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ATOM Chocolate Peanut Butter 1Kg | Gluten Free | Cholesterol Free

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  • 100% Plant-based Peanut Butter
  • Dairy-Free
  • 8g Protein
  • 2g Dietary Fiber
  • 7g Carb
  • Zero Transfats
  • Zero Cholesterol
  • Chocolate Flavoured
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ATOM Peanut Butter Chocolate

peanut butter chocolate
  • MADE FROM GROUND, ROASTED PEANUTS: ATOM Peanut butter is made from high-quality, fresh, roasted peanuts that are selectively hand-picked. A small serving of peanut butter can give you a calorie-filled, healthy boost of a good amount of protein, fiber, and fats that provide you with the energy required to kick start the day. The ready-to-consume, easy, convenient, caffeine-free, stimulant-free peanut butter makes it an on the go-to snack option that can give you the energy boost you require anytime, anywhere.

8g protein per serving

  • GREAT NUTRITIONAL PACKAGE: The relatively inexpensive plant-based protein offers an easy and tasty way to add more nutrition to breakfast and snack choices. Just about a serving (32g) of peanut butter provides about 8g of cholesterol-free protein, which can make a significant contribution to daily protein intake. Apart from protein, the highly palatable peanut butter is packed with a good amount of carbs (7g), fats (15g), and fiber (2g). Due to its health aspects, peanut butter is increasingly gaining popularity over jam (that’s loaded with high sugar content).

zero transfat peanut butter

  • KEEPS YOU FEEL FULLER FOR LONGER: A peanut butter jar is easy to carry in your bag or stash at work. Having a good combination of fiber (2g per serving) and protein (8g per serving), peanut butter keeps you feeling fuller for longer, so you eat less overall. Peanut butter helps fight cravings, so you’re less likely to snack or succumb to hunger cravings throughout the day. Can help bridge the gap between meals when you’re hungry. Starting the day with peanut butter can help kick start your metabolism, and give you the fuel to get going.

195kcal peanut butter

  • HEALTH FOOD THAT TASTES GREAT: A clean source of nutrition infused with delicious chocolate flavour is an absolute delight for vegetarians and vegans. Peanut butter makes a great alternative to dairy butter, it is ideal for applying on bread, sandwiches, drizzling over fruits, stirring with protein shakes, oatmeal, and smoothies. The chocolate-flavoured peanut butter pairs well with bananas, apples, can be used to make energy balls, protein bars, cookies, or even spooned straight from the jar.

healthy facts about peanut butter

  • HELPS WITH MUSCLE BUILDING & REPAIR: For someone in the muscle-building phase, or definition phase, peanut butter can be a perfect, healthy pre or post-workout snack. Whether you’re after protein for muscle building or after fiber while dieting, peanut butter has valuable nutrients that support your performance in sports and everyday life. While its fat and carbs fill you with energy enough for the whole session, a good amount of protein may increase protein intake, contribute to muscle strength, and allow for muscle preservation over the course of time.

  • MOST AFFORDABLE NUT BUTTER: Peanut butter is the most affordable nut butter that is available in creamy and crunchy variants. While both the variants of peanut butter contain a significant dose of protein, virtually contain the exact amount of calories, crunchy peanut butter tends to be a bit grainier and creamy variety will give you a smooth spread. Peanut butter is calorie-enriched, hence consuming it before bed will help in retaining most of the calories rather than burning them, which may contribute to weight gain.


Frequently Asked Questions – ATOM PEANUT BUTTER


  • What is Peanut butter?

Peanut butter is a nutritious spread made from ground, roasted peanuts. It should not be considered as a combination of butter and peanuts, it rather implies that butter is made using peanuts.


  • Is ATOM Peanut butter cholesterol-free?

Yes, ATOM Peanut butter is cholesterol-free.


  • How many servings does 1kg jar of ATOM Peanut butter provide?

 The 1Kg pack of ATOM Peanut butter offers 31 servings of 32g each.


  • How much Peanut butter can I eat in a day?

It is generally advised to not eat more than one to two tablespoons of Peanut butter in a day.


  • Does ATOM Peanut butter contain transfats?

ATOM Peanut butter contains zero transfats.


  • Does ATOM Peanut butter include a scoop?

No, the product is not provided with a scoop.


  • How is the taste of ATOM Peanut butter?

ATOM Peanut butter has a sweet, nutty, rich chocolaty taste that pleases your taste buds while ensuring you get quality nutrition.


  • What is the expiry date of the product?

ATOM Peanut butter has a shelf life period of 18 months from the date of manufacture.


  • It is okay to eat Peanut butter every day?

Yes, the protein-packed spread is suitable to be consumed every day. The key is to consume it in moderation as a part of a varied diet.


  • How to store ATOM Peanut butter?

Both unopened and opened jar of Peanut butter is suitable to be stored at room temperature (in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight).


  • What are the ways to use ATOM Peanut butter?

The chocolate-flavoured Peanut butter can be mixed with salads, oatmeal, blend into protein shakes, smoothies, swirl with pancake batter, used to make cookies, energy balls, protein bars, or spread on bread or chapati. There is nothing more indulgent than licking tasty ATOM Peanut butter off the spoon.


  • Does ATOM Peanut butter contain sugar?

Yes, ATOM Peanut butter includes 2g of added sugar.


  • Is the product vegetarian?



  • What is the difference between dairy butter and Peanut butter?

Dairy butter is a milk derivative whereas Peanut butter is made from ground, roasted peanuts. 100g Peanut butter offers 25-27g protein, whereas the same composition of dairy butter offers just 1g protein. While dairy butter contains nearly 80% of fat (more than 50% of which is saturated fat, Peanut butter although contains 50% fat, it includes minimal saturated fats and a good share of heart-healthy fats.


  • Does Peanut butter make me fat or help me lose weight?

Moderate intake of Peanut butter as a part of a balanced diet is unlikely to cause weight gain. Peanut butter is highly nutritious, its high protein and fiber content keeps you full for longer and helps avoid unnecessary cravings. Peanut butter will contribute to weight gain when combined with a high-calorie diet and will help lose pounds when taken in conjunction with a low-calorie diet and strength training.


  • Which one to buy, the crunchy or creamy variant?

It’s a matter of individual taste and texture preference. Crunchy peanut butter can give you a crunchy feel and add a lot of texture to what you combine it with, but when it comes to slathering peanut butter on bread, some people prefer to keep things smooth. 


  • Do I need to refrigerate ATOM Peanut butter?

ATOM Peanut butter doesn’t need to be refrigerated, it is ideal to be stored in a cool, dry place, such as a pantry. Refrigeration of Peanut butter is suggested if the room temperature of your place tends to be very warm.


  • Who can consume Peanut butter? 

Regular gym-goers, runners, joggers, sportspeople, cyclists, and active individuals can include peanut butter as a part of their healthy diet. If you are a health-conscious person who is on the lookout for a nutritious, high-quality food item, ready-to-consume, compact source of energy, you’ll find ATOM Peanut butter to be the best among the rest.


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