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AS-IT-IS Brown Rice Protein 80%, Vegan Protein Source Designed as Meal Supplement

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  • 25g Protein
  • 5g BCAA
  • Lactose-Free
  • Vegan Source
  • 122cal Energy
  • Ideal for Roti atta, Idli/Dosa batter, Pancake etc
  • Country of Origin : India

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  • VEGAN FRIENDLY, UNADULTERATED: AS-IT-IS Brown Rice Isolate is sourced from pure, whole brown rice, and processed without additives, flavours, preservatives, or sweeteners. The high-quality, natural protein aligns with those who prioritize natural, clean supplement that holds true to its label claims.


  • EASILY DIGESTIBLE, LACTOSE-FREE: Brown Rice Protein is generally considered an easily digestible protein, free from gluten, soy, nuts, and dairy which are the common allergenic factors. Brown Rice Protein does not cause bloating and is a good protein option for those who are lactose intolerant and who experience digestive discomfort with dairy protein.

  • 100% AUTHENTIC, ZERO AMINO SPIKED: The supplement is minimally processed and manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility. The unflavoured protein does not include enzymes, it is free from amino spiking, is DOPE-free, and undergoes 3rd party lab-testing to ensure quality and purity.

  • HIGH PROTEIN ALTERNATIVE TO WHEY PROTEIN: Brown Rice Protein is a good alternative to Whey Protein, especially for individuals who are vegetarian and vegan. The unflavoured, soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free protein option provides 25g protein, 10g EAA, 2.5g carbohydrate, 0.7 dietary fiber, 5g BCAA, and 4.6g glutamine per serving.

  • SUPPORTS MUSCLE GROWTH, KETO-FRIENDLY: Brown Rice Protein Isolate contains 80% protein, has minimal carbs, is transfat-free and is keto-friendly. The high protein content and excellent BCAA composition help support muscle growth, muscle repair, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a vegan or vegetarian plant protein.

  • VERSATILE & EASY TO USE: Brown Rice Protein Isolate is ideal for blending into smoothies, or incorporating into recipes like waffles, oatmeal, roti batter, idli/dosa batter, soups, smoothies for an added protein boost. Brown Rice Protein suits athletes, men, women, beginners to the gym, those who don’t do a workout, and those looking to gain muscle strength, recovery or weight loss results.


 Frequently Asked Questions On Brown Rice Protein


  • What is brown rice protein?

Brown rice is considered highly nutritive compared to other cereal grains. Brown rice protein is a supplement derived from brown rice. The protein is extracted from brown rice by treating it with enzymes through a special conversion process that causes the separation between carbs and protein. The enzymes are considered vegan and the processing of rice in this technique is considered a ‘raw food technique’. The protein thus separated is converted into protein powder. By weight, AS-IT-IS brown rice protein contains 78% protein, 31% essential amino acids, and 16% BCAAs. Just a scoop of brown rice protein offers an impressive nutritive profile. Brown rice protein is relatively low in calories, high in fiber, gluten-free, and can be incorporated into a variety of dishes.


  • Is your brown rice protein free of gluten & MSG?

Yes, brown rice protein is 100% natural, vegan protein free of gluten and MSG. Brown rice protein is dairy-free, making it an ideal choice for vegetarians, vegans, and people with gluten and lactose intolerance. 


  • What are the ways to use brown rice protein?

One of the appealing things about protein supplements is their convenience. Brown rice protein is extremely good in terms of versatility, texture, and taste. Consuming a brown rice protein shake after the intense workout is the easiest way to ensure you’re filling up on amino acids and not compromising your hard-worked muscles. The thick texture and unflavoured version of brown rice protein allow it to enhance the protein content of baked goods, wafers, protein balls, cookies, or muffins. You can also add brown rice protein to soups, beverages, and smoothies, mix it with roti atta or idly batter, or with any other recipe that could use a boost of plant-based protein. 


  • Who can supplement with brown rice protein?

