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5 Best Chest Exercises To Build Stronger & Bigger Pecs

Madhura Mohan

Posted on June 06 2019


Do you always admire the good looking men for their fantastic physique and think you also had one such body? Is it your dream to have an eye-popping chest that matches the bulging biceps and makes you look great?  Well, simply dreaming won't help! An honest truth is that although not all of us are born with a toned physique, we can control and achieve the way we look. This means you can build a bigger chest too! All you need to do is, learn the correct way and the proper methodology to increase your chest size and train your chest effectively for optimum growth.

Here are some interesting ideas that help you find out a way to achieve strong pectoral muscles and therefore the benefits of a well-developed chest.


Muscular Pectorals Are A Symbol Of Strength For Men

Muscular Pectorals represent strength for men and serve a bit more purpose for appearance than it does for performance. Chest muscles are the first group of muscles that people notice when they look at your frame. Aside, pectoral muscles contribute to overall upper body strength as they are involved in so many different upper body movements. Hence, it is very important to strengthen the pectoral muscles on a regular basis.


Effective Chest Enhancing Exercises

While there are dozens of different exercises that you can do for a good chest, let’s choose the ones that would be most beneficial to build an impressive chest that’s also strong and functional.


1. Chest Flyes

Chest Flyes are one of the best-suggested exercises for building a bigger chest. This exercise helps you to get good stretch and contraction of your pecs as you bring your hands towards each other. Make sure to end your rep with your hands about ½” apart to get the best results.

You can try the similar stretching exercise, the lying dumbbell flyes. An important thing to remember while doing this is to not bring your hands together as you end your rep because doing so will transfer the tension from your chest to your shoulders, which is not what you want. Keeping your hands a little apart will keep the tension on your pecs throughout the movement pattern.


2. Incline Bench Press

If your main goal is to build only the chest muscles and your focus is not on building the shoulder and triceps, Incline bench press is the most effective form. The flat barbell bench press although looks similar type, your results of building chest muscles alone will be limited with this type, because it develops other muscles as well. The incline bench press gives you a much better contraction of your pectorals. It puts more emphasis on your upper chest, which can help it further develop and create a bigger, broader look.


Those who find it tough to handle barbell can try this one with the dumbbell. Both the variation although give a similar effect, dumbbells are always more interesting and better sculpting tools than barbells, because they are easier on your joints too.


3. Dumbbell Pullovers

Dumbbell Pullover is one of the greatest movements for building a bigger chest. This move is basically for emphasizing the contraction and keeping tension on your chest. While doing this, you’ll initially feel like this movement works more on your back. Although this is true, the tension placed on the back diminishes as you move the dumbbell up towards your body.


You must know that hitting your chest muscles from different angles with varied reps will help you to continuously challenge it and as a result, experience consistent muscle gains.


4. One-Arm Dumbbell Bench Press

One –Arm Dumbbell Bench Press serve a great deal in adding the chest thickness. It’s not only simple to perform but also gives good results. This exercise will help you isolate your chest better and aid in stretching. You need not have to try this one with heavier weights while lifting heavier can help facilitate muscle growth, it is very important for you to focus on higher reps and better contractions instead. The logic is using low weights keeping the rep slow and controlled will increase the time your pecs are under tension which in turn will help with growing your chest.



5. Body-Weight Dips

Dips are basically the upper body strength exercise. They are the most underrated power exercise when it comes to building chest muscles. While this compound exercise can support great tricep movement, if you keep your body upright, by leaning forward you can put more emphasis on your chest and turn it into an amazing chest builder. Properly performing dips will help achieve that full, rounded chest that is not only bigger but also wider.


There is no requirement for adding additional weight to bodyweight dips. If you can successfully support your own bodyweight and perform bodyweight dips for 15 reps would be sufficient.

So, that was it. Doing these forms in proper form will not only build your chest but also increase strength depending on the rep ranges you use for each. Give these a shot to get admired for the perfect chest.

A message, in the end, would be to not overtrain. If you have any pre-existing injuries or feel pain while performing any of these movements, do not continue them. Once you have started incorporating these exercises into your workout routine and get more comfortable, try taking them to the next level by aiming for additional reps to really challenge yourself.


Consistency is the key to achieve the proper physique. Be sure to have a proper diet along with the right workout technique…


*Workout videos borrowed from youtube

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  • Brentkasmer: April 13, 2022

    I’m a hard-gainer and it takes a lot for me to put on weight or muscle, especially in the chest muscles. While I’ve been able to develop all other muscles fairly well, my chest
    has started to look underdeveloped in comparison to the other muscle groups. Since the gyms are closed now due to the pandemic, I’m going to try these exercises you mentioned above, and update you back with the results in the next month.

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