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My journey of fitness is an inspirational one. I have spent the first 14 years of my life as a plus-sized boy when I was constantly pressurized by family and friends to go on diet to lose weight. I was a great football lover and had interest in athletics but the way people would make me feel that I was incapable of playing these sports was not only rude, but it also took a huge toll on my self-esteem. My parents made me do push-ups and lift weights but I soon felt tired and quit. I realized that I had to build my upper body strength and flexibility in order to lift my body in the air.

Although the comments that I heard were offending, it gave me the determination to prove that I shall not let my fat-body to determine my worth and started working hard at the gym. My initial days at the gym were very challenging and I thought I would never achieve my dream physique. I am grateful to my trainer who never let me give up and my current transformation is amazing. He made me watch a lot of motivational videos and read fitness blogs that have added the zeal in me to achieve the great transformation in my body. I was once unable to do pushups and currently, I do high-intensity workout along with weight lifting. Fitness has helped me to excel in sports and academics and I have gained balanced mental and physical health. I have proven myself to all those who let me down and am truly honoured to have got the opportunity to get associated with one of the best nutrition company out there: ASITIS NUTRITION

My personal message to all would be nothing is impossible if you have the strong will to achieve. Never let yourself down come what may. Work hard till you reach your goal!