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> Add Definition To Your Muscles With Protein Shake

What Is The Best Time To Consume Whey Protein Shake

protein shakes

As the present generation is positioned more around muscle building and healthy lifestyle, protein powder sector is booming. It’s not needed to say ‘Whey’ is the most relied upon and the preferred protein out of the many different varieties of supplements as it is the water-soluble milk protein and contains all the nine of the amino acids needed for human dietary needs.

By now, there’s not much ambiguity on Whey Protein being good or bad. It’s only the usage method and timing of Whey supplementation that we are still confused about.


Isn't Your Routine Of Taking  WHEY Becoming Monotonous?

what is the best time to take whey protein shake

Imagine eating the same breakfast daily…not possible, right? The same is how you feel when you consume Whey (especially unflavored) the same way every day. Obviously, anything that becomes monotonous gets boring! Never mind, why not use a little creativity to turn your Whey into shake enriched with fruits, milk, nuts, chocolate, honey etc. to infuse yourself a tasty treat? A Protein Shake gives you an additional dose of nutrients, vitamins and minerals along with protein.


How Are Protein Shakes Optimal For Muscle Growth & Repair?

what is the best time to take whey protein shake

Our muscles are so much reliant on amino acid that without amino acids, it would be virtually impossible for our muscles to grow and repair themselves.

A single protein molecule is made up of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. It is the Nitrogen that plays a crucial role in the growth and repair of muscle tissue. A Protein Shake ensures you to have enough protein in the body to maintain positive nitrogen balance, to help your body stay in the anabolic state (a state to build new muscle tissue).

 In fact, Protein Shakes are more convenient and efficient than having to eat large amounts of high protein foods.


Is There A Specific Time For Protein Shake?

what is the best time to take whey protein shake

First and foremost, Protein is a part of the nutrition program. As our body is in a constant cycle of amino acid depletion, feeding them with protein anytime is certainly beneficial to maintain a balanced environment of muscle building. Also, Whey supplementation is irrespective of your workout regime, meaning anybody can supplement with Whey.



Although there’s no timing for a Protein Shake, here’s where Protein Shakes have their place.

a. When it’s not always possible to get the protein through solid food, especially when you’re working in shifts

b. When you don’t have time to prepare meals through which you get protein.

c. If your intention is to build muscles, lose weight, and health improvement.

d. When you find it difficult to consume solid food after a workout.


Learn the different ways and purpose of using a Protein Shake:



when is the best time to take whey protein shake

Mornings are the busy hours that won’t let you sit down for a breakfast and leads you to stick to an easily available sugar snack. Don’t do this anymore!

Make yourself a Protein Shake preferably with milk to start your day. This serves as a breakfast –substitute if you are in a hurry or pitched as an alternative to a snack.

Protein Shake helps you prevent hunger pangs and gives you a sustained release of energy all morning. As per the study report published in the Journal Of Dairy Sciences, people who consumed a high protein breakfast that included milk had more stable blood sugar levels and reduced feelings of hunger during the rest of the morning than those who were given a high-carb breakfast.



when is the best time to take whey protein shake

Often we hear gymgoer complain of not being able to perform at their best in the gym. Well, the reason is, the muscles are not given the fuel they need to perform to their maximum potential!

A Protein Shake when consumed an hour before a workout will provide the amino acids that prevent muscle breakdown, encourage new muscle building and helps you perform at your full capacity.



when is the best time to take whey protein shake

You can’t expect a trimmer physique overnight. Moreover, maintaining muscle mass while losing body fat is a challenge. Then how to achieve this? Very simple. The secret to weight loss is reduced calorie intake!

Protein Shake helps to boost your metabolism (i.e., helps you burn more calories each day), keeps you feel fuller and satiated. Protein Shakes reduce the hunger cravings, aside supplying your muscles with the amino they need for repair and rebuild.

Blend your Protein Shake with water instead of milk to keep the calorie count lower and reduce your intake of sugar and fats to see good results.



when is the best time to take whey protein

Now the contrasting scenario. Want to gain weight as well as muscle mass?

Consuming Protein Shake alone won’t fulfil your need. Weight gain is typically a matter of calorie intake!

Consume Whey Protein Shake together with carbs, fats and other healthy ingredients high in calories (like dark chocolate, coconut milk, and butter) that give your body the energy supply to add on weight.



when is the best time to take whey protein shake

Just finished your training session? Any idea what could be the status of your muscles now? Here’s the answer. After an intense workout, your muscles cry for fuel to repair themselves and rebuild. Muscles enter a state called ‘anabolic window’. During this time, your muscles are primed to absorb more aminos than usual. This period lasts for around one hour after your exercise.

A Protein Shake takes only 30 minutes to reach muscle after ingesting. When consumed post-workout, it gives a stream of aminos to heal the micro-tears caused by intense contractions of muscles during the workout, aids in quick recovery and boosts muscle protein synthesis to help muscles grow bigger and stronger.

Proteins Shakes are a delicious way to tone your muscles…don't you think?


Note: Protein Shake will not magically make a difference. It should be paired with proper exercise to achieve your fitness goals.

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