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ATOM Creatine Monohydrate | Dope Free | Enhances Performance | Promotes Muscle Gains |

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Flavour: Kiwi Fusion
Weight: 250gm

● Boosts ATP Production
● Increases Training Intensity
● Enhances Muscle Strength
● Increases Lean Body Mass
● Supports Muscle Recovery


Creatine Monohydrate is one of the most popular and well-researched sports supplements on the market, used by pro-athletes, bodybuilders, and regular gym-goers. ATOM Creatine Monohydrate is micronized, caffeine-free, gluten-free, soy-free, calorie-free, dope-free and refreshing flavoured supplement manufactured in a GMP-complaint facility. It has gone through 3rd party lab-testing for assurance and purity and safety. The micronized Creatine is a superior, more effective nutritional product that allows for increased and more rapid assimilation into your body.


Creatine supplementation exerts ergogenic effects on single and multiple bouts of short-duration and high-intensity exercise. If you are exercising at maximum intensity, your body literally can’t produce enough ATP to keep up. Using Creatine Monohydrate works as an effective strategy to support maximal work output, strength gains, efficiency, and recovery in athletes. Regular Creatine supplementation combined with strength training increases upper and lower body strength, power, and work performance during multiple sets of maximal effort muscle contractions.


The power of the Creatine supplement comes from its ability to resynthesize faster ATP. Creatine supplementation increases the muscle phosphocreatine stores which facilitates faster ATP energy provision. The ability for faster energy resynthesis is associated with enhanced force production, making you last longer in the exercise where muscles are pushed to the max and require bursts of energy. Phosphocreatine shuttle predominates as an ATP source during maximal effort workouts less than 10 seconds.


By boosting the potential energy during workouts, Creatine acts as a power on demand during intense exercise training. Higher rates of ATP synthesis by Creatine during workouts are believed to decrease muscle fatigue and increase muscle performance and muscle-building capacity. The performance enhancement allows for greater and improved muscular adaptations and aims to deliver greater muscle gains. Creatine acts as a muscle cell volumizer with its water retention ability, leading to increased anabolism and muscle protein synthesis.


Creatine supplementation is proven to be more effective in predominantly anaerobic intermittent exercise. Creatine increases the anaerobic capacity by raising the phosphocreatine stores allowing intracellular concentrations of ATP to be maintained at higher levels for longer periods, permitting athletes to maintain greater training intensity and quality of each workout. Creatine is a perfect supplement for athletes, and recreational weightlifters seeking to improve training adaptations.


Unaccustomed bouts of high-force eccentric exercise have been well documented as a causative factor in muscle damage or muscle fatigue. Creatine supplementation delays muscle fatigue during workouts, and reduces time to exhaustion by allowing less reliance on muscle glycolysis. Creatine supplementation increases the rate of creatine phosphate resynthesis during intense workouts which helps to lower blood lactate accumulation and ammonia levels, both byproducts that inhibit peak performance output.