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My fitness journey began during my second year of college. I had a very lean physique and just like the other teenagers, I yearned to look like the action heroes on the big screen. I knew this wasn’t an easy job. My interest in modelling was huge and this thought me the value of fitness, which soon became one of my biggest passion. I started working out at the gym setting my own personal goals. Besides, I used to watch a lot of online sources on fitness and read Men’s Health magazine to learn more about how the body works.


I started experimenting with weights and was very happy to find my body transform. At first, I found it a bit hard to achieve my goals but I never gave up and made it happen. I received an overwhelming response when I posted my transformation pictures on Instagram and this gave an additional motivation to go on. Now that gym has become my second home and workout has become my full-fledged obsession. I push my body to its limits to refine it to reveal a competition level physique. I have competed in a number of fitness competitions and gained the sponsorship of the top nutrition company in the industry. I am grateful and honoured to be a part of the AS-IT-IS NUTRITION which is a dream come true.


I love to share my knowledge of fitness to help people achieve their personal best.

A regular fitness routine helps to improve your overall health and keeps you looking good. Fitness improves your confidence level and transcends to your overall disposition and self-image.


My advice to folks would be, don’t maintain fitness for being better than others but maintain fitness to be better than you used to be. A good body is the result of hard work-out and perfect nutrition. Work-out tones your body and mind and keeps you in good spirit. I completely agree with what Arnold said, ‘Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and tones the spirit’!