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> Unflavoured Vs Flavoured Protein Powders - Which To Choose?

Unflavoured Vs Flavoured Protein Powders - Which To Choose?

unflavoured vs flavoured protein powders - which to choose?

our choice of the best brand of protein supplements doesn’t simplify the process of selecting the best protein supplement if they offer a wide range of choices to make… I am sure most of you would agree with this statement.

Choosing between vegan and dairy protein can be easily done based on an individual’s diet type, but then, as the protein is getting popular with all ages, choosing between flavoured and unflavoured protein powder has remained an all-time confusing factor.

Protein supplements are having fast-increasing popularity with the awareness of their importance other than just for muscle building. Whether it is cycling, walking, climbing hills, doing workouts in the gym, or simply exercising at home, protein literally benefits all irrespective of gender and workouts.

People have now slowly started turning towards the use of natural, pure products, yet when it comes to protein powders, the confusion prevails, flavoured or unflavoured protein?


This article will tell you the top 5 reasons why unflavoured protein is the way to go…


What Is Unflavoured Protein Powder?

flavoured vs unflavoured protein powder - which to choose

The term unflavoured or flavourless protein are often used interchangeably to describe a protein powder to which no flavour is added. This doesn’t mean the unflavoured protein powder won’t have the taste, it will taste natural like however it is in its own form.   


1. Unflavoured Protein Powders Are Versatile

flavoured vs unflavoured protein powder - which to choose

Who’ll wear just pink daily when you have an access to try all the colours? This is perfectly apt for unflavoured protein powders. With the unflavoured variety, you’ll not have to decide between vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and more. Instead, you can easily create your own endless number of flavours and enjoy different flavours every day of the week. You can make your protein shake chocolaty by adding chocolate syrup, or cocoa powder, you can bring in a strawberry flavour by simply blending fresh strawberries into your shake. Other than the most common flavours, you can make it more nutritious by adding peanut butter, cinnamon, banana, oatmeal, flax seeds, chia seeds, spinach, moringa powder, beetroot powder or any other ingredient of your choice. Unflavoured protein powder lets you take control of your flavour choices.


2. Unflavoured Protein Powder Gives You More Protein By Weight

unflavoured vs flavoured protein powder - which to choose

Unflavoured protein powders contain no sweeteners, colourings, lecithins or added flavours, it is considered to be in its pure, clean form. The lack of additives or flavour makes unflavoured protein powder higher in protein content by weight compared to the flavoured protein. If the protein powder contains an additional ingredient, then there’s no surprise that it will contain less protein by weight. If the supplements fact table of protein supplement shows lesser ingredients, it’s always better for you. What do you say?


3. Unflavoured Protein Powder Is Less Expensive Than Flavoured

unflavoured vs flavoured protein powder - which to choose

The simplest solution for deciding to go with flavoured/unflavoured is to go with unflavoured because going with unflavoured protein powder is like having every flavour. Just think, what if you choose a particular protein flavour and you won’t like later or what if you get tired of the flavour you have before the pack gets over and want to try a new one? Either of the 2 is a difficult consequence. In the quest of finding the better flavour, you may end up buying yet another flavour that will steal a big amount from your wallet.

When you buy unflavoured protein powder, you’ll pay for 100% protein powder and 0% for flavouring. So, simply going with unflavoured not just gives you the liberty to create endless flavours but also saves your money.   


4. Unflavoured Protein Powder is Suitable To Be Added To Different Recipes

flavoured vs unflavoured protein powder - which to choose

The protein shake isn’t the only way to consume protein powder. You can make a whole lot of recipes out of it. You can add protein powder to oatmeal, pudding, protein bars, granola bars, pancakes and more. The advantage of unflavoured protein powder comes here. The natural, subtle taste of unflavoured protein powder will not overpower or mask the taste of other ingredients mixed with it. Plant protein powders like soy protein and pea protein are well-suited for baking and cooking because they tend to retain moisture and add mild taste to the recipe. They can be added to thicken soups or mixed with your roti dough while delivering a lot of protein to your meal and make it nutritious.


5. Unflavoured Protein Powder Lets You Sweeten It As You Like

unflavoured vs flavoured protein powder - which to choose


For those who don’t like the artificial sweetener or extra sugary taste, and want to control the level of sweetness, unflavoured protein powder will give you the liberty to do so. Those with the sweet tooth who find natural protein powders don’t taste sweet enough can sweeten it with natural sweeteners like cane sugar, stevia powder, honey, coconut sugar, dates syrup and so on.


unflavoured vs flavoured protein powder  - which to choose

At AS-IT-IS, we promote only pure protein goodness and nothing else…

We are proud of our range of single ingredient, unflavoured, unprocessed, unadulterated, superior and more natural supplements. Not just our protein supplement but our entire range of supplements go through stringent testing to ensure we provide you with the best in quality in a completely natural flavouring.


If you are looking for an exceptionally high-quality protein source to aid muscle growth and repair, you can go for unflavoured protein with an assurance that it contains absolutely no artificial additives of any kind…


We hope this article has thrown sufficient light and has opened your mind to the versatility of unflavoured protein powder...


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