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> Top 5 Benefits Of Green Coffee Beans You Didn’t Know

Top 5 Benefits Of Green Coffee Beans You Didn’t Know



Coffee is a major commodity enjoyed worldwide. The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word coffee is the classic aroma that makes coffee lovers crave for it.

Until very recently, we have associated coffee colour with brown, both with drink and the beans.  Well, Green coffee beans have come into the forefront after people have started to look for options for a healthier lifestyle.

Currently, green coffee beans are attracting greater interest than ever before as a healthy dietary supplement.

This article is completely on green coffee beans and here you can find the answers to most of your questions on it…come on let’s go ahead and quickly explore…



What Are Green Coffee Beans?

Green coffee beans in simple terms are the raw, unroasted seeds of coffee cherries that have not been roasted. The Green coffee bean is actually what the coffee bean looks like before it gets roasted, basically in its most natural state with all the nutrients intact. A type of polyphenol called chlorogenic acid is found in high amounts in green coffee beans which is responsible for most of its health benefits.

You just read the word chlorogenic acid here, now you’d want to know what it is?




What Is Chlorogenic Acid? 

Chlorogenic acid is the predominant polyphenolic compound found widely in fruits, vegetables, in coffee and tea. Chlorogenic acid found in green coffee bean is a phytochemical which is believed to be the main active ingredient in it. Although chlorogenic acid is present in various plants, green coffee beans are one of the main edible sources. Chlorogenic acid accounts for about 5-10% of green coffee beans. It has substantial biological activities and may be responsible for the beneficial effects of coffee. Chlorogenic acid is mainly implicated for potential benefits of weight loss, reducing blood sugar levels, to improve mood, regulate blood sugar levels and most importantly boost immunity. It won’t be a hyperbole if I say all the goodness in green beans owes to chlorogenic acid.

If you are still connecting the coffee beans to the roasted variety, get some inputs on their difference between the roasted coffee beans and the green unroasted coffee beans.   


Difference Between Green Coffee Bean & Regular Coffee Bean

1. Regular coffee beans are roasted, a process that changes the bean’s taste, colour and aroma and nutrient concentration. The humble green coffee beans are unroasted and in their natural form.

2. Green coffee beans contain less caffeine than its roasted counterpart. A serving of regular coffee contains about 100mg of caffeine but the same serving of green coffee contains just 20mg of caffeine.     

3. Green coffee beans contain high amounts of the antioxidant chlorogenic acid, roasted coffee beans loses a great amount of the antioxidant during the roasting process.          

Consumption of the pure, unroasted coffee beans is considered to be superior in a number of ways…let’s learn how? 




The steady increase of free radicals in the system creates conditions called oxidative stress. Free radicals oxidize blood vessels, protein molecules, DNA and lipids. Green coffee beans are claimed to be functional food with antioxidant benefits. Exhibits antioxidant activity mediated by potent antioxidant polyphenol chlorogenic acid. The antioxidants present in green coffee beans are helpful in reducing the damaging free radicals, and detoxifying your system. Chlorogenic acid helps delay the signs of aging and delay the effects of photodamage, improves the texture of the skin. Its antioxidant activities are particularly effective against lipid oxidation and protective properties against degradation of other bioactive compounds present in food.



Overweight is one common problem arising due to lack of proper care. While the fitness world is coming up with new weight management strategies, green coffee beans are trending. The 2 main ways by which green coffee beans promote weight loss is by inhibiting fat absorption and activation of fat metabolism. Research indicates that chlorogenic acid inhibits the alpha-glucosidase enzyme responsible for breaking down carbs. It reduces the uptake of carbs during digestion and prevents the absorption of fats while increasing their breakdown. Chlorogenic acid increases glucagon-like peptide (GLP-1), a hormone that decreases blood insulin levels and causes reduced appetite.



Healthy fasting blood sugar levels should range between 72-108mg/DL. Higher than this level indicates oxidative stress and damage to the body’s cells and tissue. Regulating blood sugar levels is not only important for healthy aging, but is critical for maintaining a healthy weight. The raw, unroasted green coffee bean is an excellent superfood to regulate sugar levels. By inhibiting the hormone glucosidase, the carbohydrate digesting enzyme, chlorogenic acid decreases sugar absorption, minimizes blood-sugar spikes and may lead to improved insulin sensitivity. Prevents absorption of fat while increasing their breakdown.



Our busy lifestyles have led to significant changes in our eating behaviours. The hypercaloric diets, processed foods and sedentary lifestyle have led to diminished immune health. Consuming green coffee bean on a regular basis helps in improving the blood circulation within the body. It helps in cleansing the body naturally and fighting against the damaging effects of free radicals. This proves effective in preventing the development of diseases and strengthening the immune system for better health. Studies have revealed that chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean has antimicrobial properties and is beneficial for a wide range of organisms, including bacteria, yeast, and viruses.                                                                                                                                                      



                                                                                                                                        Chlorogenic acid inhibits the formation of cortisol, which is a hormone known to increase blood pressure levels and stress. Elevated plasma glucocorticoid levels lead to an increase in abdominal obesity and associated metabolic complications. Consumption of green coffee improves arterial elastiicity and lowers blood pressure levels. Chlorogenic acid better enables the liver to breakdown fat so that energy is released more steadily. While the high amount of caffeine in roasted coffee beans can cause anxiety, irregular heartbeat, headaches, the low amount of caffeine in green coffee bean enables you to get your caffeine fix and helps boost mood, energy, and alertness.



Here’s What To Look For When You Buy Green Coffee Bean

Make sure the brand you choose contains only pure coffee beans, unroasted and does not contain fillers, binders, additives or cellulose.

*Those who have a caffeine sensitivity or heart problems are advised to consult a physician before using the product.



Green coffee bean drink tastes different from conventional coffee. It has a slightly more herbal taste like that of a green tea. You can add mint, ginger, cardamom or honey to enhance flavour.



Green coffee beans are known to stay stable for extended periods of time, especially when compared to roasted beans. As long as you store them under the right conditions, they can last up to a year or even more without any noticeable deterioration or change in quality.


The green coffee bean has seen a huge push in recent years due to scientific evidence of its health benefits…


Yet you need to know one thing for sure that green coffee bean is only a supplement and needs to be combined with a balanced diet and exercise routine to find good results…    




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Di Tulan - September 7, 2021

Thanks for the detailed and complete information on the benefits of green bean.
Do we brew the coffee with green bean same as with roasted bean and also eat the green beans.

Debditi Chakraborty - July 21, 2020

I did read about green coffee a year back and when the lockdown started, I thought it’ll be a pretty good time to start shifting to healthy diet and the first thing I bought is the green coffee. It’s been a week and I already feel the difference in my mood and energy. I’m hopeful for the weight loss as well since I’ve started taking green coffee with regular work-outs. I think green coffee tastes better than green tea and since everyone is now asking us to develop our immunity to fight the virus, I’m glad I took the step :)

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