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AS-IT-IS Mass Gainer Do-It-Yourself Combo with 2:1 Carb & Protein Ratio - 1.5kg

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Original price Rs. 2,023.00
Original price Rs. 2,023.00 - Original price Rs. 2,023.00
Original price Rs. 2,023.00
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Rs. 1,489.00 - Rs. 1,489.00
Current price Rs. 1,489.00

● 100% Pure | Unflavoured
● Single-Ingredient Supplements
● 2 Servings Pure Carb + 1 Serving Whey Protein Concentrate
● 359 Calories | Do-It-Yourself Mass Gainer
● No Preservatives | No Fillers | No Additives


AS-IT-IS mass gainer combo includes pure carb (100% maltodextrin) and labdoor certified Whey Protein Concentrate. Both are 100% vegetarian, single-ingredient supplements committed to upholding label claims. The DOPE-free, gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO supplements do not contain fillers, enzymes, sugars, flavours, colours, additives, or preservatives.


Unlike the conventional mass gainers that come with pre-blended carbs, proteins and contain added fats and sugars, AS-IT-IS do-it-yourself mass gainer is a clean choice that offers customizable blends. Made in a GMP-compliant facility, every product batch undergoes 3rd party lab-testing to verify purity and authenticity.


Proper nutrition is vital for hard gainers with high energy expenditure. Maltodextrin’s high GI rapidly boosts insulin, promoting nutrient uptake and providing fast energy to muscles. Whey Protein delivers essential amino acids for quick muscle repair, reducing muscle soreness during exercise.


AS-IT-IS mass gainer offers convenient high calorie solution. 2 servings of pure carb and 1 serving of Whey Protein provide 359 calories, 24g protein, 62.5g carb, 5.4g BCAA. Post-workout consumption boosts calorie intake, and helps in weight gain by enhancing glycogen recovery and protein synthesis while reducing muscle loss.


Mass gainers enhance hard gainer’s training, allowing to enhance their muscle strength and power gains. Mass gainers ensure adequate energy reserve for subsequent workouts. By providing highly bioavailable protein, mass gainers support muscle protein synthesis, leading to increased muscle strength over time.


Depletion of glycogen during workouts causes fatigue and lowers performance. Maltodextrin quickly replenishes glycogen allowing for frequent high-intensity training. AS-IT-IS Pure Carb is a purified, easily-digestible, complex carb made from non-GMO corn starch.