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> Harmful Effects Of Preservatives On Your Health

Harmful Effects Of Preservatives On Your Health

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The purpose of preservatives used in foods is to restrict the growth of bacteria and prevent food from spoiling. While they may seem harmless, preservatives can potentially prevent you from enjoying good health. Age and health status can also influence the impact of food preservatives on the human body. Understanding the possible harmful effects of preservatives may help protect the health and personal well-being against toxic damage.


These are some of the possible outcomes of preservatives on your health.


Heart Complications

When InChem conducted research on the heart tissue, it found that food preservatives led to the weakening of heart tissues. Laboratory research on rats indicated that those who consumed more food preservatives over time showed higher levels of heart damage.


Breathing Problems

Preservatives in foods can potentially lead to breathing difficulties. According to leading medical research site, eliminating foods with preservatives from the diet can reduce symptoms and severity of asthma. Preservatives such as aspartame, sulfites, benzoates etc. can further aggravate breathing problems in those with asthma. Sulfites have been linked with shortness of breath and other breathing difficulties. 



When digested, preservatives in foods can transform into carcinogens. This can have serious implications and lead to cancer. Nitrosamines, which include nitrites and nitrates, interact with stomach and gastric acids to form cancer-causing agents. By monitoring your diet, you can eliminate nitrates and nitrites from your meals, snacks, and beverages, and avoid this preservative-induced reaction in your body.


Behavioural Issues

Preservatives can cause behavioural changes in young children. In a 2003 double-blind study of 1,873 children, consumption of food additives and preservatives were linked to a significant increase in hyperactivity. When these preservatives were removed and a placebo was used, this behaviour ceased to exist. Researchers of the study also noted that whether the children were previously identified as hyperactive didn’t matter when it came to effects of the preservatives and additives on their behaviour.

Knowing about these harmful effects of preservatives can help you make the right decision while choosing your foods.


Natural and preservative-free products are the best when it comes to caring for your overall health and wellness.

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