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ATOM Weight Gainer

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  • High-Calorie Fuel For Weight Gain
  • Suitable For Hardgainers & Skinny People
  • Makes Meeting Your Calorie Requirements Easier
  • Boosts Your Energy In The Gym
  • Creates A Smooth Delicious Shake
  • Country of Origin : India
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100% TRANSPARENT FORMULA : ATOM Weight Gainer is the most convenient tool for acquiring the calories and crucial nutrients required for optimizing the weight-gaining results in skinny people. The 100% transparent formula has high calories, and comes in delightful flavour, with no banned substances. A serving (75g) of the ATOM Weight Gainer delivers 61g carbs, 8.8g protein, and too-low fat coupled with 10 vitamins and 11 minerals. The supplement is made in a GMP-certified unit, it is 3rd party lab-tested for assurance of purity and potency.
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EASY SOURCE OF CALORIES : As per studies, an ideal diet for ectomorphs/hardgainers is one that is higher in carbs and lower in fat. Ectomorphs should eat often, add nearly 500 calories per meal, and consume 6 meals to ensure their body has the fuel needed for weight gain. Those with busy schedules, those having a poor appetite, and those who find it difficult to manage enough time to have multiple meals throughout the day will find weight gainer supplements an easy solution to meet their macronutrient needs (without any chewing).

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MAXIMIZES MUSCLE STRENGTH : All exercises work muscles but not all exercises build muscle. A key to creating muscular tension is to perform strength training workouts. Skinny guys tend to have a hard time building a significant amount of muscle and strength due to a combination of low appetite and involvement in more endurance-based activities. Consuming weight gainers regularly in conjunction with a well-balanced high-calorie diet will help maintain energy surplus, and support building muscular strong body in hardgainers.

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HOW & WHEN TO CONSUME : On the days of training, mix a serving (75g) of ATOM Weight Gainer with 300ml milk and consume the shake 30-45 minutes before the workout. You can enhance the calorie count of your shake by blending ingredients like fruits, nuts, flax seeds, oatmeal, and peanut butter. On non-training days, you can consume the weight gainer supplement first thing in the morning or anytime during the day. Consuming weight gainer and doing strength training regularly guarantees a comprehensive bodybuilding program.

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HELPS BUILD LEAN & STRONG BODY : During resistance training, energy demands increase substantially to maintain active muscle contractions. Muscle glycogen stores serve as the main substrate for energy synthesis during high-intensity workouts. ATOM Weight gainer is enriched with high carbs and consuming it before training will increase time to exhaustion, delay fatigue, and help sustain intensity in subsequent training. Consuming weight gainer post-exercise optimizes glycogen resynthesis, enhances protein synthesis, and lessens the immune-suppressing effects of intense exercise.

GAIN WEIGHT QUICKER : The convenient, easy-to-mix weight gainer is suitable for both men and women, gym goers, and those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. The weight gainer is easier to consume and easier to digest. The supplement includes maltodextrin and milk solids which act as quick source carb. Pea protein along with vital micronutrients helps you to get through the session, and build strength and immunity. Maltodextrin does not just increase the calorie intake, but it also energizes your body and supports faster recovery, and quicker weight gain




What is a Weight Gainer?

Weight Gainer is a dietary supplement designed to help hardgainers gain weight and build muscle mass. Weight Gainer comes packed with carbs, protein, and fat along with vitamins and minerals. Ectomorphs, who have a very low body mass index would need to keep their body in a caloric surplus. Weight Gainer supplement is a convenient and quick option that will help meet the caloric requirement for weight gain easily.


What is the serving size of the ATOM Weight Gainer?

The serving size of ATOM Weight Gainer is 75g (2  scoops).


Is the product suitable for vegetarians?

Absolutely yes.


Is ATOM Weight Gainer a flavoured supplement?

Yes, ATOM Weight Gainer comes in delightful flavour to make the shake more appealing to consumers.


How many servings does a 1 Kg pack of ATOM Weight Gainer offer? 

The one Kg pack of ATOM Weight Gainer offers 13 servings of 75g each.


What is the expiry date of ATOM Weight Gainer?

ATOM Weight Gainer is ideal for consumption within 18 months from the date of manufacture.


Does the ATOM Weight Gainer include a scoop inside?

Yes, the product comes with a 30g scoop inside.


How to store ATOM Weight Gainer?

You can store the supplement in the same zip-lock pouch in which it comes or transfer the contents of the pack into an air-tight container. Keep the pack/lid (in the case of container) securely closed after every use. Store the pack in a cool, dry place away from direct contact with sunlight, and avoid bringing it in contact with a damp spoon or hands.


How to consume ATOM Weight Gainer?

Take 2 scoops (75g) of ATOM Weight Gainer powder and add it to 300ml of chilled milk. Blend the powder well using a blender or a shaker for nearly 30 seconds. You can blend together other ingredients like fresh fruits, nuts, flax seeds, peanut butter, and oatmeal to up the calorie intake per serving.


What is the source of carbs in ATOM Weight Gainer?

ATOM Weight Gainer includes maltodextrin and milk solids as the carb source.


Is ATOM Weight Gainer dairy-free?

NO, ATOM Weight Gainer contains milk solids as one of the carb sources. Hence, it’s not dairy-free.


Does the ATOM Weight Gainer include an enzyme blend?

