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> Full Body Workout Vs Split Workout - Which One Is Better?

Full Body Workout Vs Split Workout - Which One Is Better?

Have you developed an interest in fitness training recently? If your answer is yes, then as a primary move, you must have started following the Instagram/Facebook page of a supplement brand and those of fitness influencers to get some motivation and idea about fitness training. The posts over there would no doubt fascinate and inspire you at the first glance but if look at them thoroughly, you’ll notice certain posts with the name, ‘Leg Day’, ‘Chest Day’, ‘Full-Body Routine’ and so on. What do you understand by these terms?

Well, before you could get confused and think something else, let me tell you, these terms certainly don’t infer any kind of social media holiday. What they mean is that your workout is divided into a split workout and full-body workout.

Your body-building exercises are classified as full body-workout and split-workout based on the muscle group targeted during the workout. This blog aims to explain the difference between the 2 varieties of workout and the supposed advantage of each.


What Is Full Body Workout Routine?

To keep it simple, if your workout routine targets multiple muscles simultaneously in one exercise, we call it as a full-body workout routine. This is a popular workout routine that includes a number of benefits, especially for beginners. In full-body routine, you train every muscle group in your body, like your chest, back, arms, abs, and legs in a single workout session.

They incorporate compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, dips that engage many of the muscle groups in one movement. Full body workout involves strength, endurance, mobility which work together to promote good strength and muscle gains.


The advantages of the full-body workout routine are as follows:

a. Lets you work multiple muscles at the same time.

b. Requires you to perform for less time in the gym, hence easily fits into your busy schedule.

c. Aims at giving good flexibility and strength.

d. Stimulates better hormone release which contributes to increased muscle growth and development.

e. Requires a lower level of frequency and reduced recovery time between workouts.


What Is A Split Body Workout Routine?

Split Workout is a kind of strength-specific training methodology which works your muscles in isolation by splitting the workout routine systematically to train specific muscle groups. What this means is you basically workout 1 or 2 muscles each day, not your whole body. This type of workout requires doing 8-10 exercises that target major muscle groups for up to 15 reps. The purported benefit of training individual muscle groups includes increased muscle mass and strength.

Unlike the full body-workout, wherein you train the entire body muscles in a day, split workout divides each day of workout into a primary focus ( major muscles like legs, back, shoulders, chest) and secondary focus ( minor muscles like abs, triceps and biceps).

This type of workout demands you to work consistently in a more focused way and is planned for week-long or long term duration. A typical 2-day split, for instance, works your lower body one day and the upper body the next day or it could be like working pushing muscles (shoulders, chest and triceps) one day and pulling muscles (back and biceps) the other day.

The split workout will be something like this: Monday – Back and biceps, Tuesday – Chest and triceps, Wednesday – Rest, Thursday –Leg, Friday – Shoulder, Saturday – Abs, Sunday – Rest.


The advantages of a split body workout routine are as follows:

a. Effectively targets specific muscles to attain the specified gains and strength.

b. Gives you the chance to isolate and develop weaker muscle groups.

c. Enables you to improve your upper body/lower body strength specifically.

d. Ideal for major bulk up.

e. Tends to be appropriate for bodybuilders who aim for muscular definition. 

Now you know the distinction between the 2 types of workout routine. Let’s go ahead and quickly match our understanding of the 2 workouts to a unique scenario.


Full Body Workout

Split Workout


A simplistic workout is all you need. The focus is mainly on endurance and not on the reps or getting big and strong.


Competitive Bodybuilders


Involves planning and execution, it is efficient for people looking for greater muscle hypertrophy. Helps achieve both strength and mass.



Helps you train around an injury or train one particular muscle group.

Overall fitness

Suitable for those who don’t have an intention in optimizing workout and just want to stay fit and healthy.


Weight loss

Perfect choice for those on a low-calorie diet. Involves endurance to burn calories and fat faster.




Involves more of endurance training to give the required flexibility and speed.



Do home workout


Doesn’t involve planning the workout, requires fewer equipment choices and is better suitable for those who do a home workout.


If you have taken a long time break from your workout

Involves low-frequency training and could be a great way to regain overall strength without posing stress on muscles.



Determining which type of workout to choose largely depends on your experience, fitness goals, your current level of fitness and how many days per week you can devote to strength training…


Whichever is the training method you choose, your progress is linear as long as diet, sleep and exercise technique aren’t taken care of…



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