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No More Feeling Of Bloating With Pea Protein

Anju Mobin

Posted on October 16 2018

As far as protein powders are concerned, whey and casein rule the roost. They are indeed two of the best sources of high-quality protein. But there are many people who are unable to take these supplements due to a variety of personal reasons. Some people are looking for purely vegetarian options while some others may find that these protein powders are making them feel too bloated. So they turn their search towards options such as soy, hemp or pea proteins. 


Plant-Based Protein Powders

plant based protein

Though soy proteins have their own sets of pros and cons, they are men who prefer it play it safe and completely avoid soy due to concerns about how this affects their testosterone levels. That brings us to pea protein powders. Pea protein is, in fact, one of the best plant-based proteins that are on par with animal-derived powders. Though the unflavored versions may not taste so great, the flavoured and sweetened versions do have a uniquely pleasant taste.

The best part is that pea protein powders are easily digested and they do not create any digestive discomforts such as cramps and excessive gas. To understand why pea protein powders do not cause bloating, you need to understand why whey proteins can cause bloating:


Why Whey Protein Supplements Can Cause Bloating?

bloating with pea protein

Whey protein is a popular supplement consumed by athletes and bodybuilders. However, bloating is a common side effect that whey protein consumers have been complaining about.

When our body isn’t able to digest the whey protein, it causes excessive gas. If you feel bloated after the consumption of whey or milk it may mean that you may be lactose intolerant. Lactose is a type of sugar found in milk. It’ consists of two compounds - galactose and glucose. About 4.9% of the carbohydrates in milk is lactose. Whey being a milk product contains lactose too.

Once lactose is consumed by our body it is digested by an enzyme called lactase. Some humans have enough of lactase production in their body while there are some who have less to none. Since their system isn't able to digest the lactose, the undigested lactose produces gas, which in turn causes bloating of the stomach.

If you are lactose tolerant then try shifting to non-dairy protein powders. When compared to whey protein concentrate; non-dairy protein powders are more refined. You can consider non-dairy protein powders such include those that are created from hemp, brown rice, soy, pea, etc. But for those who suffer from bloating, pea protein powders are a better choice.


Why Pea Protein Is A Great Choice For Bodybuilders

pea protein for body builders

Pea protein, as the name suggests, is a protein that is extracted from peas. The peas are first dried and ground into fine flour. It is then mixed with water. The next step in processing removes the fibre and starch from this and the resulting paste is mostly protein with small amounts of vitamins and minerals. Pea protein isolate is created by drying this paste and grinding it into a fine powder.

Studies show that pea protein is bioavailable and satiating. Pea protein can be considered a complete protein though it is actually short on methionine. It is quite rich in all the other essential amino acids. You can make up for the methionine in the diet by adding in vegan foods like sunflower seeds and oats. Just a single cup of cooked oats has around 108 mg of methionine.

Another good news for bodybuilders is that pea protein is especially rich in branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). BCAAs are proven to trigger protein synthesis. Consuming supplements with BCAAs before and during workouts can reduce fatigue, and improve the utilization of fat for energy. It also reduces muscle soreness and accelerates muscle recovery. The benefits of pea protein powders are so much more than we have another article dedicated to the topic.


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Pea Protein vs Whey protein
Whey may be considered the best protein powder for bodybuilders, but if you want a vegan option or if you are lactose intolerant, don’t worry, pea protein is almost as good as whey protein for building muscle. Pea protein powders are also equally good for feeling satiated and for recovering from workouts.
Whether you wish to fuel your muscles and build them up or just make some positive changes towards better health, pea protein is the most viable and nutritious way, to begin with. Unlike most other plant-based protein powders, pea protein is well digested, so lactose-intolerant people can now bid adieu to digestive complications, stomach discomfort and bloating and enjoy their protein drinks in peace.


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