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> Jumping Jacks – The Fun Way To Work Your Whole Body

Jumping Jacks – The Fun Way To Work Your Whole Body


hat comes to your mind when you think of ‘jumping’? I know there will be random thoughts coming in your mind…most of you in common would grade ‘jumping’ as a trivial childhood play or the way you expressed joy and surprises.


Today, I’ve come to tell you about a workout that’ll take you all to the sweet nostalgic return to your childhood days. This article will tell you how trivial childhood play turns out to be an ardently interesting, non-equipment workout to tone your whole body. Does it sound pretty cinch to you? That’s what you’ll feel like because jumping jacks have been considered as the most underestimated exercises in your repertoire. You’ll not be of this opinion after reading this blog and would definitely love to incorporate jumping jacks in your exercise routine.




Jumping jack in simple terms is a physical jumping exercise with legs spread wide and hands going overhead and then returning to a position with feet together and arms at the side.

Jumping jacks is a kind of plyometric workout, which involves quick, powerful movement in a short interval of time with the goal of increasing power.


jumping jack benefits

The term ‘jumping jack’ is thought to have been named after Black Jack Pershing, the US military general who is said to have developed the exercise. But the name actually comes from the jumping jack children’s toy, which makes similar arm swings and leg motion when the strings are tugged.





1. The main advantage of jumping jacks is their easy accessibility. Given the pandemic outbreak’s disruption to the conventional fitness landscape, there is a need to look for equipment free workouts to stay fit, especially during times of seclusion.

2. While most people opt for a workout that involves training a single muscle in isolation, like chest, back, arms, such kind of workout is perfect for someone whose primary aim is to sculpt his/her muscles. Isolation workouts are not ideal for someone whose target is to get fit and athletic, in a short span of time. This is where the beauty of compound exercises (involve multiple muscle groups) come in.

3. Suitable for all age groups and can be done anywhere, anytime. 


Come on, lace up your shoes, hit the tunes and get ready for jumping jacks…



  • Stand straight with your feet together, back straight, hands straight and placed by your sides.

  • Relax your mind before you start because it helps you ease stress hormones.

  • Jump up with your feet in a broad stance with your toes pointing outwards slightly.

  • Bring your arms up over your head.

  • Jump again and bring your arms down and repeat.

  • Your arms and legs should be actively engaged. The faster you move your arms and legs between 2 positions, the more intense the exercise will get.





Jumping jacks actively work your whole body starting from supraspinatus and pectorals to your glutes, deltoids, knee flexors, hamstrings, calf muscles, tendons of your feet, arms, and shoulders. This exercise strengthens your leg, torso, upper body muscles when you engage your range of motion to create a jump.



                                                                                                                                                                   MAKES YOUR BODY FLEXIBLE & EASES STRESS

Jumping Jacks creates good stretch to your muscles of the body. The exercise involves an active range of motion which lengthens and stretches the muscles of your body and reduces tension in your muscles, improve muscle endurance, eases joint stiffness, makes you feel light and flexibleThis aerobic workout releases the happy hormones in your body, the endorphins which help reduce stress.



Jumping Jacks involve both eccentric (lengthening of muscles) and concentric (shortening of muscles) muscle movement. Stretching the muscles as you jump involves an eccentric phase and then shortening muscles as you return to the starting position is a concentric movement. Since the move uses 2 types of muscle contraction, the exercise is more explosive and has benefits for strengthening muscles.



Jumping Jacks are great cardio exercises that use more oxygen to meet the energy demands of the working muscles. They stimulate the heart muscles so that they can pump blood efficiently.





Jumping Jacks involves moving your upper and lower body muscles at the same time. This function of timing of multiple muscles requires good coordination. Your muscles of the core will act as stabilizers and help to maintain balance and stability. Performing jumping jacks correctly will help to improve intramuscular coordination, agility and body balance.




Jumping Jacks are not just compound workouts, they are also high impact cardio exercises that engage both your upper and lower body. Such kind of exercises which involve more muscles require more oxygen, which increases your net energy expenditure. It gets your heart pumping blood faster, gets you sweating and your body is burning more calories in the process. Moving your body off the ground requires lot of energy, that’s where magic of calorie burn starts. Even minor changes in intensity, like doing the moves faster will accelerate your metabolism.



Both look similar and are majorly same involving jumping movement. Skipping rope targets mainly your calves, arms, core muscles and shoulder muscles intensely. While performing a rope workout, you create a steady, quick reflexes and uninterrupted rhythm of jumping.

Skipping rope targets to improve one’s athletic skills and stamina based fitness.

Jumping Jacks requires your entire body to move, which performing this, you move your arms above your head and spread your legs outward. This engages major muscle groups as well as your core, enabling you to stabilize and balance your body. Your upper body will move in sync with your lower body.

Jumping Jack improves overall fitness and involves more of stretching movement.

                                                                                                                                                                It’s it thrilling to know how trivial life hacks come with health surprises? You are just one workout away from going back to your good fun mood and energy of childhood days…


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