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> Healthy Diet Tips To Lose Weight - That Actually Work

Healthy Diet Tips To Lose Weight - That Actually Work


   ime and again, people make complaints about not being able to find the expected weight loss results. When it comes losing weight, people prioritize more on exercise and protein intake but let me tell you there are many more dietary factors other than exercise and protein that have their role in your fitness goals and hence need to be considered seriously. Globalization and rapid economic development have led to nutrition transition.

Let’s learn in this article how weight loss process can be made easy with simple, little tips which are so realistic that you’ll manage to keep up with.



Do you drink coffee on a regular basis? Do you have a feeling that there is practically nothing that can substitute a coffee? Not wrong, but here’s the cloudy truth about coffee…

If you are aiming for weight loss, the calories in your cup of coffee should be zero or less than 5. Drinking coffee on a regular basis, with many of the calorie-laden additives like sugar, milk, flavoured syrups, or cream in them will contribute to the hiking calorie count.

1 typical cup of milk = 103 calories

1 tsp sugar = 16 calories

60g cream = 120 calories

Drinking coffee this way contributes to 239 calories a day and 1673 calories per week.

If you are really addicted to coffee, the better bet would be to drink it black, in which the calories are minimal to non-existent. If coffee is brewed from decaffeinated beans, calorie count reduces to zero.

The caffeine content in black coffee effectively increases metabolic activity and boosts energy level in your body. A boost in metabolic activity and energy levels may lead to suppression of hunger. Caffeine intake may induce fat loss through thermogenesis.

Switching to black coffee is a great idea! What do you say?



For most of us, when we realize we’re hungry, our first impulse is to find food or snacks. Did you know? 60% of the time we inappropriately respond to thirst by eating instead of drinking. Many times, our body won’t be able to differentiate between hunger and thirst because the same part of the brain controls hunger and thirst, and sometimes it mixes up the signals, then you end up binging on food when you are actually craving a glass of water.

So, next time you feel hungry, wait and think again, you’re hungry or thirsty? Carry a water bottle everywhere to help respond to thirst correctly and to avoid unnecessary calorie intake.

  • Drinking water every often helps boost metabolism.

  • Acts as an appetite suppressant.

  • Drinking it before meals can make you feel fuller and may reduce food intake.

  • Drinking cold water is even more beneficial because your body has to work harder to warm the water up, therefore burning more calories and helping you to lose weight.



Just like sugary coffee, the sodas and carbonated beverages are not simply sugar-laden but are also void of nutrients. Consumption of such drinks can be a key contributor to the scenario of weight gain. Avoiding sodas, iced teas, sugary juices and products that have added sugar is one of the simplest ways to cut calories.

A can of soda (without caffeine) typically packs in 150 calories.

Drinking sodas on regular basis contributes to 4500 calories per month.

Cut back on these drinks which may add up to calories and translate into pounds.



Those who eat late lunches normally grumble to snack between meals and end up consuming more calories. When you are hungry or running on empty, your body switches to starvation mode and increases the production or hunger hormones, which causes you to overcompensate at your next meal.

Choose healthy snacks that are packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Always carry healthy snack with you to keep yourself from overeating.

  • One apple is a low-calorie (95 calorie) snack packed with nutrients, fiber to keep you full, and carbs to energize.

  • Choose a serving of protein shake (110 calorie) to help you with satiety.

  • One serving of crispy, refreshing cucumber (1/2 cup) contributes to about 8 calories.

  • The convenient, snackable carrots (half cup) – 45 calories contain heaps of beta-carotene, fiber, and antioxidants.

Veggies are great for weight-loss, they are super-satiating. So, displace your nutrient-deficient potato chips, fried items with nutrient-rich veggie snacks.

Also, prioritize healthy foods in place of junk foods in your pantry. So, you won’t be perpetuated to snack junk foods whenever you enter the kitchen.



Got to rush to the office at peak hours? Don’t have enough time to cook? Does your little one at home not allow you to cook? So, how do you manage for food? Do you find rescue at your favourite restaurant or order meals home. Not good people!

On an average, restaurant meals are topped out at nearly 1200 calories, this gives a typical eater more than the energy they need at a single meal (500 calorie range).

Preparing your own meals gives you the power to cut down calories. Prepare your meals under 500 calories and you’ll save up to 700 calories a meal.

Discourage eating fast foods, or eating meals outside which are so full of gross additives, chemicals and calorie-laden.  Your convenience of eating outside meals shouldn’t come with a hefty price.

Apart from the listed facts, not finding enough sleep will increase hunger hormone ghrelin resulting in unignorable hunger pangs, causing you to crave for high-calorie foods. Increased screen time (time spent in front of the TV, mobile phones, computer) will contribute to weight gain. Don’t surf on phone or watch TV while eating as this could be distracting, and tend to lead you to eat more and thus consume more calories.


I hope upon reading this blog, you’ve got an idea as to how you can save on calorie intake by switching to healthy dietary practices.


Don’t get up only to feel bad about failing to reach goals…you can’t straight away reach goals unless you set healthy habits…


Assess your calories and work on the suggested tips to reach your goals…


Ultimately, what matters for you should be only health and fitness…don’t give up on this!


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