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5 Effective Shoulder Workout For Well-Developed Shoulders

Madhura Mohan

Posted on July 01 2019


An individual’s physique is defined with reference to their appearance and muscular development. For most men, the perfect body entails broad shoulders, strong back that supports good posture, a tapered waist with rippling abdominal muscles, powerful arms and a well-defined chest.

Having well-developed shoulders don’t just make your frame look more proportional by widening the appearance of the body, but strong shoulders can increase your strength and fitness levels.


Developed Shoulders Are a Key To Completing A Balanced Physique

Virtually, shoulders play a part in just about every single upper body movement. Hence it’s important to have strong shoulders which enable you to lift heavier weights for chest and back exercises.

Performing isolated shoulder workout can make your shoulders stronger; make them look wider and aesthetically pleasing. These exercises improve the blood flow in the muscle group that make up your shoulders and help in building powerful shoulders. 


Put simply, the shoulder is made up of 2 groups of muscles:

Extrinsic muscles – These are muscles which originate from the torso, and attach to the bones of the shoulder. 

Intrinsic muscles – These are muscles which originate from the scapula or clavicle and attach to the humerus.




 1. Cable Reverse Fly

Cable reverse fly is a cable-based shoulder strengthening exercise which produces continuous muscle tension. This workout keeps the tension and resistance up and helps to strengthen your rear deltoids, rhomboids and trapezius.

1. Start off setting up handles on two low pulley cable machines, stand in between the machines and grab the handles with opposite hands.

2. Bend down so that your back is parallel with the ground and bring the handles right below your chest.

3. Slowly extend your arms out, squeezing your shoulders so that your arms reach the ‘open hug’ stance and hold for a count.

4. Return back to the starting position.

5. Repeat for many reps and sets.


2. Bent-Over Dumbbell Lateral Raise

The lateral raise is one of the most versatile exercises for those looking to build shoulders like boulders. You can do this standing up or leaning on your knees sitting down. Essentially, you’ll raise weights to the sides and up to shoulder level, then lower them again, utilizing other muscles as well.

1. Grab a set of dumbbells and bend your torso, until your chest is nearly parallel to the floor.

2. Raise your arms out to the sides as you lift the dumbbells.

3. Once both arms are parallel to the floor, pause and then slowly lower them to the starting position.

4. Repeat the set.


3. Upright Barbell Row

This is one of the great movement to increase the muscular size and strength of your shoulders. This exercise effectively targets your side and anterior deltoids. By adding this exercise to your repertoire, you’ll work the majority of your shoulder to build strength, muscle hypertrophy.


1. Grasp a barbell with an overhand grip that is little less than the shoulder width. Hold the bar resting on the top of your thighs with your arms extended and a slight bend in your elbows. Make sure your back is straight.

2. Exhale and use the sides of your shoulders to lift the bar, raising your elbows up and to the side. You should lift the bar to your chin level, making sure your elbows are higher than your forearms.

3. Keep your torso stationary and pause for a while.

4. Lower the bar back slowly to the starting position.

5. Inhale as you lower the bar and repeat for more sets.


4. Face Pull

If you are doing a lot of pushing exercises in the gym (like pushup or bench press), face pull is a great way to balance all of that pushing with pulling. Face pull works many muscles in the shoulders and upper back, bulking them up while also balancing out the effects of all those pressing exercises. 

1. Hold the rope with an overhand grip, with your thumbs up.

2. Take a few steps back from the tower to extend the cable.

3. Pull the handles towards you, keeping your upper arms parallel to the floor, so that the handles go either side of your face. Hold the position for 2 seconds, and then return to the starting position, keeping the tension in the cable.

3. Return to the starting position, making sure to keep your shoulders up.

4. Keep your movements slow and controlled throughout the exercise.


5. Seated Dumbbell Press

The seated dumbbell press is a powerful move to really emphasize your deltoids with moderate to heavy loads. This is an alternative variation of the barbell press exercise. Using dumbbells as opposed to performing with a barbell will allow the individual to strengthen each side of the muscle equally. The dumbbell press hits the lateral deltoids lot more intensely than barbell shoulder press.


1. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and sit on a bench with back support.

2. Plant your feet firmly on the floor about hip-width apart.

3. Next, you must bend your elbows and raise your upper arms to shoulder height so the dumbbells are at ear level.

4. Pull your abdominals in so there is a slight gap between the small of your back and the bench.


Just as in any other fitness goal, you need to focus on your diet, supplements and rest also apart from regular shoulder training…

No workout plan can give the results you are looking for without proper nutrition and rest.

* Workout videos borrowed from youtube


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