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> Haven't You Tried The Blend Of Whey & Casein Yet?

Haven't You Tried The Blend Of Whey & Casein Yet?


Today, choosing the best supplement out of the varied varieties of protein powders on the market is a subject that gets debated endlessly.

This confusion is not restrained even to the 2 mainstream protein supplements, Whey Protein and Casein Protein that have stood the test of time and remained most well-regarded.

Choosing any one out of two best proteins not just poses a challenge but throws questions as to why the supplement industry has been singling out the two proteins?

Is it because they are meant to be used separately?

Well, you’ll get the answer to the second question first. Not at all! Whey and Casein are not meant to be used separately.

The varying rate of digestion and absorption of proteins (bioavailability), the different biological effects has prompted the concept of using the 2 proteins separately as fast-digesting protein and slow-digesting protein.

Ok, but how long shall we stick to the old trend of using them separately? When you know both the proteins have their own merits and applications, it’s time we explore the new ways of using the protein supplement.

Protein blend is the latest trend! I guess you haven’t tried it yet. Never mind, let’s learn the advantage of using Whey and Casein as a blend.


Whey Protein & Casein Protein Combination

whey and casein combination

The interesting fact about Whey and Casein is that they are not from a different source but are both milk derivatives. While Whey makes up to 20% of the protein in milk, Casein accounts for 80% of the protein. Both are complete proteins comprising of all essential amino acids, although there may be variation in amino acid composition and the biological value.


Whey Protein has a biological value ranging from 104-159 and is better recognized as a fast digesting protein, which is excellent when you need a quick protein to your muscles (especially after a workout).

Casein Protein has a biological value of 91and is popularly recognized as slow digesting protein as it doesn’t get digested as rapidly as Whey but trickles the amino acids slowly into the bloodstream.

With this, you get an idea that by supplementing your diet with a blend of both Whey and Casein, you can receive the benefits of both fast and slow digesting protein.


Did You Know, Whey & Casein Blend Could Maximize Your Muscle Growth & Recovery? 

whey and casein

Yes, consuming a blend of Whey and Casein leads to better muscle growth and recovery.1

The advantage of Whey is that it is fast absorbed and delivers a quick release of aminos to the muscles to spike muscle protein synthesis but its downside is that it will last in your system for a short time. This means that Whey Protein, although rapidly releases amino acids that promote protein synthesis (anabolism), it doesn’t play a significant role in the inhibition of protein breakdown (catabolism).

Casein, on the other hand, prevents protein breakdown by the delayed /steady release of amino acids over a longer period of time-roughly 6-8hrs. This is more beneficial for protecting the existing lean muscle mass and potentially supporting muscle growth.


Whey & Casein Blend Aims At Sustained Anabolic Effect

whey and casein blend

Just a small amount of Whey is sufficient to quickly get aminos to the muscle and spike muscle protein synthesis but combining it with slow-digesting Casein will fetch the amino acids to the muscles for several hours so as to keep muscle protein synthesis elevated for longer and promote greater muscle size and strength.

Research suggests that trained men following a 10-week weight training program and taking a blend of Whey and Casein after workouts gained 4 pounds of lean muscle mass while experiencing a slight decrease in body fat.2

Another set following the same training program but taking Whey singly, without Casein added to it did not gain muscles as much as with Casein.

Fast-digesting Whey increases protein synthesis quickly and slow-digesting Casein helps prevent protein breakdown. This conveys that mixing both helps amplify the effects of one another and help to keep your muscles in an anabolic state for longer.

The protein blend of Whey and Casein elongates the ‘anabolic window’ allowing muscles to continue recovering and growing for up to 6 hours, much longer than is possible on just Whey.3

The high leucine content of Whey in combination with delayed gastric emptying of Casein can provide sustained elevation of protein synthesis for several hours after ingestion, an effect not observed solely with Whey.

You now understand that the 2 proteins when combined together are more potent than when taken alone. So, the idea of using a blend of Whey and Casein Protein creates the muscle-building environment for longer periods of time.


Rapid yet sustained release of amino (building blocks) to your muscles is the logic behind using fast and slow digesting protein blend for maximized muscle growth...





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