Protein is a very essential requirement for all, without adequate protein intake, people will struggle to lose weight, fight fatigue, build muscle, and may suffer from many other health issues. There are endless dairy and non-vegetarian protein sources, but vegetarians and vegans may not get sufficient protein from their diet as vegetarian and vegan protein sources are limited. People following a vegan or vegetarian diet, those following a restricted diet, people with food sensitivities, athletes, those interested in health and fitness, men, women, beginners to the gym, those who don’t do a workout, and those looking to gain muscle strength, muscle recovery, weight loss results and anyone who wants to fill the protein gaps of a varied diet will find the brown rice protein supplement beneficial.


  • Why should one supplement with brown rice protein?

While there are endless protein sources for meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans do not have that much variety. Protein is one of the nutrients that may be under-consumed without proper planning in plant-based diets (especially if you are a vegan). It takes careful planning and much variety of protein sources to be added to your diet which may not be possible when demands are high, such as in athletes or gym-goers. Brown rice protein supplement is a convenient protein option if you are a vegan and struggle to meet the protein requirements of your day. 


  • Is brown rice protein equivalent to dairy protein in terms of amino profile?

Brown rice protein does not provide all the essential amino acids like in the case of Whey or Casein (dairy protein). 31% of the amino acids in brown rice protein are essential and 16% are BCAAs which is pretty high. Brown rice protein can be combined with another protein source like hemp, quinoa, or pea protein to form a complete protein and deliver optimum nutritional benefits. Brown rice protein is relatively easy to digest and has a high fiber content that makes it slower digesting than dairy proteins. 


  • I am confused about which one to choose – dairy protein or brown rice protein.

This is a common experience among many. While choosing a protein powder, consider your dietary preferences like vegan or vegetarian, if you are intolerant to gluten, soy, lactose, if you looking for fast-digesting protein or slow-digesting protein. Keeping these points in mind will make your choice of protein supplement simpler and you’ll be on your way to happy protein-powder supplementation.  No protein supplement will offer you immediate results, if you are considering protein supplements for muscle building, then resistance training is a must. Choose a dairy protein if you are don’t have any dietary preference or if looking for a fast-digesting protein beneficial to be consumed post-workout, choose a brown rice protein if you are looking for a vegan protein, have sensitivity to dairy protein, or looking for slow-digesting or protein source suitable to be consumed anytime during the day. 


  • Is brown rice protein a complete protein?

No, technically brown rice protein does not meet the criteria to be considered a complete protein. To be complete, a protein source must not only contain all 9 essential amino acids but also offer them in adequate amounts. Brown rice protein falls short on lysine, and hence cannot be classified as complete. However, brown rice protein has a good composition of BCAAs and can be combined with a number of other protein sources like spirulina, soybeans, meat, and poultry to meet the amino shortfall.


  • When is the best time to take brown rice protein?

Brown rice protein just like any other protein source can be taken at any time during the day. You can mix a scoop into the liquid of your choice or combine it with meals to fortify the protein content. You can consume brown rice protein pre-workout, post-workout, as a high-protein evening snack, first thing in the morning or before bed. 


  • What is the serving size of brown rice protein? 

AS-IT-IS 500g brown rice protein supplement pack provides 15 servings of 32g each and 1Kg pack of brown rice protein provides 31 servings of 32g each.


  • Do I get the original brown rice protein supplement?

Definitely yes. AS-IT-IS provides high-quality brown rice protein that comes in a resealable, convenient zip-lock pouch. Every batch of our product goes through third-party lab testing for assurance of purity and potency. The product is completely genuine and as a further assurance of this, every pack comes with a unique QR CODE and the SCRATCH CODE that enables the customer to verify the authenticity of the pack using the app.


  • Can I take brown rice protein during pregnancy?

Although there’s nothing inherently unsafe in our product, pregnant women are strictly advised to take medical advice and consider allergy factors before embarking on supplementation. 


  • What is the expiry date of the product, and how to store it?

The expiry date of our product as indicated on the pack should be considered as 18 months from the time of packing of the product. Brown rice protein is suggested to be stored in the zip-lock pouch which it comes in, in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. You can also transfer brown rice protein powder into an air-tight container and keep it dry, away from moisture contact. Refrigeration of the product is not advisable. 


  • Can I blend brown rice protein & soy protein together?

