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AS-IT-IS ATOM High Protein Bar | 20g Protein Pack of 1

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  • 20G PROTEIN PUNCH: ATOM High Protein Bar packs in a lot of nutrition punch for its size. A protein bar with its good sensory and nutritional profile can be a convenient workout fuel or recovery tool. Comprising a massive 20g of high-quality protein and zero added sugar, it’s a smart choice when it comes to protein bars. The high protein to carb concentration makes it a great way to get the much-needed energy for an active day or to fuel muscles pre or post-workout. 


  • ZERO ADDED SUGAR: If you’re looking for a quality protein source without unwanted additives, the caffeine-free smart protein bar with zero added sugar gets the pure protein your body needs without the dreaded crash. Munching on a protein bar before your workout can increase the muscle glycogen stores and enhance performance. The protein bar can quickly raise the plasma concentration of amino acids and impact the stimulation of muscle protein recovery and protein synthesis when consumed post-workout.


  • 4 HOURS SUSTAINED ENERGY: When you are in a rush, want an energizing snack before your endurance training, or a quick energy boost during your mid-workout, are tied up too long hours of desk jobs or dieting for weight loss, ATOM protein bar can be a great way to get the much-needed energy boost. If you lack time, resources to plan a healthy snack, the protein bar can offer satisfying nutrition in a portion-controlled package.


  • REDUCES CRAVINGS: A big part of sticking with healthy eating habits is creating convenience to snacking. ATOM High Protein Bars are a tasty and healthy alternative for those who crave confectionery. The readymade, compact protein bars take a small amount of space in your handbag. Keeping them in your bag can be beneficial when hunger hits. The high protein composition of the bar can promote fullness and signal the release of an appetite-suppressing hormone, keeping your stomach full between meals.


  • GREAT TASTING NUTRITION: The high-quality Protein bar is a convenient, handy, and tasty way to ensure you get protein at any time of the day. The protein bar contains a soft protein center coated with Whey crispies to deliver that satisfying crunch texture when you take a bite. ATOM protein bar comes in two delightful flavors cookie latte and blueberry classic cake. The ready-to-eat pocket-sized protein bars could be the best way for essential nutrition intake while on the go.