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AS-IT-IS Fold-down Duffle Fitness Gym bag for men & women - (Colour-Black)

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AS-IT-IS Fitness Gym bag for men & women 

PREMIUM LOOK: AS-IT-IS features a light-weight, fold able, portable and durable duffel bag that looks trendy and makes a great companion for your gym routine. It can fit ideally everything you could require in a sporting event, or a day at the gym while being completely manageable and easy to carry.

COMPACT & PACKABLE DESIGN: AS-IT-IS duffel bag is spacious enough with 46 cm width and 25cm length to easily organize all your essentials. You can fold the bag back into a flat, compact size when not in use.

LARGE COMPARTMENT: The wide open compartment gives you the convenience to have everything you pack in one large compartment. This reduces your search time and helps you access your items without a hurdle.

UTILITARIAN/DURABLE: The duffel bag is made with tear-resistant material with smooth operating zippers that close securely. Comes with strong handles and adjustable strap so you can use as a handbag or shoulder bag as you like.

VERSATILITY & CONVENIENCE: The ideal duffel bag is a handy way to transport your gym accessories. It stands up to everyday use. Perfectly suitable for travel, camping, athletics, yoga, swimming, or any outdoor activities that require a small multipurpose gym bag.

Fitness Gym bag for men & women 

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