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> Get Optimal Results Of Muscle Gain With Whey & Glutamine

Get Optimal Results Of Muscle Gain With Whey & Glutamine


People these days are discovering the new ways of benefitting from the combination of supplements that can help them achieve optimum fitness results. Today, in this article, we’re going to be discussing about the combination of Whey and Glutamine.

I know anyone who hears this will first be amazed! A lot of individuals think when their regular Whey Protein already contains a fair amount of glutamine, what is the need for added glutamine? But the opinion of those who have used this combination will certainly leave you contended.

Both Whey and Glutamine are used by bodybuilders, athletes and fitness enthusiast with an intention to increase muscle mass, reduce recovery time and to boost their immune system.

While Whey is a high quality protein which is a good source of naturally occurring amino acids,

Glutamine is a building block of protein which is often termed as conditionally essential amino acid.   


Let's Discuss Some Fast Facts On Whey Protein First...

  • Whey is a household name in today’s fitness era. It is as popular and well-known as apple and orange. Whey is a superior dairy-based protein which has adequate amounts of essential amino acids that are easily absorbed and utilized.

  • It is rapidly digesting protein and because of its fast digestion, Whey quickly elevates the plasma amino levels and contributes to the preservation of muscle mass.

  • Whey Protein is suitable for use as a meal replacement. It provides protein without carbohydrates and fats which may contribute to weight loss.

  • Whey contains a high concentration of BCAA which are important for tissue growth and repair.

  • The high-quality protein provides a good amount of calories with the least amounts of cholesterol when compared to most whole-food protein sources.


What Is Glutamine & How Do You Benefit From It?

Glutamine is a monoamide of glutamic acid and an abundant constituent of protein. It is often termed as a conditionally-essential amino acid which is highly concentrated in the skeletal muscle. Fish, red meat, chicken, eggs, beetroot, carrot, radish, cabbage, spinach, beans, Whey, Casein are all particularly high in Glutamine.

Glutamine was first isolated from gliadin, a protein present in wheat. It is a linear molecule that is capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier.

Glutamine is a readily available source of fuel to power muscle action.

Glutamine can help replenish muscle glycogen stores after an intense training session.

Glutamine raises the endogenous levels of glutathione, which is involved in immune health.

Glutamine contributes to growth hormone release and is a key component of intestinal health.

Glutamine is especially beneficial for individuals who participate in exercise training.    


How Do You Benefit From The Combination Of Whey & Glutamine?










The combination of Whey and Glutamine powerfully supports functional strength and immune health.


1. The Most Convenient Way To Get The Right Nutrition  

whey and glutamine combination

Many of the bodybuilders and athletes find it difficult to get proper nutrition at the right time. It may not be possible for them to consume an adequate amount of protein and glutamine through their diet. Not getting adequate amounts will not let you maximize your performance. Both Whey and Glutamine supplements serve as an effective way to replenish the lost protein and glutamine levels after an intense workout and to boost your performance to the next level.     


2. Helps Speed Up Muscle Recovery

whey and glutamine combination

As already said, Glutamine is found in abundance (more than 60%) in skeletal muscle. What it conveys is, every time you are working your muscles, you are depleting your glutamine stores. More you workout, more glutamine you will require. This is known as glutamine depletion state. During this state, the body requires more glutamine than it is able to produce, which is a perfect reason for you to replenish it with not only Whey Protein but also with an extra 5-10g of glutamine. Supplementation with Whey and Glutamine can speed up muscle recovery.    


3. Significantly Increases Protein Synthesis

whey and glutamine combination

Your resistance training although increases muscle protein synthesis, it also leads to protein breakdown. Skeletal muscle remain in an overall catabolic state in the absence of adequate nutrient intervention. Whey Protein with its excellent range of BCAA and other essential amino acids work toward muscle repair. Glutamine fights the fatigue induced by exercise and keeps the immune system healthy. Being a nitrogen compound, it drives nitrogen to the muscles and creates a positive muscle-building environment. So, the conjunction of Whey and Glutamine significantly increases protein synthesis and yield an anabolic state.   


4. Excellent Combination For Cutting 


whey and glutamine combination

The specialty of glutamine is that it is the highest concentration of free-floating amino acid in the blood and can cross the blood-brain barrier, unlike the other amino acids. The combination of Whey and Glutamine is helpful during cutting because when you do excessive cardio in a calorie-deficit state, your body will burn some muscles along with fat, which can be avoided by adding glutamine to your diet. The combination works great to preserve the hard-earned muscle and to build new muscle tissue. A good thing about supplementing the combo is that you can expect rapid results from it. While Whey on itself is a fast-digesting protein, your body doesn’t have to digest Glutamine as they directly enter the bloodstream. 


5. Prevents Muscle Wasting Without Immune Compromise

whey and glutamine combination

Intense or prolonged exercise is associated with numerous hormonal and biochemical changes which may have a negative impact on immune function. Athletes or individuals who do a workout on the carbohydrate-depleted state, experience a larger increase in circulating stress hormones and a greater exertion on immune health. Glutamine prevents this from happening by slowing down the body’s release of a chemical called cortisol, a tissue destroyer, maintenance of optimal antioxidant status and immune health. Since glutamine also helps to keep the intestinal health, the digestive system doesn’t have to struggle to cope with a high protein diet.


How Should You Consume Whey & Glutamine?

whey and glutamine combination

The best time to take glutamine would be when glutamine stores are low within the body. This would mostly be after intense training. Whey is ideal to be consumed during the anabolic window (within half an hour after your workout). This is the time you can benefit more from Whey as at this time your muscle are more receptive to amino acids.  


The combination of Whey and Glutamine helps you get the best out of every workout…


Whether your goal is to be conditioned, injury-resistant or to have optimal gains, it is worth taking the valuable combination of Whey and Glutamine…



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