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5 Easy Total Body Chair Workout You Can Do Sitting Down

Madhura Mohan

Posted on July 24 2019

chair workout

The pursuit of fitness in recent times is overwhelming! Maintaining fitness is No.1 priority for people today. It’s really impressive to know how fitness which was once restricted only to the body-building arena and the glamour world is revolutionized. Today, people are laying great emphasis on fitness irrespective of age and professional background.

Owing to the evolution in interest about fitness, there has been an innovation and growth with respect to the fitness supplements and workout methods.


chair workout

While there are gyms with advanced equipment in almost every street and unlimited online fitness programs which facilitate the users to take up classes as per their convenience, there may be times when you may not be able to hit the gym or take up online classes.

There are many who work for long hours at the office sitting on a chair, who don’t find enough time to go the gym, there are those who might have met with an injury, who suffer from the over-weight problem, back pain or mobility concern. How would you maintain fitness if you are going through such a case? Does this mean an end of the fitness journey for you?

Definitely not! As I said earlier, there are great innovations happening in the fitness field to suit everyone’s need.

Now, how would you react if I say, you can sit and still be fit? That sounds great and astonishing! Right?


Read this post and learn how these simple, yet effective chair-exercises can be implemented in your routine life to enjoy the benefits of fitness and health.


Chair exercises are the latest trend which helps you improve your body strength, relieve stress, boost your self-esteem, help you burn calories and achieve a toned physique. These seated moves are a very convenient way to exercise that offer a total-body workout.

All you need is a flat-backed sturdy chair that has no wheels to start off:


1. Seated Jacks

This is an incredible way of doing the traditional jumping jacks in a seated way. This seated variation helps to spike your heart rate and burn calories without leaving you drenched in sweat.

Benefits: Your back, chest and arms

chair workouts

1. Sit straight on the chair with your knees bent together.

2. Join knees and keep your toes pointed, with toes slightly touching the floor.

3. Your elbows should be bent and your arms open to the sides, with palms facing forward.

4. Open legs out to the sides and flex your feet landing on heels and extending arms overhead.

5. Return to the starting position.

6. Try to do 30 quick reps (remember the faster your tempo, the harder you’ll work)


2Leg Lift & Twist

This chair exercise is extremely simple to perform and is beneficial for the whole body.

Benefits: Your inner thighs, abs and quadriceps.


chair workout

1. Sit straight on the edge of a chair.

2. Extend your left leg out straight with the right foot resting on the floor.

3. Now, keep your arms crossed over the chest and brace your abs in tight.

4. Rotate your torso to the left as you lift your left leg to the knee.

5. Squeeze your knees together and return to the starting position.

6. Switch sides and repeat.

7. Perform around 15-20 reps and repeat on the opposite side.


3. Skater Switch

This low-impact chair exercise helps burn calories and is a great cardio workout.

Benefits: Core, inner thighs, arms and shoulders.

chair workout

1. Sit on the edge of your chair.

2. Bend your left knee out to the side and extend your right leg out to the other side with your toes pointed.

3. Extend your arms straight and lean forward.

4. Try and reach the inside of your left foot with your right arm.

5. While doing so, try to keep your left arm behind your body, twisting through the torso.

6. Quickly switch over and repeat the same with the left arm and the right foot.

7. Perform 20-30 alternate reps for effective results.


4Hinge & Cross

This simple chair exercise helps to strengthen your back and abs while keeping your lower body engaged.

Benefits: Abs, back muscles and thighs.


chair workout

1. Sit straight with your knees bent and together.

2. Keep your toes pointed and lift your hands and bring them behind your head.

3. Brace your abs and hinge back a bit until your shoulder blades barely touch the chair’s back.

4. Cross your right elbow to the outside of your left knee.

5. Return back to the original position.

6. Switch sides and repeat.

7. Squeeze your inner thighs together for more muscular movement.


5. Chair Running

Ever imagined running on heels, that too sitting on a chair? Can’t imagine right? This chair exercise makes it possible for you. Now, don’t imagine this to be done on a wheelchair, this exercise too is done on an immobile chair.

 Benefits: Abs, arms and legs


chair workout

1. Sit straight with your legs extended.

2. Keep your toes pointed and your arms bent by sides.

3. Brace your abs in tight and hinge back until your shoulder blades lightly touch the back of the chair.

4. Begin bending your right knee into your chest and turn your left shoulder towards your knee.

5. Pull your right elbow slightly back and then switch sides immediately.

6. Repeat and do 25-30 reps alternate repetitions.


I am sure, you can’t resist trying these exercises any more. The simple chair-exercises don’t allow you to give up on your workout because you are busy, sick, injured, can’t afford for gym classes, bad weather and so on.


Chair-exercises are easy to do, require a minimal tool, suitable and convenient for all.


While the low-impact exercises may not produce the same results as hitting the gym, they contribute to a great extent when it comes to fitness and health…


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