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4 Major Benefits Of Protein Bars For Fitness Freaks  

Madhura Mohan

Posted on March 05 2022

atom protein bar

utrition requirements are ever-changing in the fitness world; by the time you get used to one trend, a few more would have already emerged in the meanwhile. It is all a matter of convenience which is paramount in today’s fast-paced world. Also, people are becoming more aware than ever of the link between nutrition and fitness. The importance of protein has fuelled not only the regular gym-goers but the average consumers are pushing demands for healthy foods that offer high nutritional value.

Protein bars are currently enjoying the status of grab-and-go convenient protein snacks that are aptly designed to fit the nutrition needs of an active lifestyle.

Originally the protein bars were developed to fuel the need for fresh, tasty, and healthy foods for astronauts during space missions. Today, protein bars have transformed into a mass-market appeal to fuel the nutritional needs of athletes and everyone looking for a healthy snack.



atom protein bar

While meat-eaters can get some quality intake of protein daily, if you’re someone who doesn’t eat meat, eggs, or dairy, you may find it tricky and challenging to meet quality protein intake regularly. If you are a busy person juggling between work, kids and can’t get more creative with your food choices, chances are that you are not meeting your protein goals. If you’re seeking ways to get enough protein in your diet, protein bars are good, portable options that can be enjoyed whenever, wherever. Protein bars require no preparation, it can be an easy solution to sneak more protein into your diet especially when you don’t have time for cooking healthy protein foods. If bodybuilders don’t feel like eating a full meal after their workout or drinking protein shake, munching on protein bars can help boost protein intake, decrease muscle breakdown (particularly helpful during periods of calorie restriction).


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atom protein bar

Gone are the days when people used to stick to 3 structured meals a day; the present-day active lifestyle demands more energy, so getting proper nutrition from just eating meals may not be possible. To pay attention on what you snack is very important. If you lack time or resources to plan a healthy snack, the protein bars can be a great way to get the much-needed energy boost and satisfying protein punch in a portion-controlled package. When compared to other forms of protein-rich foods like eggs, meat, lentils, quinoa, protein bars are easy to carry. Protein bars serve as favourable snacks for those who desire a chewy, low-sugar, non-fried snack. When you are stuck in a traffic jam, tied up too long hours of desk jobs, dieting for weight loss, or grappling with a busy workday, protein bars can be the ultimate finger food. Unlike caffeine and sugar drinks that will give an energy crash within about two hours, the protein bars give you a sustained boost of energy that keeps you going for longer.


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atom protein bar

You tend to be in a rush during the morning hours as you prepare to go to work, chances are more that you regularly neglect your first meal of the day! If you make it a practice to skip the first meal of the day, you’ll develop cravings. Snacking on junk can make you lose track of how much you eat and can be one of the biggest reasons for weight gain amongst people. Protein bars are a tasty and healthy alternative for you to kill hunger pangs and cravings. Unlike chips, biscuits, candy, refined flour, chocolates, pastries which are loaded with sugars, refined flour, and saturated fat, protein bars are nutritionally rich. The high protein composition of the protein bars can suppress appetite, keep you full between meals.


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atom protein bar

Whether you engage in resistance or endurance training, protein supplementation helps complement exercise-induced physiological responses. Protein bars are a convenient, easily accessible, perfect time-saving workout fuel or recovery tool. Munching on a protein bar before your workout can make it a great way to increase muscle glycogen stores, provide the much-needed energy to fuel muscles, delay muscle fatigue and enhance performance. Consuming protein bars after a workout; can quickly raise the plasma levels of amino acids and impact the stimulation of muscle protein synthesis and recovery. Protein bars can be ideal mid-workout nutrition as they quickly fuel up, delay fatigue and keep you going.


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The quality of protein in your protein bar should be the chief driving factor for buying it.

Pay attention to the source of the protein in the protein bar.

The protein bar should have enough protein (>18g).

You should be able to pronounce all the ingredients on the label.

The taste and texture of the protein bar is yet another main driving factor.

Go for a protein bar that’s low in sugar (<5g).

The ideal calorie count of a protein bar should be below 250Kcal.

The best protein bars will include prebiotics that support healthy gut.

Make sure to choose the protein bar that’s made with clean ingredients, no preservatives, no gluten, no soy.


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atom protein bar

ATOM High Protein bar comprises a unique protein blend of Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, and Whey Protein Hydrolysate. The protein bar gives you 20g of high-quality massive protein punch and includes less than 2g of sugar per serving.

ATOM high protein bar contains a soft protein center coated with Whey crispies to deliver the satisfying crunch texture when you take a bite.

For someone who says it’s not possible to eat healthy without compromising on taste, ATOM protein bar comes in two delightful flavours cookie latte and blueberry classic cake.

The protein bar is great tasting, contains zero trans fats, zero cholesterol, it will perk your taste buds while offering satisfying nutrition in a portion-controlled package.


Whether your goal is to increase reps, lift heavier weights, or run faster on the treadmill, protein-bars can help enhance your goals…


So that’s the deal about protein bar…slip the protein bar in your bag and always have a protein snack at hand…


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