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> How Do Protein Shakes Help You Lose Weight?

How Do Protein Shakes Help You Lose Weight?

how do protein shakes help lose weight

Are you on a weight loss plan? So, how many times have you skipped meals in your quest to lose weight? Not finding results yet? No wonder, you won’t!

People often associate weight loss with skipping meals. Actually, the secret to weight loss lies in consuming fewer calories, not in skipping meals. But how to make this practically happen?

In this busy life, everyone has a time crunch; you are either running late for work in the morning or too tired to cook at night. Even the worst part is people end up with fast foods, chips and other empty calorie foods, which may satisfy you for a moment but make you feel hungry soon. This shouldn’t mean you need to put a full stop to your weight loss plan.

Protein Shake is the answer to all your worries. Protein Shakes are the most effective dietary strategy to aid in weight loss.

Yes, Protein Shakes are the fast, easy and tasty way to get best in shape by shedding pounds.

In this article, let’s explore how Protein Shakes can help you lose weight.


What Is a Protein Shake?

A basic Protein Shake is a drink made by mixing protein powder with water. If you enrich it with fruits, nuts and several other ingredients, a Protein Shake will offer you more than just protein. A typical Protein Shake will provide excellent micronutrient and macronutrient balance.


1. Protein Shakes Are The Most Convenient Way To Lose Weight

The foremost requisite for a weight loss plan is the convenience of your diet pattern. Your weight loss diet should be so simple enough that it should make you stick to your goals. The biggest advantage of Protein Shake is the convenience of its usage. Protein Shakes are so handy that you add a scoop of protein powder to water and prepare a shake anywhere you are.

They provide an easy option for meal replacement when you are short on time or resources for an extensive meal planning. Protein Shakes account to the easy, convenient way to begin your weight loss journey.


2. Use Protein Shake As a Low-Calorie Breakfast Replacement

Protein Shakes are an excellent breakfast replacement. It gives you all the nutrients, calories and protein you need to start your day. A Protein Shake prepared with water will have fewer calories than meals, so you’d typically consume fewer calories when you drink Protein Shake, which is the primary key to weight loss. It encourages weight loss by curbing appetite and reducing the total calorie consumed. High protein intake can boost metabolism helping you to burn more calories because a lot of energy is spent digesting and metabolising it.


3. Protein Shakes Keeps You Away From Snacking

Snacking frequently is the main hurdle in your weight loss journey. The more hungry you feel, the more tendency you’ll have for snacking.               A Protein Shake consumed anytime either as a breakfast replacement or lunch replacement keeps you fuller and satiated for long hours.

Have you ever thought why you don’t overeat eggs, but you have trouble putting the brakes on cookies or doughnuts? That’s because of a protein diet increases levels of appetite-reducing hormones like GLP-1(Glucagon-like peptide-1) CCK (Cholecystokinin) PYY (Peptide tyrosine) while reducing levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin. Making Protein Shakes as part of your healthy lifestyle allows you to stay on track with your eating plan and keeps you away from unhealthy snacking. 


4. Protein Shakes Can Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings

Want to lose weight, but can’t stay away from sweet cravings? Is this your concern? Those of you addicted to candies, cookies or those who look for sweet content in meals find it hard to quit that habit but you are at risk of adding more calories. Protein Shakes offer a practical solution to get you away from the sugary diet. It may be difficult to overall deny the sweet treats but opting for a creamy, refreshing raspberry protein shake or pineapple protein shake and many more fruit flavoured shakes instead of a scoop of ice-cream not just satisfy your sugar cravings but can make a big difference in your calorie intake and your long term health.


5. Protein Shakes Prevent Muscle Loss While Losing Weight

Your major concern while losing weight is about losing muscles. Losing muscles will make you look saggy and weak. Since Protein is a muscle fuel, your goal should be to consume a sufficient amount of protein for muscle protein synthesis. A Protein Shake a day of 30-50g of protein will not only make your job of hitting your protein goal for the day simple but helps retain muscle mass and lose fat.

Leucine, an amino acid found in protein specifically helps you maintain muscle mass while losing fat during weight loss.


What are you still waiting to hear, make Protein Shakes a part of your diet regime and get in shape... 


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