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> The Best New Year Resolution Ideas For 2023

The Best New Year Resolution Ideas For 2023

new year resolution

hile we are at the conclusion of this year, it brings a time for reflection now that the New Year is in the rearview. A New Year is a chance for all of us to reset and hit the ground on new resolutions.

How many resolutions do you have in mind for the upcoming year? Do you have an extensive list to say? As with every other year, does getting in shape top your resolution list? Oh! come on, New Year resolutions shall not always have to do with getting in shape, building 6 pack abs, buying expensive things, making property, money, getting promoted, or anything else. Your resolutions should be set such that they spark the New Year, not cause stress in achieving them!

If in the current year, you have failed to reach your goals, experienced low energy, frequent headaches, anxiety, confused thinking, excessive snacking, trouble falling asleep, trouble concentrating on work, felt like giving up on your goals and used this fancy word, ‘stress’ every so often, then your top resolution for the upcoming year shall be to work on mental health. Stress is an all-encompassing feeling that can affect every aspect of our lives.

It so happens that, in our busy life chores, we all undermine our mental health which is of utmost importance for achieving any of our goals. Poor mental health will impede our ability to make healthy decisions, will increase our risk of getting obese, weaken our immune system and cause us to feel inefficient to reach our goals.

In our blog for the New Year, we have planned to provide you a some valuable tips that help you to be emotionally resilient and better equipped to conquer the New Year…



new year resolution

Sleep is often viewed as merely a downtime, people less prioritize sleep because other responsibilities seem more important. Sleep deprivation in itself is a strong contributor to stress, while repercussions of sleep deprivation can cause mood swings, lost productivity and render you to be emotionally reactive, and more impulsive. Getting sufficient sleep (8-9 hours) daily decreases stress hormones and restores body balance. Following regular sleep routine calms the mind, restores the body, and improves energy, focus, and decision-making abilities.

Get off from phones and electronic devices 30 minutes before bedtime, keep consistent sleep times, create a period of quiet time before bed, practice deep breathing exercises, try a warm bath, and aromatherapy, avoid eating heavy or spicy foods, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol before bed.

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new year resolution

Money issues tend to be the top issues that lead to financial stress, the way you choose to spend your money has a direct impact on your stress levels. A simple financial adjustment can get your spending under control and may help reduce stress significantly.

Know your income, list your regular expenses, cut down unwanted expenses, work on getting debt-free, stop comparing yourself with others, spend less, and don’t be vulnerable to emotional spending. Good savings habit can help reduce financial stress, helps build discipline, and confidence, and helps you be prepared to face unexpected expenses. When you prepare your budget for the New Year, start with the amount you wish to save. Supercharge your shopping habits by cutting back on frequent trips to the store, and shop on days when most stores or portals launch sales.

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new year resolution

In the age of electronics, spending time outdoors in nature is the ultimate de-stressor. Breathing a dose of fresh air in green spaces helps lift your spirits, helps you to be more present in the moment, helps decrease stress hormones, increase feelings of calmness, and creativity, and reduce irritability. Nature has restorative properties, and boosts endorphin levels, and dopamine production which promotes happy feelings, vitality, and focus.

Make it a part of your lifestyle to spend at least 10 minutes of purposeful time in nature daily, and plan a nature trip (like to beaches, woodlands, parks, waterfalls, local farms, go hiking, camping, where you spend long periods of time with nature). 

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new year resolution

Nutrition is generally connected to physical well-being, but nutrition directly affects mental well-being too. What we put in our body has a direct impact on mental health that is because our gut is home to trillions of bacteria that influence the production of neurotransmitters in the brain. Inadequate nutrition can lead to fatigue, impaired decision-making, stress-eating, slow reaction time and lead to stress.

When you stick to a nutrient-rich diet, you’re setting yourself up for fewer mood swings, and an improved ability to focus. Sugary foods cause insulin spikes, causing a temporary spike in the feel-good hormone.

Consuming whole, fiber-rich, unprocessed foods reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety. Make it a resolution to take care of your gut by eating more whole, fiber-rich, unprocessed foods, foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids which keep your mental health on track and help you manage stress and anxiety.

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new year resolution

Dwelling in the past or present is a trap that many of us fall into. Engaging in present-focused awareness and what is happening right now is effective for managing stress and anxiety. Most of us spend a lot of time ruminating about the past or the future. This leads to catastrophizing, believing that something is worse than it actually is.

Living one day at a time means recognizing the difference between what if and what is. The present is the only thing you can control, worrying about the past (what has already occurred) or about the future (which is yet to happen) hinders your ability to live fully in the present.

Living in the past or future hinders our ability to live fully in the present. Also, overplanning for the future can lead to unwanted stress and prevents you from living in the moment. Don’t let your racing thoughts dwell on the past or race ahead to the future. Practice living in the moment, and focus your attention, and time on what is happening right now.

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new year resolution

Demands of modern life can make us feel like we never get a minute’s peace. When things get hectic, self-care is the first thing that we sacrifice. Overworking ourselves can lead to mental exhaustion, and stress that manifests in your body as aches, like stomach cramps, back/neck aches, or even migraines.

In the New Year, prioritize ‘me time’ which is an absolute necessity, plan on the regular personal days and make a conscious effort to unplug, unwind and reboot your brain.

In your ‘me time’, stay away from being interrupted by phone, emails, or family members. Do something creative (write a book, draw pictures, do painting, sew, cook). There is nothing better than sinking into a warm bath, sipping green tea, listening to music, practicing meditation, watching a good movie, performing yoga, or unwinding in whatever you enjoy the best. Spend time with pets, enjoy a fancy meal, pamper yourself with massage, pedicure, manicure, try a new haircut, and if you don’t want to do anything, take a nap.

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new year resolution

Multitasking is a common scenario in urban lifestyle, juggling several things at a time adds stress, negatively affects mood, makes one feel anxious.

When multitasking, your mind is never really focused on any one task, you consistently divide your attention. When you distractedly attempt to complete many tasks, you end up getting confused, tend to make errors, and spend more of your time rather than saving it.

Do one take a task at a time, accomplish highly challenging, creative tasks in the morning, and take a short break before moving from one task to another? This will put you in a better frame of mind to get through other tasks.

Prioritize the tasks, distinguish your tasks as important, urgent, and not an urgent task, avoid distractions, and interferences, plan your tasks ahead, and always have a to-do list.

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new year resolution

In general, the activity or task perceived as challenging, boring, fearful (like a medical examination), and unpleasant is likely to be put off until later. Procrastination is a behaviour marked by short-term benefits and long-term costs. Procrastination can lead to feelings of insecurity, feeling of loss, and inadequacy, make you experience a high level of stress, and anxiety.

Break down the task you intend to procrastinate into small bits, simply start on the task, and notice that once you’ve started, you can get into your flow state more easily.

Don’t overcomplicate things, and don’t choose instant gratification, instead choose a distant reward. Have more willpower, increase confidence, and self-esteem, stop making excuses, and waiting for the perfect time to start your task. Don’t focus on perfectionism, instead focus on being better.

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Make a fresh start with new hope, new expectations, give a big cheer for the New Year!!


May the New Year resolutions create openings to help you become the best version of yourself…


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