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AS-IT-IS L-Arginine Powder for Muscle Building & Endurance

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  • 2500mg per serving
  • Dope Free
  • Unflavoured
  • Nitric Oxide Booster
  • Promotes Muscle Pump
  • Conforms to WADA / NADA
  • Country of Origin : India
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L-Arginine Powder: Boosting Circulation, Energy, and Performance


  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: L Arginine is an essential amino acid that helps promote healthy circulation. This means more oxygen reaches your muscles, brain, heart, lungs, and other organs. More blood flow means more muscle gains.

  • Not Just For Muscles: Besides blood flow and muscle, Arginine also supports energy levels, which makes it perfect for weightlifters, runners, and everyday active people. It also helps maintain good blood sugar levels and provides support for a healthy immune system.


  • PERFORMANCE & VASCULARITY: The blood reaches the right areas and supports libido.

  • MOST RELIABLE: With no preservatives, chemicals, or sugars you get pure L Arginine. Our product undergoes strict testing and is manufactured at GMP-certified facilities.   

  • CONFORMS TO NADA /WADA: Free from any doping ingredients as per NADA / WADA


As a Dietary supplement take 2500 mg with water or juice, or as directed by a physician


Frequently Asked Questions On L-Arginine


  • What is the use of L-Arginine supplements?

L-Arginine supplement increases nitric oxide levels in the body and improves better circulation of nutrients. L-Arginine provides sustained energy to the working muscles, supports muscle stamina, and peaks your performance contributing to lean muscles and increased muscle pumps.


  • Who can consume an L-Arginine supplement?

One need not have to be a professional athlete to benefit from L-Arginine supplements. L-Arginine is suitable for runners, swimmers, cyclists, bodybuilders, athletes, active individuals, or anyone who would be interested in improving their performance and staying energized.


  • Can people under 18 years use L-Arginine supplements?

No, we do not recommend L-Arginine supplements for individuals under the age of 18.


  • When is the best time to take L-Arginine?

L-Arginine is the best pre-workout supplement that helps increase energy levels, and stamina, so you can expect to train longer and harder and build powerful muscles. L-Arginine is suggested to be taken half an hour to one hour before workout.


  • Does L-Arginine promote weight loss?

L-Arginine’s main role in the body is to increase nitric oxide levels, increase blood flow, and energy levels required to power your workouts. When coupled with a strength training workout, L-Arginine promotes muscle protein synthesis, increases fat metabolism, and may support weight loss.


  • I am a basketball player, does L-Arginine help increase my height?

L-Arginine’s function in the body is to enhance blood flow and efficient delivery of oxygen and anabolic nutrients required for muscle building. Since height is purely a matter of genetics, the supplement cannot be solely relied upon.


  • Is L-Arginine supplement safe for women?

Yes, L-Arginine supplements are safe and suitable for both men and women. Women will equally benefit from the energy-increasing, power-boosting effects of L-Arginine as men. L-Arginine is a great supplement that helps you work out better and get that physique of your dream.


  • Is L-Arginine supplement flavored? How to consume L-Arginine powder?

 Our L-Arginine supplement is unflavoured. The supplement includes 100% L-Arginine as a   single ingredient and does not contain fillers, binders, artificial colors, or flavours. The naturally flavored L-Arginine tastes slightly bitter, and may be best when consumed mixed with fruit juices, berry shakes, lemonade, or energy drinks. You can also mix it with your protein shakes or simply consume it with plain water.


  • After how many days of supplementation can we expect results from L-Arginine?

The results of supplementation purely depend on one’s dedication to workout and clean eating habits along with supplements. It takes a minimum of 10-15 days until one starts noticing the difference. You’ll start feeling the pump, energy, and stamina as you lift heavy weights. We recommend taking L-Arginine accompanied by healthy eating habits, exercises, and good sleep.


  • Is the L-Arginine pack provided with a scoop? Can we verify the authenticity of the pack?

Yes, the L-Arginine product comes with a 5g scoop inside. With the help of the QR CODE and the SCRATCH CODE, the app enables you to verify the authenticity of the pack.


  • Which is better L-Arginine powder or capsules?

Both capsules and powder provide the same L-Arginine, so you should be expecting similar results out of the two. However, the capsules are preferable for those who do not wish to measure out their own doses, or who do not wish to taste the product. These factors are subjective.


  • How to store L-Arginine powder once opened?

The L-Arginine powder comes in a resealable pack, you can cut off the top part of the pack to open it. Just below the area you cut, you’ll find a ziplock seal. You can store the product in a ziplock pouch or transfer the contents into an airtight container and store them in a dry, dark place away from heat or direct sunlight. We do not recommend storing the product in a freezer.


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