Definitely yes, with protein sources the combinations often fill nutrient gaps of single protein sources. When using plant-based proteins, a multisource blend is always preferable, as each source of protein complements one another, and helps meet the better amino profile. Combining brown rice protein with soy protein improves taste, and gives a person on a plant-based diet a complete range of amino acids. 


  • Is pea protein & brown rice protein the same?

Pea protein and brown rice protein are both high-quality plant-based dietary supplements, with pea protein derived from yellow split peas and brown rice protein derived from brown rice. Even if you are someone who doesn’t follow a specific diet, vegan proteins are a great choice. Both pea protein and brown rice protein are allergy-friendly, gluten-free, and easy to digest. Both the proteins are great from a nutritive perspective and offer a good amount of protein per serving, and moderate calories. Pea protein contains all the essential amino acids, is rich in arginine and BCAAs, but is low in methionine. Brown rice protein is rich in fiber and lacks lysine. Pairing the 2 amino acids creates a full amino acid profile. 


  • Is cooking with brown rice protein safe?

Yes. There is one myth regarding protein supplements adding them to other meals and heating them may destroy the protein content. This is not true. Cooking with protein powder does not destroy the protein, it only denatures it, your protein powder will still be 100% safe. You can safely add brown rice protein powder to protein bars, cookies, muffins, and oatmeal, and mix them with your roti atta or with yogurt for nutritional fortification. 


  • How is the taste of brown rice protein?

Brown rice protein has a very subtle, familiar taste and chalky texture that makes it suitable to be used in a variety of recipes to improve its nutritional profile. AS-IT-IS brown rice protein supplement is unflavoured, in the most natural form without containing any flavors, enzymes, it is gluten-free, lactose-free, and does not contain undesirable ingredients. The product is third-party lab-tested to prove its safety. 


  • Does brown rice protein cause bloating?

Absolutely not. The goodness of brown rice protein is that there are no concerns of allergies to it. Brown rice protein is free of gluten, egg, milk, soy, lactose, and nuts which are common allergic factors. Usually bloating is caused by indigestion of any food item, and intolerance to certain food items, Brown rice protein is hypoallergenic, it is suitable for anyone and it is easily digestible. 


  • Does brown rice protein promote weight loss?

Yes, brown rice protein may support weight loss by speeding up metabolism and decreasing food intake. Brown rice protein has a thermic effect, meaning it creates heat in the body through the process of digestion. Proteins take a lot of energy to digest, so you burn more calories when you are eating protein daily. Besides, brown rice protein has a low-glycemic index and does not raise a person’s blood sugar after eating, this is a chief requisite for weight loss. Remember, supplements alone will not promote weight loss results, you need to combine brown rice protein with regular weight training for effective results of weight loss. 


  • Can I blend brown rice protein with pea protein?

Yes, combining the two plant-based is better and provides a superior amino acid profile than sipping them alone. Brown rice protein is low in lysine but high in cysteine and methionine, pea protein is low in cysteine and methionine. When you combine both, pea and brown rice protein provide an optimal amount of amino acid profile which is superior to any single plant protein source. Both the supplements are easily digestible, and dairy-free, they assist in muscle building, muscle recovery, and weight loss. Vegans, vegetarians who are not versatile in their protein sources, athletes who have high protein needs, and older adults would particularly benefit from combining protein supplements.


  • Will I gain weight with brown rice protein?

Brown rice protein will not cause weight gain singly as it will not help to meet the higher calorie requirement for weight gain. You’ll need to combine brown rice protein with a high-calorie diet and strength training to obtain results of weight gain. 


  • Does brown rice protein produce similar results of muscle building as that of Whey?

This is quite difficult to say as the implied results of muscle-building depend on several other factors apart from supplementation. When we look at the amino acid profile of Whey and brown rice protein, Whey definitely stands out with its rich amino acid profile and high content of BCAA. Still, the overall benefits of the two supplements are comparable. There are several areas where brown rice protein may have an upper hand on Whey. As per studies, the benefits of consuming Whey protein and brown rice protein may not be all that different. There may be minimal differences in terms of body composition, perceived muscle recovery, muscle soreness, or readiness to train from using the two supplements. Researchers have concluded daily intake of brown rice protein in conjunction with resistance training elicits changes in muscle strength, and body composition similar to Whey protein.