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I started my career as a mechanical engineer at the age of 22. My work demands a lot of creativity and mental focus. I enjoyed my work of designing but my biggest challenge was to manage mental stress. I used to feel tired and grumpy and would pick a bottle of carbonated beverage whenever I wanted a stress-buster. This didn’t help me in stress-management, instead, they made me put on weight.

I got my fitness-inspiration from my colleague, who is a great fitness-freak.

I joined the gym as per his guidance and have been regularly doing the workout for 5 years. Initially, I had a feeling, what at the most could workout do for me. But, it didn’t take long for me to realize that mental fitness can be achieved if the body is functioning well.

Today, I am very happy to say that through regular exercise, I have found astonishing results both at a professional and personal level.

I do weight training and cardio exercise. Exercise has helped me with the mental and physical challenges of my job. Weight training reduces my stress and helps me build more inner strength. Strength in body and mind transmits to my work and radiates confidence in me.

Fitness doesn’t come just on doing exercise, good nutrition plays a big role in your fitness journey.

I begin my day with a protein shake and make sure to get all the nutrients from my diet. My fitness is accomplished by constant hard work, dedication and pursuit to make myself better.

All of us need some encouragement when it comes to being fit. Fitness doesn’t really mean going to the gym and getting muscle body. Anybody can achieve fitness through regular exercise and proper nutrition. There are plenty of ways to keep fit. Try something you enjoy the most, which could be jogging, swimming, dancing, cycling.


My personal advice to everyone would be, Push yourself beyond the barriers and limits. Have the willingness to go the extra mile.