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I developed an interest in fitness at an early age of 15. From my school days, I have involved myself in sports, singing and fashion show. Those days, I had a conception in mind that looking good is sufficient to win stage shows and to gain fame. I realized the value of fitness and nutrition when I consistently failed to reach my goals in sports. My athletic coach made me realize that regular exercise along with proper nutrition can help in gaining fitness, which could add to my sports performance. Being fit has helped me to maintain a balanced mindset and has motivated me to achieve more. The more I started showing interest in nutrition and exercise, without my knowledge, I kept myself away from unhealthy food habits. Fitness is my first priority today and I can proudly say that I have successfully achieved my goals in several fields like music, sports and modelling due to my fitness. Thanks to my knowledge about supplementation and exercise which I gained upon reading many sports and fitness blogs.


As an athlete, I have developed time-management strategies and techniques that have translated into achievement. One need not necessarily be a competitive athlete in order to maintain fitness. Regular exercise and eating right is a must for everyone because I strongly believe that a healthy body is a base for healthy living.


My advice to all those trying to reach their fitness goals would be to not just make fitness as your priority but you need to set reasonable goals in order to achieve that. A fit body cannot be achieved overnight. A constant dedication, determination and focus are the three main aspects that you need to incorporate to achieve fitness. Follow proper nutritional plans and achieve optimum fitness levels under the direction of your trainer. It gives such a wonderful feeling when you see the result of your hard work and people appreciate you for that.