immunity drives the health of our body and defends us from diseases and infections.

When it comes to taking measures to boost your immune system, the foremost paid attention things would be healthy eating, taking vitamins, minerals, regular exercising, reducing stress, getting adequate sleep and so on…Isn’t it staying hydrated that should have been on the top list here? Well, as they say, simple, easily affordable things get paid least attention, the importance of drinking enough water is taken for granted or is ignored.

The connection between water and good health is no secret, but many of us aren’t pretty serious about how crucial proper hydration is in daily life. You must drink nearly 4 litres of water a day.

Did you know, water is one of the most natural immunity boosters that can power up our body?

With the onset of pandemic and increasing pollution, it’s time we need to emphasize on the importance of drinking enough water, eating fruits and vegetables that contain water.

If there’s anything on earth that has no fat, no calories, no sugar, and is perfectly healthy, it’s none other than water.


Let’s learn in this blog top 4 ways how optimal hydration can support healthy immunity…




The connection although may appear complex to you is actually very simple. A strong immune system can be built with a strong nutrition level and a healthy gut, agree to that or not? Maintaining a balanced digestive system is important to strengthen your immune system. Just like not eating enough fiber can have a negative impact on digestion, drinking too little water slows down your digestive system significantly, resulting in constipation or other digestive problems. This allows toxins to stay in our system longer than they should, causing infection-causing microbes to grow.


Proper Hydration -> Healthy Digestion -> Easy Accessibility Of Nutrients -> Healthy Immunity

1. Water is touted as a natural digestive aid which helps in easy digestion and elimination of waste from the body.

2. Food travels through the digestive tract through muscular contractions which depends on the presence of water.

3. By facilitating easy digestion, water makes minerals and nutrients more accessible to the body.

Besides water, herbal non-caffeinated beverages like green teas, tender coconut water, buttermilk, lemonade, vegetables and fruits like melons, cucumbers, zucchini, peaches, and tomatoes can help to keep you hydrated.

Note: Warm water stimulates appetite, helps in easy digestion, clears flatulence and facilitates easy bowel movements.



This connection is simple again. A proper nutrients level although begins in our gut, the body gets its nutrient supply only through good circulation. Our immune system gets its nutrient supply through blood and you must note here that 90% of our blood is composed of water.

Inadequate water levels -> Poor Circulation Of Nutrients -> Low Immunity

1. Inadequate water levels will cause hindrance to the transportation of nutrients.

2. For the immune system to function optimally, it’s imperative that it gets adequate oxygen. Ensuring adequate water levels in the body helps to oxygenate the blood and pumps up our cells and helps them function at their full capacity.

3. Water not just aids in a good supply of oxygen and nutrients to immune cells, but also aids in flushing out toxins through sweat and excretion.

In a world, where most of us spend hours sitting in front of computers or at desks, it’s more important than ever to make time to stimulate our circulation…




You already know the connection how stress can deplete our immune system’s ability to fight off antigens which could make us more susceptible to infections. The stress hormone corticosteroid will take our immune system to a task!

Dehydration -> Stress -> Weakened Immune

1. Insufficient levels of water or dehydration can not only build stress in the body but can also change the way our brain responds to stress.

2. Dehydration will set in fatigue, headache, confusion and poor concentration and acne breakouts which ultimately lead to stress.

3. Water is known to have natural calming properties, drinking sufficient water will help reduce psychological and physiological impacts of stress, hence protect our immune system.




Water is the simple and most natural way to detox our body. Proper hydration not just improves digestion, but also ensures the right lymphatic draining (lymph removes bodily waste and carries white blood cells that help prevent infections).

In the aspect of improper diet and hectic lifestyle, the body may fail to flush out the toxins which often tied to inadequate hydration. 

Improper Circulation -> Improper Detoxification -> Poor Immunity

1. Water facilitates to clear toxins and wastes from the body, this limits inflammation and avoids unnecessary activation of the immune system.

2. Adequate hydration supports the liver, which is the chief organ of detoxification to remove toxins, bacteria, and viruses from the body.

3. Drinking warm water, herbal tea, can provide antioxidant benefits to our body and help destroy the harmful free radical damage. Warm water acts as a vasodilator, improves circulation, metabolism.

4. Mint, lemon and cinnamon-infused water on an empty stomach can provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory benefits and help flush out toxins.

5. An excess amount of toxin accumulation in the body means, the body will have to work extra hard to maintain its biological function, this leads to mental and physical fatigue, stress and underactive immunity.


Drink water the waterway, not your way of drinking it through means of drinking sodas, or caffeinated beverages…When I say water, I mean plain water… 

It’s not enough if you make healthy changes into your lifestyle, the healthy changes should mould into habits…

Encourage yourself and your kids to healthy hydration habits to stay fit and strong…


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