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My love and passion for fitness began at a very young age. I was an active participant in sports during school and college. I have successfully competed in Hockey, Judo, and Athletics and won many state and national championships. Apart from sports and fitness, I enjoy travelling, cooking, singing, bike riding and spending time with friends.

Working out has been a part of my life since the age of 16. I joined a local gym with my friends with a simple goal of ‘getting big’. As days passed by, I started to fall deeper for the fitness world and began gathering information about fitness, nutrition and supplementation from online and books. As my knowledge grew, I realized that fitness is not just about getting big muscles but it is about the connection between the mind, body and soul. I love the whole process of workout and the way it makes me feel. 

As I am competitive, I always set high standards and want to be the best. Through hard work and believing in myself, I succeeded to reach my goals and am proud to have become a certified fitness-trainer today. I currently train a number of clients and help them achieve their fitness goals. I always look forward to sharing my knowledge with others and it gives me a wonderful feeling to inspire and motivate people to become fit through nutrition and exercise.

The most fulfilling aspect of my fitness journey is to have got the opportunity to share my fitness journey with the world through AS-IT-IS NUTRITION. I am very grateful for the opportunity.



My message to all would be to improve your attitude and have a can-do spirit. Never stop, never give up! Fitness is not a one-time event; it’s a continuous journey to be enjoyed!