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When we are living in a world that thrives on the concept of making money, it can be difficult to keep a healthy perspective on diet and exercise. Life in the modern world is devoid of human movement which often leads us to sacrifice on health.

I got my fitness inspiration from a quote by Dalai Lama which says, ‘In this modern world, people sacrifice their health in order to make money and then sacrifice money to recuperate health’. This statement reverberated in my mind.  

I have made fitness as my highest priority and I arrange my life in such a way that the time and space is always there for the workout.

My parents made me do cycling while I was a child to keep me fit and they have been very supportive of my fitness journey. As I grew, I developed my passion for modelling, travelling, astronomy, and fitness. I believe that working out can reduce stress and boost the body’s ability to deal with existing mental tensions. I set my focus on bodybuilding, strength and stamina. Getting involved in the gym has made me physically attractive and feels more confident.


A good physique is impossible without proper nutrition and performance. To carry workout in the gym, protein matters a lot to support the muscle growth and recovery. Without adequate protein, you can’t maximize your body’s response to training. For my protein supplements, I rely on ASITIS as it is one of the leading brands in the protein supplement market which have made the disastrous entry by providing the products in the purest form at affordable prices. It really feels great to be associated with AS-IT-IS NUTRITION.



My personal message on fitness is, don’t do the exercise which you think you should do. Instead, do the kind which you can do. Fitness is not a difficult task to achieve and you don’t need the motivation to be fit. Your fitness should begin with a decision today!