No, the supplement does not include an enzyme blend.


What is the composition of ATOM Weight Gainer?

ATOM Weight Gainer includes maltodextrin, milk solids, and pea protein concentrate coupled with vitamins and minerals. The supplement comes in a delightful flavour to make it more appealing to consumers. The 100% transparent supplement is dope-free and includes absolutely no banned substances.


Is the product 3rd party lab-tested?

Yes, the product is manufactured in a GMP-complaint facility and is 3rd party lab-tested for assurance of purity and potency.


Is ATOM Weight Gainer easy to digest?

Yes, the product is easily digested and quickly absorbed.


Who can consume the Weight Gainer supplement?

Since hardgainers/ectomorphs have higher metabolic rates than the average person, they have to eat a greater number of total calories in order to place their bodies in an energy surplus. A great way to meet the calorie count for hardgainers is to make use of weight gainers. Weight gainer supplement comes in handy for skinny people having a high metabolism, and those who have a hard time eating enough food to meet their high-calorie goals.


Does the ATOM Weight Gainer help build muscle?

Weight Gainer is loaded with a high amount of carbs which helps maintain the energy demands of intense resistance training. The carbs sustain the glycogen stores and help maintain active muscle contractions, increase time to exhaustion, delay fatigue, and boost intensity in your training sessions, thereby indirectly supporting building muscles. Use the Weight Gainer as part of a comprehensive diet plan and strength training workouts to support muscle growth and muscle strength.


How does the Weight Gainer supplement help gain weight?

The main purpose of a Weight Gainer is to assist in gaining weight by providing an additional source of calories. For skinny people whose appetite is high, for those who find it tough to eat many meals per day, and for people on the go, weight gainer supplement comes in handy to keep their bodies in an energy surplus. ATOM Weight Gainer contains a combination of high amount of fast-acting carbs, moderate amounts of protein, and minimal fat coupled with vitamins and minerals. The high amount of quick absorbing carbs serve as a quick energy source for your workouts in the gym, helps replenish glycogen stores, delays time to exhaustion, and helps prevent protein breakdown. The protein helps in muscle recovery, while the vitamin-mineral combo helps prevent the immune-suppressing effects of intense exercise.


When to consume the ATOM Weight Gainer supplement?

The sole intention of supplementing with a Weight Gainer is to boost the calorie intake, so timing of supplementation would not be a concern. Consuming the Weight Gainer before workout will keep your energy level up throughout the workout which can contribute to muscle gains. Post-workout consumption of Weight Gainer helps in faster replenishment of glycogen stores and provides the nutrients required for muscle growth. Consuming a Weight Gainer supplement between meals can help boost your calorie needs, especially if you can’t consume enough calories through whole foods. If you are a sedentary individual, then consuming a Weight Gainer before bed can help to keep the body in a positive energy balance.


Is it required to consume the Weight Gainer on non-training days?

Yes, you can take the Weight Gainer supplement on non-training days. Consuming the Weight Gainer on non-training days will keep help add to the calorie intake and contribute to your weight gaining goals.


Does the ATOM Weight Gainer mix well with water and milk? 

ATOM Weight Gainer has a smooth texture and blends easily with water and milk. To ensure a uniform shake, add the Weight Gainer powder to the dry shaker bottle. You can use the immersion blender to create a smoother shake. Please follow the recommended serving size and usage instructions mentioned on the product label to ensure proper dosing.



Is it okay to consume other supplements with ATOM Weight Gainer? 

You can combine other supplements with the Weight Gainer as long it supports your weight gaining goals. It’s important to note that Weight Gainers are designed with high calories, consuming Weight Gainers with a balanced high-calorie diet and exercise regime will contribute to bulking. Creatine would be the ideal supplement you could combine with Weight Gainer as it supports muscle pumps through water retention and boosts muscle contractions during resistance training.



Can women consume Weight Gainer supplements? 

Weight Gainer is designed to make meeting the calorie requirements for weight gain much easier. Consuming Weight Gainer with regular strength training and a properly balanced diet will help build body mass. Ectomorph women can benefit from supplementing with Weight Gainer. It is important to note that women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or with any medical issues are advised to consult a physician before embarking on Weight Gainer supplementation.


What is the difference between Mass Gainer & a Weight Gainer?

Mass gainer and Weight Gainer are dietary supplements designed to help people gain body mass and gain weight. Both supplements may seem to serve the same purpose, however, they come with a difference. Mass gainer supplements are typically high in calories, and the protein-carb ratio than Weight Gainer supplements. A mass gainer is suitable for athletes, bodybuilders, individuals who engage in high-intensity training, or those who find it tough to consume enough protein and carbs through diet alone. Weight Gainer is solely designed for ectomorphs who have a hard time gaining weight and consuming enough calories through their diet. Weight Gainers are typically suitable for skinny guys who are underweight, or have a fast metabolism and have trouble gaining weight through a regular diet alone.


How long does it take to find results from the Weight Gainer? 

This is reliant on several factors like an individual’s body composition, genetics, food habits, lifestyle, exercise type, age, and nature of supplementation. Keep in mind that weight gain is a gradual process, however with consistent use of the supplement along with regular consumption of a balanced high-calorie diet and strength training workouts, one can expect to see results in a few months.

It is advised to avoid consuming more than the recommended daily dose of the supplement.